Terrorism: a game the whole family can play



When analysing the recent Brussels terrorist attacks the media looked for what the attacks had in common. Incredibly, they ignored the most obvious common factor in every terrorist attack so far and focused instead on family.

When Belgian police revealed two of the men who carried out the suicide attacks in Brussels were brothers, the news added to fears about a disturbing trend of male siblings carrying out terrorist attacks together.

The most disturbing trend is that every terrorist so far follows the exact same ideology/religion. This flies in the face of the media’s repeated lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

Different sets of brothers were also responsible for the Boston marathon bombings in 2013 and the?Chalie Hebdo attacks in 2014. The brother of Salah Abdeslam, whose arrest last week may have triggered this week’s Brussels plot, was one of the suicide bombers in Paris last year.

A top Washington-based counter-terrorism expert says the revelation of another family link in the Brussels attacks comes as no surprise and warned: “We’re likely to see more it before we’ll see less of it.”

…Dr Matthew Levitt from the Washington Institute said the growing trend of brothers carrying out suicide attacks was not new and no coincidence.

He said Islamic State recruiters actively targeted young men living in “close knit and closed-off” immigrant communities and involved in petty crime.

That statement is not accurate; they are not targeting young men in immigrant communities who are involved in crime if they are Atheist, Christian or Jew. The ONLY men being targeted are Muslims. Why is the doctor avoiding the word Muslim and the word Islam?

To play on their lack of opportunity, disenfranchisement and to give them that sense of belonging and empowerment and purpose – the establishment of the Caliphate,” he said.

If that were truly the case then any immigrant who was poor and unemployed could be enlisted. That is not the case because the justification and the motivation for terror comes from the ideology itself, not the circumstances of the men who carry out these terrible acts. ?The only unemployed immigrants who are being enlisted are Muslims. This fact needs to be acknowledged and it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Islam is the root of the problem. Muslims know it and we know it but people like the doctor are too afraid to say it.

I was in Brussels last week and I left with the impression that we’re going to see more of it before we’ll see less of it,” he added.

Was that impression by any chance formed because of the large number of Muslims in Brussels?

By targeting close family and friendship groups, recruiters try to normalise the process of turning petty criminals into full-blown radicals.

That can only happen because they have Islam in common. Islam is the glue and within the Koran and the Hadith they can find justification and instructions for terrorism. What the doctor calls a “full-blown radical” others call a devout Muslim.

It’s less exotic and less out of the norm because your immediate peer group is doing it too,” Levitt said.

Former Dutch Defence Intelligence Analyst and CEO of Lowlands Solutions Netherlands (LSN) Tomas Olivier said family trust, loyalty and an ability to plot together without raising any suspicion would also be appealing factors to terrorist recruiters.

“Working with family members enables a terrorist organisation to almost organically execute a decisive and effective suicide attack without having to deal with ‘second thoughts regarding the actual execution of the attacks’ or having to worry about loyalty issues,” Olivier said.

“From a psychological perspective ‘brothers’ will without a doubt stimulate each other in the process of radicalisation.

“Brothers being together in the planning phase of suicide attack are less likely to be caught by counter-terrorism authorities due to the fact that, from an intelligence perspective, they remain in their normal daily patterns without creating deviant and/or suspicious behaviour.”

…Levitt said while the threat of ISIS-inspired lone-wolfs was still live, there had been a broader shift over the last year to a “threat of a different scale”, sometimes carried out by returned fighters.

“These foreign directed operatives who have training and trained others, they’re much more patient and able to engage in much more sophisticated attacks,” he said.

– Sydney Morning Herald