Adjusting the deckchairs on the Titanic

Andrew Little is contemplating a slight re-shuffle.

Labour leader Andrew Little will do a “slight rejig” of his caucus this week after Clayton Cosgrove’s decision not to stand next year, but has ruled out changing key personnel such as finance spokesman Grant Robertson.

Little said he had no plans to replace Robertson or make any significant changes to his line-up after TVNZ Colmar Brunton poll had Labour at just 28 per cent.

“There will be some slight rejigging in the next week or so, but I’m not anticipating any significant changes.” There was speculation former finance spokesman David Parker could get the finance role back, but Little and Parker denied it had come up.  

Little said nobody had suggested he change the finance spokesperson, and when he set up his Shadow Cabinet in 2014 he made it clear Robertson would be in the finance role until at least next year’s election. “I’m totally satisfied with Grant’s performance and have no intention of changing him out of the finance role.”

Little said the poll was “disappointing” but had not spooked him or the caucus. “We are struggling to get clear messages through on our priorities. We’ve got to work harder at that.”

Given their talent pool is as shallow as a carpark puddle in the middle of summer this would seem to be a forlorn exercise.

When old tuskers like Mallard, King, O’Connor, Moroney and others are junking up the place there isn’t a lot to work with.

It doesn’t help that Andrew Little has no idea either. With Grant Robertson quietly telling people that if Labour doesn’t win in 2017 he will quit parliament, you just know there is a crisis inside of Labour.

They’d be better to shut the whole thing down and start again.


– NZ Herald



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  • john Doe

    Little needs to sack himself. As an unelectable list MP his offerings are dead set useless. No room in politics in this day and age for a broken down Union hack.

    • Rick H

      Nobody has actually ever voted / elected Little for any position ever in his lifetime.
      Little has never had any constituents.
      In fact, he was so low on the Labour list, he was going to slip off the bottom and be a nobody – except the Union elected him as Labour Leader.

      Is that “democracy”? where a member can become the leader that nobody voted for?

      I say NO – that is NOT democracy.

  • KGB

    Robo isn’t quitting is he?
    HDPA has a “snitch” and says it will be Robo and JA’s turn next.
    I’d really like to see that show!
    Hang in there Robo.

    • Carl

      I just wonder if Helen gets the UN job how many of Labour will be lining up a cushy job from her.

      • Dave

        The entire Labour front row, all well qualified for the UN, but only if she gives Goff a job first.

  • Cookie Bear

    Omg the thought of Grant Robertson getting a real job post 2017 LMAO

  • Aucky

    Check out the three rows of MPs on the Labour benches and show me one who has the qualifications or life experience to become a Cabinet Minister. Worn out MPs, ex union hacks & party workers lining up for their turn at the trough..

    • Curly1952

      Right there Aucky. How many of the total lineup have put their money on the line running a business – most if not all, have been troughers their entire life.

  • And what’s Robertson think he will go and do away from the trough? A beltway politician with no skills and stuff all credibility?
    They’re in huge demand these days I guess?

    • ex-JAFA

      He’d probably aim for CEO of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs or some such senior troughing position.

      • Cadwallader

        Someone there could knit him a cardigan or two.

      • He wont get it. Gender identity politics are a one way door. And despite everything else Robertson is male.

    • Dave

      He could shoot for higher glory, and ask Susan Devoy to step aside so he can become commissioner of human Wrongs.

    • MarcWills

      Steve Maharey is standing down as Massey VC – there’s a trough to wallow in. Back to his student politics roots.

  • Cadwallader

    I do not know the constitutional issues for this; but if Her Majesty’s Opposition is incapable of functioning in any recognisable manner can the Speaker (or the GG) declare their members to be independent MPs solely who can vote as they please until the next General Election? This would destroy what is left of Labour in the House and the party would then be forced to examine itself to try to identify its purpose.

    Failing that; wouldn’t this be a good time for Key to call an election? As Labour has no talent or money it would be a trouncing. Those like Cosgrove who want out anyway could race for the door now and leave Angry to attempt to mount a campaign against JK and co. Labour would have no choice but to endorse Little’s campaign and watch him fall into oblivion.

    NZ First would give the campaign a good shot as it may be Winston’s swansong before he heads towards rigour-mortis like much of his constituency while the Greenie co-leaders could more or less follow him.

