Surely she was on the sauce last night?

This woman thinks she can be a senior minister in an alternative government.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.15.39 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.15.52 PM

I think there might be a bit more than low alcohol in that cider.Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.16.08 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.16.16 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.16.24 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.16.32 PM

How becoming. It appears she is giving the impression of drunk driving…and doing quite well at it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.16.40 PM

As I said, more than low alcohol.Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.16.48 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.16.57 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.17.07 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.17.15 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.17.23 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.17.32 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.17.44 PM

To think Metiria Turei wants to be a minister…in a  government.

I bet she will say she was performing a social media experiment to see which media picked up her antics.

Or she was drunk tweeting…


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  • Wiribiz

    A “fine” product of the MMP system, what a total idiot.

  • Tyler Durden

    I find that really worrying

  • Wheninrome

    Unfortunately MP’s are on duty all the time, it comes with the pay cheque. Perhaps she is a prime candidate for “Minister of Social Development”.

  • Grizz30

    When Russel resigned I said the wrong leader was going. The Greens biggest problem was the other leader. I feel vindicated. What an embarrassment. This will come back to haunt her.

  • tjb

    Attention seeking

  • Cadwallader

    Please please please prevent foreign media from picking up on this feral and infantile behaviour. Taking a selfie is a silly habit, taking a drunken one is cause to question her sanity (or is it alcoholism?) List MPs are a classy bunch!

    • duve

      Why prevent foreign media from picking it up? Best thing that could happen to shame this embarrassingly stupid person.

      • Cadwallader

        The problem is it will be a national embarrassment. This stupid twit is a member of our Parliament whose actions will taint that institution.I think we agree she is an idiot on a bizarre ego-trip.

        • duve

          But she is there, and we do nothing to get rid of her. The national embarrassment is therefore deserved.

          • Cadwallader

            “We” do nothing to get rid of her? Isn’t that the task of the Greenie party?

    • R&BAvenger

      Send it direct to John Oliver – will he pick it up for his show, or does he only ‘do’ right-wing pollies behaving badly???

      • Cadwallader

        I bet your second option is the right one!

        • Hard1

          John Oliver’s p/a has the material girl’s material as of now, so we’ll see…

  • Sally

    Campaigning for the youth vote. Someone needs to tell her they can’t vote yet.

    • Wheninrome

      If she was in power they would be voting.

  • Tiberius

    Yet she complains that when John Key goes on radio it is behaviour unbecoming of the PM.

  • Becca in particular is looking rather glassy eyed. If they’re not off their faces on electric puha I’ll eat my shoes.

  • Uncle Bully

    Showing her McGillicuddy Serious Party roots…..

  • Ben

    God, are there no limits for politicians making total cretins of themselves? Does this pillock understand the meaning of the word ‘dignity’?

  • 10cents

    I’ve been a drunk idiot before so I don’t hold that against her… Except I’m not wanting to be a Minister of Government…

    • Dan

      and you probably din’t plaster your antics all over twitter either.

  • Justme

    Giving her a UBI of $200 would be a total waste of money.

    • willtin

      It would be money better spent than the enormous waste of a salary she currently receives – courtesy of her comrades.

  • Tyler Durden

    So just what is the message that young Maori will pick up from these photos!

    • Ruahine

      Get a troughers job Bro.

    • willtin

      It’s OK to drink and drive.

  • Nechtan

    Substitute National MP for Green and cue the MSM/parliamentary/social media outrage and demands for resignation.

  • KatB

    Supplementary question: Does the Green Party co leader stand by her statement, Low alcohol cider? #whatwasshethinking

    • KGB

      Point of order Mr Speaker.
      “I take leave to table photographic evidence that MT is indeed training to be in cabinet with Winston Peters”
      Mr Speaker – are these photos readily available to the public?

  • pisces8284 .

    She’s blocking people on twitter as fast as she can as the photos get retweeted. All class that one

    • Usaywot

      Great thing, screen shots, aren’t they? What a complete embarrassment of a woman.

  • Isherman

    Feeling a bit greener than normal this morning are we Metiria?

    Watch the left all pile in and say its all fine…just a bit of harmless fun…nothing to see here. If it was a Nat on the other hand, well….

    • Michelle

      Oh yes it would be headlines for weeks promoting drunk driving etc etc but it is the left so it is fine, nothing to see here

  • Genevieve

    Those pics of Metiria attempting to get out of the car are something else. #wilderbeast, also known as wildebeest, an ungainly gnu.

    • [MOD] Hmmm, marginal. Let’s not.

  • R&BAvenger

    More evidence that MMP and the list system is a total failure for this country. Social Media footprint of a teenager from someone who thinks they can be part of an alternative government and deserve a seat in the security committee next to the PM??? No way.

