So pull up a chair and tell us all about it…


We all have been through it. We have all had times where, for one reason or another, we did something we really didn’t want to do. I will tell you my story if you will tell me yours.

This story took place a little more than three decades ago. I was boarding the school bus with my younger brother. Normally the bus dropped my brother off at his special needs school and then dropped me off at my convent school, St Josephs in Whakatane. To get to the bus we had to walk down a steep hill and then along a flat street. We had just boarded the bus and sat down when my brother told me that he didn’t feel very well.

To give you some background to the story, my brother was a champion vomiter. One time he vomited while walking towards my mother crying and then slipped in his own vomit and skidded across the floor. Once I stopped laughing I picked him up. On many other occasions he vomited in the swimming pool, usually just after my dad had emptied it from the last vomit and refilled it.

Anyway, I knew what was about to happen and that I didn’t have much time. I  looked around quickly for something for him to vomit into. All I had was my school bag that contained my homework. I made a split second decision to save my homework and cupped my hands to create a small bowl. As I held it in front of him my brother gratefully vomited into it.

The bus driver was alerted to our situation by the other children. He told my brother to carry my school bag as my hands were full. He then helped us both off the bus. It was a long, long walk home with vomit covered hands. I still tease my brother about it to this very day. It is a funny story but not as funny as the one where he skidded on his own vomit, because on that occasion the vomit was on him not me.



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  • LesleyNZ

    We were sitting church – near the front.(Church was in a school hall) Middle son said to his dad that he didn’t feel too good. Dad did not understand what “not too good” meant. Next minute – out came his breakfast. Our Pastor stopped for second and then continued with his sermon. Someone with presence of mind grabbed a white sheet or maybe it was tablecloth and covered up the vomit. Son seemed ok. At the end of church a friend who was sitting at the back wondered what had happened. They thought that someone had died – with the white sheet and all………..

    • Carl

      I was sick on the alter, it got covered up with a few bits of paper and everything carried on as usual.

      • LesleyNZ

        This reminds when I was at primary school 45 plus years ago. At lunchtime the caretaker would be there in the playground asphalt area to dump sawdust on the recent vomit from some kid who had spewed up. You knew to avoid the area.

        • kereru

          Some years ago, our then 6-year-old son suddenly spewed up on the vast concourse of a Los Angeles shopping centre. The floor was highly polished so it wasn’t immediately visible. While we were flapping around trying to warn pedestrians to keep clear, a very buxom lady marched straight into it, slipped and fell on her back with her legs in the air like an overturned beetle. No amount of apologising could cover our shame and embarrassment.

  • Nige.

    I’m doing something that I don’t want to do at the moment. It’s backwards and beaucocratic and doesn’t make sense but it is compliance and that is the way the world works. If I don’t want to do it I best pack up and go live in a cave somewhere.

  • cows4me

    My cousin spewed down the back of old Mrs Wright at midnight mass, that caused a ruckus, to much Christmas spirit.

  • Gaynor

    When I was in standard 3 at Marchwiel School in Timaru the girl sitting next to me stood up to get the teacher’s attention to tell him she felt sick ..instead she vomited all over my head… The teacher (Mr Jones…who became the well known NZ artist Morgan Jones) couldn’t cope and threw something over my head and sent me home …..
    Many years later my 6 year old son did the same to me …

  • Duchess of Pork

    Love the embroidery pic as it recalls negative feelings I had to enforced sewing and embroidery classes at school, although ironically I now enjoy making tapestries when time permits. Do you have any background for the picture?

    • spanishbride

      It is a fake antique. You can purchase the pattern online and make it.

      • Duchess of Pork

        I got suckered in by that one then Lol. It looked as if there was an interesting story behind the pic. Maybe I’ll just make one up for myself instead.

    • kereru

      That reminds me of being given a square of toweling on which I had to embroider a hippo. I had no idea how to do it but made a start. The teacher came round to look at how we were getting on and announced that when you do embroidery the back of the work has to be just as neat as the front so that you can’t tell the difference. As mine already had several large knots and loops at the back she was not pleased, to say the least. I got a good ticking off and was declared ‘hopeless’ at sewing. I was about 8 or 9.

      Like you, I very much enjoy sewing and all kinds of handcraft. Who wants a hippo face cloth anyway?

      • Duchess of Pork

        You showed initiative in undertaking the task by yourself without assistance. What a shame the teacher couldn’t have acknowledged that. I think your Mum would have been proud of your hippo efforts and am glad you still get enjoyment from handcrafting.

  • Sally

    I suffered from terrible morning sickness which could last all day and the need to vomit could hit anytime. Several times got caught out while driving. After a couple of times having near accidents in trying to pull over to stop and embarrassing myself being sick on the verge I learnt to carry a empty ice cream container and plastic bags in my handbag.

  • Lux

    Wellll .. One time when I was about 17, I was in my bedroom with two of my sisters and a couple of male friends hanging out, when my boyfriend … I wanted him to be my ex-boyfriend, came to the front door. My mother let him in and sent him down to my bedroom, I had just been confessing to all how I wanted to break it off, and as I heard him coming and being a chicken liver, in a split second mad decision I raced into my closet, closed the doors and hid there.

    He sat himself down asking where I was, and made himself very comfortable. I was ok but scared of getting caught by him and being embarrassed.

    Anyway, after a while one of my sisters went out to get some drinks etc and told my parents I was hiding in the wardrobe.

    Dad thought it was funny, but wanted to check I could breathe alright in there, so came down and asked to speak to one of the males, he took him aside and asked him to check on me in wardrobe every so often by making up excuses to look for something in there..

    Everyone except my boyfriend were saying terrible things about me, and the male kept poking his head into my wardrobe and pulling my clothes .. saying things like can you believe she wore this, and where is rifling though my stuff, while I was crouched on the floor freaking out.. My sisters were just about in hysterics.

    This went on for quite a while and I really had to go to the loo .. I kept telling to male with whispers to get rid of my BF, but they were all loving my discomfort, they were all finally getting back at me for the terrible tricks I have played on them over the years.

    I had a large traffic cone in my wardrobe I had bought home one night after an eventful night, and it was starting to look better and more useful as my stomach was fit to bursting .. Yes in the end I had no choice but to relieve my self in it.

    Then I had to sit on top of it to cover the smell .. It was hard to balance, without it tipping over ..

    That is my story ..

    • ex-JAFA

      Fantastic story, thanks Lux.

    • johcar

      Story of the week!!!! :

      EDIT: that story could have been a candidate for POTD!!!

  • kereru

    Some years ago, our then 6-year-old son suddenly spewed up on the vast concourse of a Los Angeles shopping centre. The floor was highly polished so it wasn’t immediately visible. While we were flapping around trying to warn pedestrians to keep clear, a very buxom lady marched straight into it, slipped and fell on her back with her legs in the air like an overturned beetle. Fortunately her ample padding saved her from injury. But no amount of apologising could cover our shame and embarrassment.

  • Doc45

    I was travelling on an early ferry across that notorious Cook Strait when it was in fine form . I went to the side to spew. Someone else had the same idea just ahead of me and slightly higher. His lot hit the wind and came round splattering in my hair, face and all over a large woolen coat I had on. It took quite a while to remove all the bits of carrot and half chewed meat out of my hair and coat.

    • LesleyNZ

      Oh noooooo. I am eating my roast chicken and vege dinner right now.