Tamati has a problem with the alcohol industry


Tamati Coffey, Labour candidate for Rotorua and bar owner, is continuing on his rampage against sugar and pre-mixed drinks.

There seems to be no problem with multi-national corporations promoting sugary drinks that cause tooth decay, obesity and poor health, nor with global brands promoting pre-mixed alcohol to our youth binge drinking culture. Neither does international brands pricing these beverages cheaper than water or milk cause a stir.

So, the Labour candidate who promotes alcohol and makes money from the consumption of it has a problem with our binge drinking culture? This photo (above) and many others like it can be added to the roll call of hypocrisy as far as Mr Coffey is concerned.  

These latest comments were in Tamati Coffey’s weekly opinion piece in the Rotorua Daily Post. Somehow it was in the midst of an opinion piece on the Wicked Campers.

It’s now Wicked Campers vs four National Party Ministers plus MP Shane Reti who are “deeply” involved with this issue and its possible harm to the wider New Zealand public. That’s five MPs on this single issue. That’s near a million dollars in public salaries focusing on this issue. If the government want to get involved in marketing standards, at least tackle advertising that directly damages our country.

Does anyone check these? How much taxpayer money was spent on Sue Moroney entering a twitter war with beach house owners?

We should all be aware that this campaign was started by Family First, who are a conservative lobby group. All of this leads to censorship legislation if the government gets involved, because that’s all politicians can do. Imagine if the Beatles were censored, or Michaelangelo’s David or speaking in Maori was banned in schools – because at one point in our history calls have been made to ban these because a conservative element in our society disagreed with them.

I wonder what he’d think of a left-wing element in our society trying to ban sugar and everything he disagrees with. Hmmmmm.


– Rotorua Daily Post, Facebook


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  • Edward Ellis

    If there is anything more unconsciously hilarious than a bar owner pontificating about the government allowing the sale of harmful products I haven’t seen it yet. Tamati’s critical faculties may be in question, but his hypocritical ones are not.

    • Boss Hogg

      I wonder if his bar sells cigarettes and has a dedicated smoking area just to top up the hypocrisy levels?

      • cows4me

        He’s probably partial to a bit of tax dodging to.

        • Dr Wang

          He could be prone to fudging any number of things.

      • Urbanviper

        Well you could always get someone to ask the question on their Facebook page.

    • Larry

      And being a business owner and standing for the labour party!

  • Urbanviper

    This guy is becoming my comic relief for the day. I kept wondering why Labour hasn’t pulled Tamati yet but then I realize he probably makes every other candidate look good by comparison.

    • Boss Hogg

      Viper, you need to read the candidate list. I suggest that they actually make Tamati look good. Impossible !, you might say. Take a look and be very afraid if they ever cobble together a coalition government. Tamati should stick to pouring booze and shut his mouth when not reading from an auto cue, in my opinion.

  • Oh Please

    I call self-interest. As a former bar owner I know the margin on RTDs (ready to drink alcopops) is MUCH lower that on spirits and mixers. Coffey is looking after his own bottom line, and using the nation’s teeth as his justification.

  • jonno1

    Speaking Maori in schools was indeed frowned upon in the 50s – because the Maori parents insisted that their children learn English! So Tamati’s forebears were the conservatives he criticizes. A good friend of mine went through that process and is most appreciative of it. OTOH, his surname was anglicized for no known reason (although probably with good intentions), so as an adult he changed it back.

  • lyall

    This guy is as bad as the corporatism he critisizes. He sells RTD’s direct to the NZ public! RTD’s are loaded with sugar and they don’t even have to declare it on the packaging! Surely he should be demanding that the liquor industry insist manufacturer’s declare how much of this ‘poison’ is in the products he sells! education about sugar is out there! 5g is 1 tsp (35g is 7 tsp) that is a large amount of sugar for one drink -responsible people are capable of regulating their sugar intake independently if the information is displayed – however someone who sells sugary alcoholic drinks with an unknown amount of sugar in them takes away the right of the individual to be informed as to their sugar intake – surely with an obesity epidemic nipping at our heels anyone doing such a thing would have to be the devil incarnate?

    • Urbanviper

      Well maybe then as a true believer he should voluntarily label his products? I’m sure it would be a loud statement to the industry.

    • jedmo

      He is against sugar because it contributes to obesity, but the high calorie count in alcoholic drinks, which he is a promoter of as a bar owner, leaves him open to being viewed as highly selective in picking which dietary items he chooses to campaign against.

    • WBC

      Let’s go to his bar (not to buy anything!!!) and suggest that he puts up huge warning signs about the evil sugary drinks he is selling. I’m sure he’d leap at the opportunity to demonstrated that at least on brain cell isn’t degenerative slime.