    What a winter this could make!

    • Sally

      Actually an election would upset several MP plans. Several would have to make some quick decisions. The Labour Party will be in a disarray. No money, useless leader, MPs abandoning the ship, no policies and Hager would have to rush out his next political hit book.
      Want a bet who would be the most senior opposition party?

    • Big_Al

      A snap election is not as silly as it sounds. After all, who in their right mind would vote for a party that has No Money, No Policies, No Talent and No Personality, just to mention a few of their atributes. It would be a walk in the park for National.

      • Toby

        Winston would have a field day in a snap election. He would do very very well.

    • Korau

      A snap election would be a terrible idea! The electorate would see it for what it is, shoddy opportunism more fitting of the left. There is no pressing rational reason for this move.

      Far better to go the whole term and let labour slowly roast on a skewer above the fire of public ridicule. Labour are doing a fine job in destrying themselves, and with the union lock on the leadership don’t expect any swerves (except maybe further left).

      Sit back and enjoy.

      • Cadwallader

        Yes, but: Given the absurd allegations Labour & co have made against JK and this government during the past 6 months it might just be the right thing to give the electorate the chance to depict its agreement with the present governance. There’s been the TPPA, the femi-walkout, the flag debate (allegedly a defeat for the government) and now the off-shore trusts beat-up. What next?

      • Toby

        Yes. Definitely no need for a snap election. Keep it going because labour would have run out of money by the next election anyway.

        If they have resorted to asking for $2 donations now. The situation is going to be pretty dyre by the time the election rolls around.

    • Gaynor

      Aah The Winter of Our Content?

  • Big_Al

    Little does’nt need to re shuffle the deck chairs, he needs to toss them all overboard so they don’t go down with the sinking ship. At least that way, some may float to shore to live another day. If Little is a true captain, he will remain at the helm while it disappears into oblivion. R.I.P. Labour

  • wilson

    If Andrew little was the captain of the titanic and there were no icebergs. He would look for one.

    • geoff3012

      OMG…..don’t say that….it’s so funny……

  • Justme

    “Playing solitaire til dawn, with a deck of fifty one…

    Now, don’t tell me, I’ve nothing to do.”

  • Keanne Lawrence

    As a fan of using jigs to hear Angry Andy is going to tackle some re-jigging. That will be a crack up as to date the only jig he might be able to tackle is the Irish Jig. Perhaps.
    In fact jig uses understand that the purpose of such aids are for accuracy which is a basic attribute the poor little fellow totally lacks.
    As for Robbo quitting when they tank at the next election it will simply be the end of his charade or pantomime of being a “politician”. The cardy clad other thinks that being near politics for so long he has a contribution to make. He’s Dreamin’.

    • Ruahine

      He ain’t going to resign. Where or who is going to pay him the $250,000.00 he takes from the NZ taxpayer. Oh!!. of course the U.N. Bludgers haven. (Heaven)

      • Miss Phit

        He could be the next Matt Mcarten?

        He could be the new leaders Brutus…. ah … I mean right hand man.

  • XCIA

    Any sane and rational person would have taken the hint and had a career change by now. Lets face it, the only people that want Mr Angry in the job are his union mates and that can not end up in success for the Party.

  • kayaker

    A fish rots from the head.

  • Left Right Out

    Mr 7% first sensible move would be to take a 2 week holiday…. then retire

  • “They’d be better to shut the whole thing down and start again.”

  • Keeping Stock

    Little should make Sure Moroney the Finance spokesperson. After all, she has accumulated enough personal wealth on an MP’s salary to buy four houses, far more than her leader owns.

  • Uncle Bully

    By referring to Mallard, King, O’Connor and Moroney as old tuskers, you are giving them a degree of reverence and dignity they simply do not deserve.

    Rather then likening them to mature, wise elephants, you should call them for what they are: Dead wood. They should instead be cut out and burned on the pyre of political irrelevance.

  • zotaccore

    It is perplexing to see that the Unions that put Little into power as the leader have had little to say about his performance. Ordinarily in any job (but I guess excepting politics) is that MPs don’t have performance reviews, areas for improvement and development, warnings for lack of performance etc etc. Are Unions into that kind of thing? Yes, but only when they are trying to protect the under-performing. Hence, it’s likely Little will be “protected” until the next election after which they will begin the whole process again of selecting a loser.