The madness of the Greens and stupidity of Labour

Metriria Turei is barking mad.

Here is her comment on?the?flag result:

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei says the flag result is a major failure for the Prime Minister, who she says has politicised the process.

“John Key’s overt campaigning for his favourite flag tainted the referendum from the outset and cost all New Zealanders the opportunity to get a new flag.

“Lots of New Zealanders support a change of flag but voted for the current one because the Prime Minister’s interference ensured they weren’t given a proper choice. John Key alienated people by politicising the process and attacking those who didn’t like his choice of flag.”

She wanted a new flag? Who knew? She voted against the change….the Green party opposed the flag change…and now it is all John Key’s fault.

They can’t take a win in the flag debate AND blame John Key for not changing the flag.

Andrew Little isn’t much better.

Labour leader Andrew Little said New Zealanders had rejected John Key’s flag project, that had “divided the country” and “become a personal crusade”.

“At every stage of the process John Key screwed the scrum in favour of his flag. He made his desire for a fern flag known from the outset. Panel members were admittedly influenced by this and three of the four flag options featured ferns.

“When New Zealanders said they wanted a straight yes/no vote in the first referendum, he failed to listen. He failed to treat the public with respect and put his personal agenda first. Time and again we heard voters say there were higher priorities for the $26 million the referendum cost taxpayers.”

What a retard. He is complaining about politicising the flag debate. It’s Labour party policy FFS…how is that not politicising it? Labour wanted a flag change, they are claiming victory over John Key but, like the fruit loops of the Green party, are also blaming John Key for not changing the flag.

As for claims of screwing the scrum…uhmmm…John Key lost, you effing muppet.

How rooted are the opposition? They can’t even get their bullshit straight.


– NZ Herald