Robertson proposes a return to farm subsidies

Have a listen to Grant Robertson.

He is proposing a return to farm subsidies.

Subsidies for dairy farmers?

So Robertson’s, and presumably Labour’s, position is that those businesses should not be allowed to fail. No matter what they pay for their land, the government should make sure they can make ends meet.

Hell, why stop there? ??

Why not provide a guarantee for every business in the country – no need to be cautious; if you make a loss, Grant and Labour will be there to help.

I can?t wait for him to make the same generous offer to the oil business. Its losses this year have been awful. On the same basis as the dairy industry, it can?t be a good idea to let this vital export sector just sustain losses.

I find it astonishing that Labour is now the friend of farmers. I wonder how many rural seats they hold? Oh, that’s right, the answer is none.

With the exception of Napier, Palmerston North and West Coast, they hold no provincial seats and two of those are based around cities…with Palmerston North being student-based.

Labour have nothing good to offer farmers, except their new policy of retuning to farm subsidies.

Perhaps only Winston Peters would support a return to SMPs of the Muldoon era.

What I can’t work out is why the Nats didn’t hammer Robertson on this. It?s hard to imagine a worse mistake for a Labour finance spokesperson to make than to call for the return of agricultural subsidies.

Maybe they just think Robbo is ‘special’.