The problem with Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party. She is comprehensively in front of Bernie Sanders.

But she has big problems. The biggest one is the noises coming out of the FBI:

Federal Bureau of Investigations Director James Comey is ‘increasingly convinced’ that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton broke the law with her private email setup, says the New York Post, citing unnamed ‘career agents.’

The paper charges that Comey is contemplating pushing for charges but doesn’t have the backing of the Obama White House, who would like to see Clinton elected over Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Without such political will, agents have begun whispering to their friends in the private sector, telling them Comey is getting stonewalled, writes reporter Charles Gasparino.

The official government line is a ‘no comment’ from the FBI.

Any evidence that the FBI uncovered has still not been made public.

The government says no final decision has been made, however the case is clearly progressing as Clinton aide Bryan Pagliano, who worked on her private server, was granted immunity by the Justice Department earlier this month.

‘You don’t start granting people close to Clinton immunity unless you are seriously looking at charges against your target,’ one of?Gasparino’s sources said.

Clinton has publicly said that using a private email account attached to a homebrew server was a ‘mistake.’

Mainly ‘because it’s caused all this uproar and commotion.’

Yeah, well time is running out on Clinton. Unlike New Zealand, where Police have a nothing-to-see-here moving-right-along attitude to politicians, the US is way different.

The problem is now crossing over into general debate…with left-leaning sites like the Huffington Post declaring time on Clinton’s campaign.

The foundation of any defense pertaining to Hillary Clinton?s private server revolves around either negligence, or the debate regarding retroactive classification and overclassification. First, I explain in this YouTube segment that the views of Brian Fallon and others pertaining to overclassification ?run amok? ignore 22 ?Top Secret? emails on Clinton?s server. Most importantly, if Americans can?t see these emails, then everything the Clinton campaign has said regarding this story is completely irrelevant.

Like I stated during a recent appearance on CNN International with John Vause, Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI and faces the risk of indictment. Thus, if you fear a Trump presidency, you better vote for Bernie Sanders, especially since nobody knows why Clinton owned a private server in the first place. This private server, and the ?Top Secret? information on this server, will ultimately make Bernie Sanders the Democratic nominee. Bernie Sanders can easily win the primary race, but the FBI investigation will make him the only way Democrats stop Donald Trump.

The FBI and Justice Department aren?t going to set a dangerous precedent for future secretaries of state, and future presidents, by allowing government officials to act like Hillary Clinton; without legal consequences.

Precisely…they won’t allow that…which is why Hillary Clinton is going to get indicted.

As stated in a CNN article titled State Department will not release 22 ?top secret? Clinton emails, there was never an issue with the classification of these documents:

The State Department announced Friday that it will not release 22 emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton because they contain ?top secret? information, the highest level of government classification…

If Americans can?t see these ?Top Secret? emails, and the State Department and other agencies refuse to show the public what they contain, then FBI and Justice Department indictments are likely imminent.

Either through negligence, or political utility (the basis for intent), the most sensitive U.S. intelligence was stored on an unguarded private server in the basement of a house. If Clinton doesn?t get indicted, then precedent has been set for a President Trump, or the future Dick Cheney?s of the world to act in a similar manner.

When Hillary Clinton stated her ?predecessors did the same thing? with email, this statement was rated ?Mostly False? by POLTIFACT.

Nobody in U.S. history, since the invention of email, has acted in the manner of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Previous secretaries of state weren?t investigated by the FBI, and never used a private server exclusively. Thus, a Democratic nominee at risk of indictment, or incited by the Justice Department at the request of the FBI, will lose to any Republican on November 8, 2016.

I explain why Democrats need Bernie Sanders now, more than ever, in thisYouTube segment. The FBI votes soon, and they aren?t voting out of fear of Donald Trump, they?ll be voting to ensure future government officials don?t act like Hillary Clinton.

It is pretty hard to run for President when you are fighting a federal indictment.


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