Sledge of the Day

John Key sledges out?Grant Robertson.

It’s a bit rich of Robbo to moan about juvenile politicking as he’s one of the worst. ?

But Labour are really stupid yet again. Robbo is trying to pin dairy prices on the Prime Minister, but John Key just handed Robbo his arse by listing all the things that Labour isn’t doing to support farmers.

Labour oppose the TPPA, which would increase the markets for farmers.

Labour oppose RMA reform, which is placing unreasonable burdens and costs on farming.

Labour oppose tax reforms and also want to increase ETS imposts on farming.

John Key just slammed him question after question and all Robbo had to fall back on was his supercilious presentation.

Key sledged him and sledged him and sledged him until Robbo just had to sit down and tap in Damien O’Connor for a hiding as well.

Labour really don’t have any clue and it shows in?the?polls.


– Inthehouse