  • Forrest Ranger

    There is only one word for this type of behaviour and that word is “embarrassing”.
    I don’t mind so much that she was out with a mate on a bender but to take photos of it is plain utter stupidity.
    The woman is not fit to be anywhere near a ministerial post. #wasteofspace

  • GalacticEye

    I can only assume that she thinks this is the best PR or marketing approach for appealing to her target audience.

    In employment situations, there may be a case for dismissal based on bringing the employer into disrepute (even when not acting in a work capacity). Perhaps that law should apply to parliament too.

    • Warren

      After seeing her mate Beccah,, obviously a Green voter, it really scares me to think these people could one day be part of Government. NZ would head to hell in twelve moths if it ever happened.

      • KGB

        It looks like the lady reporter from Fair Go?

        • KiwiLliz

          I thought so too. Sorry Brodie … definitely not you.

  • STAG

    I have no friends from my work place on FB and I don’t tweet, simple reason I don’t want my social life to ever reflect on my employer, we have a social media policy after all.

    I’m sure the Green’s have one to saying something along the lines of “nothing which can bring the party in to disrupt”

    What a child.

  • George Carter

    And they keep saying John Key’s an embarrassment?

  • Second time around

    It is good that she thinks simulated intoxication and drunken driving is so amusing. If anyone else had trivialised those issues she would have pointed out, ever so correctly, that it is strongly associated with family violence, and death and injury of innocent people.

    • Mrs_R

      I believe you are correct with ‘simulated intoxication’. Teenage girls do it when under the misconception that others will perceive they are having more fun if they act drunk. Turei needs to grow up.

      • Isherman

        Teenage girls don’t have to concern themselves with the truth that politics is perception, so it almost doesn’t matter whether it’s simulated or not in MT’s case.

  • wilson

    She probably isn’t drunk. But taking photos pretending to be drunk, driving, hooning and falling out of her car, isn’t a good look for an mp. But what’s evem worse,8 is that is from the holier than thou metiria turei. Think of the children.

  • sarahmw

    First we have Sue Moroney making a twit of herself now Metiria . Oh and they think they should be the Government lol. Ohhhhhhhhh groan!

  • Spiker

    This would come under the do as I say, not as I do policy that the Greens are so good at promoting.

  • john Doe

    Otara Millionaires Club, “How Bizarre” springs to mind. Acting like an 18yo is an insult to that age group. Time for her to act her age not her shoe size.

  • Kiwiracer

    it actually beggars belief, if my 17 year old daughter had done this I would be having a quiet chat to her about appropriate behaviour, but hey, now that they have seen a political “leader” doing it. . . . . . .maybe we are just grumpy bums.

  • Rebecca

    Apparently Hilary Barry and Paul Henry both praised these tweets on Newshub. Imagine the wails of horror if it was Bill English or Jonkey behaving like this.

    • Wayne Hodge

      Henry seems to have moved left and lost the plot

  • tjb

    If i was a green party member i’d be in despair and quite angry about this.

  • twittertit

    If this had been ANYONE, even a no-name back bench list MP in the National Government, it would be front page news for exactly what it is – uncivilised behavious for an MP on a taxpayer funded salary.

    Instead, the media jump on it as an opportunity to advertise on behalf of the green party that their leader is ‘hip’ and ‘down with the kids’.


  • Wayne Hodge

    This person is a total embarrassment. The fact she even wrote those tweets is dreadful and for the self righteous Turei it should mean the MSM hounding her. However, as she is a leftie nothing will happen.

  • willtin

    I wonder if she will get a telling off from the Green Party leader? Oh …

    • Dan

      I wonder if this falls under the responsibilities of the “Leader of the Opposition.” This is an interesting case to see how universal this role is.

  • Seriously?

    And she is a party leader? Juvenile.

    She has just precluded herself from taking any pot-shots at Key “If I want advice on appropriate behavior from that member I’ll be sure to check her selfies on twitter.”

  • Warren

    Can you imagine the left if this was Paula Bennett. JK would be being asked why she is still a minister. It would be full retard from the media party and the left hypercrits.

    • Wayne Hodge

      Therein is a key issue. The lens applied to the government is clearly not the same as the very permissive lens applied to the opposition. The MSM have clearly shown their bias and prejudice. Again!

  • Monty

    Brilliant. No self awareness. Lacks maturity. Annoying. Pathetic.

    Best thing is no one will pull her aside and tell her such conduct is unbecoming of any MP let alone a minor party leader. How can anyone actually take her seriously.

    Poor andy little (and Annette King) will Br crying into their wet-bid this morning as they contemplate this clown being a senior minister in their future government.

  • Steely Man

    It would be an alternative Government for sure!

  • Yeahright

    My first thought, isn’t drink driving illegal?? She may be joking around but claiming to drink and drive ( and using her phone) is a big face palm moment. Imagine if the police got involved, evidence galore….

