A sensible idea: One tourist visa gets you into both New Zealand and Australia


The Tourism Industry Association (TIA) is backing calls for a trans-Tasman tourist visa to cover international visitors.

It would allow visitors to travel between Australia and New Zealand on the same visa – a concept first trialled during last year’s Cricket World Cup.

TIA chief executive Chris Roberts says it would be a major boost to our tourism industry.

“We believe it would stimulate tourism to the tune of tens of thousands of visitors a year. Someone planning a trip to Australia will decide to tack on a visit to New Zealand, and someone coming to New Zealand will decide to visit Australia.”

He wants to replicate the joint visa’s huge success.

“It was known as the Cricket visa, but actually, over 7000 travellers came from 77 different nations.

“Forty percent of the visitors were actually from China, who weren’t here for cricket of course, who took the opportunity to use that single visa and make their travel easier.”

Most tourist fly a long way.  Why not make it easier for them to visit both countries?


– Newshub


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  • johcar

    A sensible idea – so the likelihood of it being implemented? Low.

  • Aucky

    The Aussie ‘public service’ unions won’t allow it for starters.It seem the Immigration mob is happy to strike any time without any thoughts of incoveniencing the travelling public. It’s NZ 70s style stuff.

  • DangerMice

    If I’m travelling halfway round the world, the marginal cost of an extra visa doesn’t even enter my thought process