So Hager and his hacker accomplice get away with it then

This sickens me.

That little rat-faced c*nt, who used my stolen data, obtained from a criminal hacker he knows the identity of, is getting away with one of the worst paid for political hit jobs in modern history.

Police are set to destroy copies of hard drives and files taken from journalist Nicky Hager’s home during an unlawful raid.

In December, a court found a 10-hour search of Mr Hager’s Wellington home in October 2014 was illegal because police had not told the court they were conducting a “media search” when they applied for a warrant.

The journalist will on Friday travel to the High Court at Auckland where a computer and files seized in the raid will be handed back to him.

He’ll also watch as police destroy copies of a hard drive and a memory card they cloned from his equipment. ??

“After they have been destroyed, the police will give the remains of the devices to Mr Hager,” his lawyer, Felix Geiringer said.

“The computers and other property have been in sealed containers inside the Auckland High Court building during the court proceedings.”

The search of Mr Hager’s home took place in the aftermath of the release of his book Dirty Politics, which was based on information taken from WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater’s emails and online communications.

The information was given to Mr Hager by an anonymous hacker and the search was part of a police investigation to identify that person.

Mr Hager sought a judicial review of the way police applied for a search warrant, the subsequent granting of the application, and the way the search was carried out.

Mr Geiringer said police had refused to allow media to capture the destruction of the clones on Friday.

What is worse is that other journalists also know the identity of the hacker…and worked with him too, to try to subvert an election. Some of them are still working with accomplices.

I have been very, very patient, waiting and hoping that the rule of law will be applied, but it looks like they’ve gotten away with it.

Isn’t it amazing that armies of lawyers are willing to work for free with people who consort with criminals? Meanwhile I have to stretch and beg my readers for assistance.

No one in New Zealand political history has been attacked and hounded like I have been and it is ongoing. I expect they will try again; they already have with sting operations and set ups, all in conjunction with media.

They tried to destroy me, some on the left wanted me dead, they have attacked my revenue, laid complaints with IRD, WINZ and Police, all designed to try to hang me for ?the crime of being an effective opposing political voice. Worse, they dare to claim that they are innocent of their own dirty politics despite working actively on the hit job themselves.

The sanctimony of the media over this disgusts me and it is why I have resolved to launch, eventually, an alternative.


– Newshub