So you are worried about sea level rises due to climate change?

Well don’t be

Carbon dioxide, climate change, disaster, SEA LEVELS WILL RISE!

You can see all kinds of sea level rise predictions for the 21st century, with over-wrought images of houses and buildings under water.? One of the favorite predictions of the hand wringers is ?1.8 meters? of sea level rise for the 21st century.? A major purveyor of this lurid climate-porn prediction is Stefan Rahmstorf (see here, here, and here).

Consider the following points

  • 75% of atmospheric anthropogenic CO2 arrived after 1950.
  • There has been no obvious acceleration in sea level rise rates since 1950 as seen from tide gauges.
  • Extrapolating tide gauge time series to 2100 would give about 15cm of sea level rise between 200o and 2100.
  • Projections of 1, 1.8 or 2 meters of sea level rise between 2000 and 2100 would require extraordinary rise rate accelerations. ?

Let?s compare the sea level data of the 20th century with these wild prediction for the 21st century.? The movie below will show all the tide gauge data sets available from NOAA that extend over at least 75 years.? In each case the trend is extrapolated to 2100.? Additionally, the likely local relative sea levels corresponding to 1 meter and 1.8 meter global sea level rises for the 21st century are shown.

Yet more predictions and assessments from supposed scientists proven to be wrong with actual and real data.

The climate change alarmism is nothing but a fraud when critical analysis exposes their lies in such an emphatic manner.


– Climate Sanity