A bit rich from Unite union

Unite union is cutting up rough over holiday pay.

After remaining silent for seven years on the issue they think they can make a fuss and blame the government.

Unite Union has come out swinging at companies for underpaying their workers’ holiday pay.

The union says some businesses are ignoring rules in the Holidays Act and deliberately cheating the system, and lower-paid, casual workers are once again missing out.  

Faulty payroll systems are partly to blame, but Unite Union says some companies are deliberately underpaying workers.

“[They are] deliberately choosing a formula that delivered a lower rate of annual leave,” says national director of Unite Union Mike Treen.

Businesses ignoring rules? Deliberately choosing certain actions?

Sounds awfully like the same Unite union which failed to pay workers Kiwisaver entitlements, PAYE payments and look after their own staff….all while being run by Andrew Little’s chief of staff Matt McCarten.

Unite are astonishing hypocrites.

– Newshub


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  • Colinxy

    They’re also wrong. There are three ways to calculate holiday pay. The first they list is over the last four weeks of pay. This is irrelevant to public holidays (sick leave, bereavement etc), as it is the calculation for annual leave.

    For non-annual leave the last two are used: they are relevant daily pay and average daily pay. These are both calculated over the last 52 weeks. Even then your employer is not obliged to pay you the better of the two. Your employer is only obliged to pay you on what has been negotiated (usually relevant daily pay.)

    It should also be mentioned that the last two calculations are not used, by law, for annual leave. So the Unite union is misinforming the public.

    An employer uses one calculation for annual leave, and potentially two calculations for non-annual leave.

    The legislation is extremely badly written, and yes, I have had the misfortune to read it. The people behind it should be taken outside and shot. It is little wonder that employers are struggling to get it right.

    • MaryLou

      You’re correct, it is a shocker. I had an employee come to me late last year, claiming we were underpaying is sick and stat leave. I took it to our accountant – because I had engaged them to do the payroll – and they felt that no, it was correct. The employee persisted, so they took it to the payroll software company, who agreed with the accountant. I had a bit of a niggly feeling,as as the employee is nothing if not eloquent and well, strongwilled, and was beginning to make louder noises. So I asked them to look again. They maintained their stance. But the employees argument was actually better. Out of desperation I hired an outside company to go through the payroll and comment on the case law, and lo and behold – the employee was correct! But all up this caused tension at work, me sleepless nights and resulted in a change of accountants.

      It’s a dog alright.

  • cows4me

    Stinking unions, they’ve made being crocked an art form. So some might be a bit short on holiday pay, at least the employers don’t take tithing in the form of membership fees every week to have it dumped down the toilet supporting idiotic socialist numbskulls without any say.

  • zotaccore

    Any guesses about whether Angry Andy picked up the phone and told Unite to stir the pot? After all, his allegiance is to the Unions, not the general public. The Union thug is no more than a puppet on a string, everyone knows it, especially the Labour caucus.

  • ChrisM

    “They are” this and “They are” that……

    Who!? What evidence do you have that “They are deliberately choosing” the cheaper calculation? Is it too much to ask for some evidence?