A copper-coated lead injection would be far more effective

Some scientists in Sweden reckon they can cure paedophiles.

Paedophiles could be treated with a single injection to prevent them abusing children, scientists hope.

Experts in Sweden believe that a drug which stops the brain from making testosterone can combat hyper-sexuality and aggression, turning off the need to seek out sexual contact with youngsters.

The drug degaralix is currently being tested on five Swedish men who called a sexual offenders helpline because they were concerned about their paedophilic inclinations.

Scientists at the Karolinksa Institute in Sweden now want to expand the trial to 60 men, and have today launched acrowdfunding project to raise money for the controversial research.
Dr Christoffer Rahm, Consultant Psychiatrist  and post-doctoral researcher at the Karolinska Institute said: “Child sexual abuse is one of the most pervasive social problems today. This issue is hard to deal with, but we must, because it effects all of us.   

“Child sexual abuse causes a lot of suffering for the victims and their relatives, and also costs society enormous amounts of money. It also has negative consequences for the perpetrator who risks becoming totally isolated, depressed and sentence to imprisonment.

“Up until now, most of the attention has been trying to deal with perpetrators by the police but by this stage children have already been harmed. With this research project .I want to shift focus and explore methods of preventing child sexual abuse from happening in the first place. “What is relatively unknown is that a substantial number of patients which paedophilic disorder actually want help.

“The goal of pilot is to reduce the number of child sexual abuses, intervening before the damage is done.”

A long drop from a short rope, or a copper-coated lead injection are way more effective at reducing recidivism.


– The Telegraph


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  • Builder

    Reducing the amount of muslim immigrants that believe sex is OK with 9yo girls would be a good start.

  • JustanObserver

    I propose that Halal NZ adopt this ‘Additive’ as part of their required processes to be added to certified Halal foods prior to packaging.

  • Wheninrome

    If this issue is a genetic issue, surely we do not want them breeding and thus continuing the cycle, the solution suggested above way to go.

  • Mikev

    If this works, some men may well voluntarily come forward to be treated (as the test volunteer has) No one will voluntarily come forward for your suggested “cure”. Failure to be treated should then have draconian penalties – including for muslims hiding behind cultural reasons.

  • Brian Anderson

    Unfortunately there’s no firm evidence that testosterone is either the cause or the driver of this (psychological) condition. Anti-testosterone drugs have already been tried for both this and in the therapy for rapists – without the slightest evidence that they help. While they may make the man (?) incapable of erections, they won’t stop other forms of sexual abuse of children. Since drugs with anti-testosterone effects exist, this has the smell of a ‘research trough’.