ACT are greener than the Greens


David has a reason to gloat.  








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  • Peter

    This guy deserves a place in government. Way more than Winston and all of Labor put together. Just saying…

  • cows4me

    Green is the colour of hypocrisy.

  • biscuit barrel

    So hes had $7.5k worth of travel as a minister, which includes all of his air travel. That doesnt make him greener

    hes certainly using more air travel than Judith Collins ($3,798 ) and the Minister of Transport ( Bridges $5,115 )

    • OneTrack

      But he used less than Turei, Kennedy and Hague. They are the ones telling us we must stop flying and save the planet. Based on those expenses I am assuming they don’t really believe the dogma and that the Koru Club membership is more important to them. Do these expenses even include their membership fees? I am also guessing Turei’s 5.5K for surface travel doesn’t include much for bus tickets?

      So, yes, it looks like it does make him greener.

  • biscuit barrel

    And whats with the colossal amount for ‘surface travel’ for Nikkii Kay ($20,417) most are well under $10k
    Does she have the limo taking her to Pakiri when she gets home to Auckland

  • James M

    I wonder what the $6444 worth of Wellington accommodation is that 7 Green members share is?

    I’m curious when I see patterns. And none of their other expenses match up.

    • Jax

      It probably is an allowance amount and this is the maximum. The ministers also all have the same numbers which probably means they claimed the max allowance.

  • redeye

    And Seymore is the only electorate MP on that list. One that services an electorate.

    The Green List MPs, all of them, have no need to be anywhere but Wellington and that’s where they should move to when elected.

  • Daniel Church

    Tut tut.

  • Kevin

    But the Greens are saving the Earth and so all that air travel is justified.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It seems with the lack of anything meaningful to do as a pesky list MP the only fall-back is to travel – anywhere. Another example of what you get when the bar is lowered with a dumb MMP system.

  • Jax

    This table is misleading as Seymour’s travel is all under ministerial travel. Approx 14k so not that much less than the highest ones of the Greens. I mean the guy has to go to Wellington and the table shows zero so it must be just recorded elsewhere.

    • WBC

      But the Greens don’t actually have any excuse to travel anywhere, it doesn’t really matter if an electorate MP almost spends as much, an electoral MP has a need to travel. The Greens don’t represent any electorate. Any travel by them is discretionary which therefore make them hypocrites at the very least.