A challenge to Toby Manhire

Labour and Green did come together once

Labour and Green did come together once


Toby Manhire is a pundit who talks a good game. Unfortunately he is so divorced from reality that he does not seem to understand the basics of politics. A classic example is his suggestion that the Greens and Labour run a joint campaign.

If there is one obvious and constructive step Labour could take – yes, more advice – as the 2017 election heaves into view, it’s to get cracking on a formalised arrangement with the Green Party. Labour rejected a Green proposal, early in 2014, to campaign in tandem, as a kind of coalition-government-in-waiting. This time, they surely realise it’s a no-brainer. Barely anyone can reasonably cast a vote for Labour or the Greens without knowing the parties need each other to govern.

Toby’s no-brainer is a clear demonstration of how out of touch he is with NZ politics. Trying to get any deal with the Greens is near impossible. Even getting one of the Greens to agree to something and then hold the position for more than one day is a problem. Labour play politics properly. The Greens don’t, and they drive Labour to distraction by being so difficult.

So here’s the challenge to Toby: broker the deal between the Greens and Labour to show us it is possible. Get your hands dirty, work the deal and make it happen. Prove that you are more than a keyboard warrior and that your no-brainer is actually possible, not some lefty fantasy that is practically impossible.


– Toby Manhire, NZ Herald


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  • XCIA

    Perhaps Manhire had this in mind when he wrote his latest piece of drivel – “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

  • edenman

    Smile and say cheese. Not a happy face in that group. Can’t imagine anyone of the in Cabinet.

    • Chris EM

      You’d look glum, too, if no matter what you did and no matter what you said, no one really believed you, and most people could see through your lies and grandstanding. Forever the losers.

  • WeaselKiss

    Gosh what a sad looking bunch of put-upon sourpusses.
    ‘Oh woe is us, woe to the world, woe woe woe! I tell ya’.
    Man it must be hard being like that.

  • Nic C

    Whoa! Even the All Blacks would think twice about packing-down against that front row of scary old boilers!

  • Tom

    That card is played so well by NZ First . If they declared for labour or for National then about 50% of their vote would vanish.

  • willtin

    I looked at that picture and immediately thought: Wow, a bunch of school teachers! Because, for sure, they are aching to tell us, how to live our lives.
    Edit: Proving my comments are politically related rather than misogynistic; Don’t the Reds detest the Greens?

  • Michael

    Two words that give lie to this piece of fantasy: Winston Peters. Labour will need Winston to govern, he won’t want to share with the Greens. If Labour want to guaruntee NZ First picking National to govern, they need to stay independent of the Greens.

  • Woody

    What a depressing looking bunch of individuals.

  • Nige.

    Yes they are both in the left. But the labour party are a bunch of academics who don’t realise they are socialists and the green party are a bunch of Hippy’s who don’t realise they are communists.

    They each think they are more important than the other.

  • Eiselmann

    The central voter dosen’t normally like extremes in politics..if they run a joint campaign, then any soft centralist still leaning towards labour ,dispite its move to the left, will most likely be horrified by Labours mad dash to the left.

    One thing I’m certain of is if Labour are foolish enough to go to the election in coalition with Greens…it will be Labour who have to do most of the compromising…and when it all falls apart it will be framed as Labours fault for not being truly invested in progressive politics… The greens will eat Labour.

  • zotaccore

    Seems as though those, particularly in the front row, but also behind, have spent too much time spent in Bellamy’s. Such are the delights of being an MP in the trough I suppose.

  • WBC

    “Barely anyone can reasonably cast a vote for Labour or the Greens without knowing the parties need each other to govern.” – That is precisely why Labour cannot win. Even if they make themselves look half votable, the great middle ground that they ned will not vote in a way that puts the Greens in government.

    He is right, it is a no brainer, simple pure party suicide.

    • benniedawg

      Place a full stop after the word ‘greens’ and your comment is complete. You pretty much say it all with your first sentence.

      • WBC

        So true.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    That photo must have been taken September 21st 2014, when they had the sickening realisation they would spend another 3 years in opposition.

  • rantykiwi

    A challenge? To Toby Manhire? A boiled potato is more likely to put up a credible repsonse.

  • kloyd0306

    Photo: What happened to gender-based equal representation?
    Looks like it’s perfectly OK with the left for women to outnumber men.


  • Vutekno

    The Greens would never campaign with Labour for fear that their coalition could become the government. That would mean the Greens would have to do REAL work jointly running our country.

    The Greens demonstrate almost daily that they would rather be in opposition & not have to work apart from yapping at the government in an inane and illogical way so all can be reminded that they are not fit to govern. That’s easy work and leaves plenty of time to be at the trough!

  • Effluent

    Who is the token man at the right rear of this unappetising clutch of old boilers? ( not