    • Annoyed

      Isn’t it illegal to be behind the wheel drunk (regardless of whether the vehicle’s going)?


      Wouldn’t be surprised if a member of the public would file a complaint with the police…..

    • Michelle

      Imagine if it was someone on the right the whole world would have heard about it by now
      Being on the left it is fine, move along nothing to see here

  • Geordie

    She made the entertainment page of stuff and says it was for a selfie competition! Yes all good for a teenager but promoting drink driving for someone who wants to be a Minister of the Crown? Not sure her sarcastic and self important voice is going to have the same ring.

    • Geordie

      O look, they have moved it to the politics page. Slowly dawning on the media that a MP doing dumb stuff is not entertainment but actually reflects on them as an MP.

  • Bombastic

    Another political Twitter-wreck. Although this one is stupid rather than nasty. I’m beginning to think Twitter reveals personalities quite honestly.

    • kereru

      So…..we’ve got Angry, Nasty and Stupid for standing for the opposition.

      • KatB

        Starting to sound like a bad seven dwarfs story.

        • kereru

          Love it! What next, Grumpy and Dopey?

    • Boondecker

      They say don’t ever do stuff on social media when you’re angry or drunk. We have an example why right here.

  • JEL51

    Beautiful. Wonder if a Green hangover is any less severe than the run-of-mill type being the sanctimonious tone to everything these doomsdayers behold.

    • Time For Accountability

      This might give new meaning to the term – green hangover.

      • JEL51

        Me thinks she’s “Cooked her Goose” this time. Just imagine the next time she stands to say “Mr Speaker”, no one on the other side of the house will hear whats next. Luv it.

        • Teakay

          It’s already clear during question time that she is just a very bad joke in Parliament. She reminds me of one of those old style sideshow clown faces with the mouth wide open that you shot ping pong balls into.

  • Time For Accountability

    perhaps it is her can ibis party coming back to haunt her.

    Check her wiki notes.

  • Sid_Holland

    How old is that bloody woman??

  • Souvlaki

    Stoned more likely I suspect.

    • Tiberius

      Blazed as Bro. ..

  • oldmanNZ

    Im not surprised.
    This is how how the green wants us to be like, hippies.

  • Perhaps she was trying to be a good mate and trying to take some of the heat off of Labour for their recent social media stuff ups?

  • Fairnz

    Looks all pretty staged to me. Not a good look from the content of the tweets though. Even if it were a joke, you don’t make that public. Let alone if you’re an MP.

    • KatB

      I’m sure it is staged but why would you set yourself up like that. You’re right, not a good look.

  • KGB

    I doubt very much that she was drunk, but pretending to be drunk for reaction sake is not the behavour of a public figure. Not on my dollar anyway.

  • kereru

    Taking a pic of her foot, blurry shots of interiors, pulling ridiculous faces, and she’s an MP and the co-Leader of the Greens?? What an indictment on them. How did she ever get elected never mind rise in the ranks?

    My mother used to say give someone a few drinks and you find out what they’re really like.

  • SteveWrathall

    Around the world, embarrassing yourself on the turps seems to be a rite of passage for Green Party leaders

  • Stamper44

    Trashed Trash; god-forbid she ever gets into Government.

  • Vutekno

    Looking forward to her next question at Question Time to the PM or acting PM. I can already imagine the Sharks grin on the face of the respondent as he rises to give her the response she deserves after this rubbish.

    She should get out and go back to her castle!

    • Bryan

      have you seen what she is asking hahaha

  • Gazza

    It will be extremely hard to hold the moral high ground when that high ground will now be the bottom of a ditch.

  • Boondecker

    I wonder if the tweets are still up, or has she deleted them now the cold light of the day after hangover sets in?

  • CheesyEarWax

    When you compare National’s women ministers to the opposition –
    Judith Collins, Anne Tolley, Amy Adams, Kekia Parata
    King, Ardern, Turei, Moroney, Mahuta, Sepuloni

    No wonder why they are stuck in opposition.

    • Keanne Lawrence

      As well as a resounding message that gender selection is a failed proposition.

  • Cadwallader

    Imagine the Media if this was JK’s son carrying on like this. It would be “rich prick this, rich prick that” and how irresponsible JK is to have offspring behaving like hoons.

  • waldopepper

    clearly shes just exposing a loophole that you can act like a 3 year old on a government salary.

  • R&BAvenger

    What are the chances that the whole thing is spun as innocent fun and that it’s ‘dirty politics’ from ‘the right’?

  • Seriously?

    Goofy was entertaining and fun loving – maybe he will be the next co-leader of the Greens?

    Edit: actually, that might be an improvement.

