So what? Police are doing their job

A number of Africans have told a university researcher that New Zealand police have treated them unfairly based on their race.

AUT Social Sciences associate professor Camille Nakhid discovered that young Africans felt they were victims of racial profiling, and sometimes subjected to excessive force, at the hands of Kiwi police officers.

A questionnaire was posted in April 2015 with 84 young Africans responding. Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they had been spoken to by police, with 31 percent saying they had been stopped — sometimes for what seemed to be no reason at all.

The report showed young Africans had been stopped for simply waiting in parked cars, walking at night or being seen in the “wrong neighbourhood” — and?had also encountered dismissive police and derogatory comments.

Dr Nakhid said there were a variety of ways to negate “the impact of the intersections of difference for African youth” — and that included community support, an increased awareness of rights and an increase in the attention brought to instances of social injustice.

What a load of unhelpful shit.?

First, by only interviewing “Africans”, and finding some have experiences with police they can’t understand, or find to be curious in some way, you don’t prove a thing.

Do the same survey without picking a race, and then see if “Africans” are singled out predominantly over others.

I’ve been pinged a number of times by Police asking me what I was doing because I may have been in an unexpected area or somewhere at an unusual time.

The only profiling they did was seeing something out of the ordinary and just checking if everything was ok.? Making eye contact and having a few words, just so you know you’re on the radar.? Or, if you like, just so you know they are there to help.

This is a complete beat up by the Media party intent on harming Police, and thus making life easier for their criminal pals.


– Newshub