Will Police tell us how many guns get stolen?

Is theft how guns get into the hands of criminals? Surely that’s pretty easy to work out. I am very certain that when people’s houses are robbed and guns are stolen, those firearms’ owners report any theft to the Police. Just like most people do with regular burglaries and thefts.

Which means the Police must know for sure how many guns in circulation have been stolen, right?

But I’ve noticed that the Police have so far been very, very quiet about this.

Even the Police’s unofficial – official – unofficial PR spokesman Greg O’Connor hasn’t been chomping at the bit to tell us the answer.

Greg has been telling anyone who will listen that lots of guns are in the hands of scumbags. He even went on TVNZ the other night and outright lied about the capability of MSSA rifles, and how easily they can be converted to full-auto (it isn’t that easy) and that they could have 50-round magazines (they won’t and don’t). He presented no evidence of that whatsoever. ?

Now that the enquiry is underway this is the time for Police to get in and flavour proceedings. Providing empirical evidence is a great tool – so where are the statistics?

But they haven’t said boo.

It could be possible that the Police don’t know how many guns have been stolen over the years. But, given that they dish out all sorts of statistics, I doubt that.

It could also be that they know the answer and that lots of guns have been flogged over the years. Lots.

But that would be very, very embarrassing for the Police wouldn’t it? Not bothering to find stolen guns is a seriously bad look. Here is the thing – they don’t bother to turn up to investigate most burglaries so it’s plausible that they don’t investigate missing guns.

The Police could perhaps be hoping nobody notices lots of guns get flogged because everyone will blame them for their own problem – why crims have guns. Imagine how bad that will look?

Perhaps blaming illegally imported guns is just a smoke screen; fresh talk of fishing boats dropping shipments and all that.

Or perhaps stuff-all guns are stolen, which would leave two possibilities:

1. The guns are legacy guns that have been in circulation for years, or were never handed in years ago;

2. There aren’t that many in the hands of crims and its all over-hyped bollocks.

I’d be keen to know. And I’d like to hear the stats.

While they are compiling stats, let’s also look at how many guns have been found or confiscated from criminals and have that broken down into Categories A,B,C,D,E; then further broken down in Category A between semi-auto and different actions like bolt action, shotgun, single shot etc.

I’ll lay good money on the table the stats show MSSAs aren’t the problem that the Police and Greg O’Connor are hyping.