  • cyberspider

    This immature woman is obviously trying to appeal to all the High School kids (who are all severely Greenie tinged). I remember ex Greenie Nandor Tanczos visiting Schools and/or universities on his skateboard, dreadlocks flowing behind. The kids thought he was ‘oh so cool’ and eagerly lapped up his utterings. I can imagine High School kids thinking the same about this irresponsible woman after viewing her infantile antics on Twitter….

    • Old Dig

      Maybe this is why the left want to lower the voting age.

      • Nige.

        correct. the socialists expect the youth to be easily fooled.

  • Left Right Out

    I’ve never understood the whole hashtag thing and refuse to …… so therefore I have no idea why she had shite and wilderselfie in ever post?

    Interesting she chose to drive a “truck”…. that was very green of her

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Just eewww.
    Im not opposed to being drunk or acting silly but this is ignorant & she shows me & the rest of the world she has no sense for appropriate etiquette of the position she holds

  • BR

    THe Mcgillycuddy is strong in this one.


  • Bryan

    so the four black selfies she wants us to fill in with our imagination we there is sitting duck so can we come up with 4 photoshopped specials to fill in those 4 blanks ? I smell a contest eh Pete hahaha

    • spanishbride

      What a great idea, let’s help her fill in the blanks. Here is what I think went with this tweet.

  • Whitey

    Dear oh dear, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week! Of course we all do stupid things occasionally when we’re out with our mates and these days there is the danger of photos ending up on social media, but it takes a special kind of… well, let’s call it comic genius… to post the photos to Twitter yourself.

  • Bryan

    this is her question lined up for question time this afternoon addressed to the Pm which means Bill English will handle this one haha
    ” Does he stand by his statement that “We have anti-nuclear legislation and New Zealanders wear it as a badge of honour”? those last three words are going to be an open door for what people wear as their badge haha

  • Old Dig

    Sadly many ferals will think this is cool. Luckily, they don’t vote.

  • sheppy

    So one of the lefties instrumental on foisting the ridiculously low drink drive limit on the rest of us goes out drink driving? No doubt as its the left of politics nothing will happen as usual, and even if she claims to not be driving, she’s in the driving seat which would get the rest of the population a breath test and if positive an appearance in court!
    Why is she still an MP?
    Totally unelectable!
    Please JK don’t retire, your country needs you for the foreseeable future

  • kayaker

    It wasn’t long ago she was tweeting about being sexually assaulted at some stage in her life. Such oxymoronic behaviour.

  • papagaya

    More hapless, hopeless behaviour from her. Keep it up girl, we’re enjoying the spectacle as you and your ilk keep the Left’s credibility firmly in the toilet.

  • Superman

    Why can’t politicians learn to keep off social media?

    • kereru

      Perhaps it’s a good thing – how else would we discover their true colours?

  • Michelle

    Judith Collins got sacked for drinking a glass of milk

    Material gets tipsy and that is fine, she is just having a bit of fun and showing our young that it is fine to drink and drive, good one Materia

    Now we are in doubt which way the Media Party are leaning it is a wonder they can stand up at all

  • XCIA

    Obesity, diabetes, sugar tax and hypocrisy all come to mind here in one package.

  • James M

    I’ve read though all the comments thinking that surely someone beat me to the punch. It’s sees not.

    From this day forward, forever let her be known as “Metiria TooMany”.

    Too many drinks, too many repeated questions.

    • understater

      I was thinking along the lines of “Immaturia” Turei.

      This kind of childish public behaviour on her part is entirely consistent with what I have observed of her behaviour in Parliament. Not fit for office.

  • Iva b ginn

    After seeing these photos I think there would be a good case to be had for having this woman banned from driving for life. I think the police could charge her on the photos alone, even without the need for a breathalyzer. Lol

  • Catriona

    Whilst Metiria may have thought this was just a bit of fun, it has backfired on her and it is behaviour most unbecoming of a senior politician. She won’t live this down for a wee while and it will come back and bite her on the bum come election time. Time to get rid.

  • Valid Point

    I’m okay with a politician out letting their hair down. They’re like us. Work hard. Stressful job and need a blowout. What I struggle with this example is the lack of judgment. As a senior at my work place I’d never reveal anything like this to the public (or act like that actually). My juniors – far more savvy than I on social media – wouldn’t let this happen.

    Just dumb right. But she’s never been an example of the best and brightest. Think she confirmed that last night.

    • Blokeinauckland

      I’m not sure they are like us.

      What she is displaying is hubris and why her personal radar is u/s.

  • taxpayer

    Drink driving is funny Metiria, real funny, until the police show up.
    Just ask Ruth Dyson, she’s on your side of the house (thankfully).

  • Keanne Lawrence

    A candid display of what the Material Girl really is rather what she wants people to see her as. A MP? She’s dreaming.

  • Adz

    I would say keep it up because she will be ousted as MP, and their is someone out their who would do a better job than she does.