Admin notice from the moderation team



I don’t know what it is.  I’ve been trying to align it with the full moon, but it simply hasn’t correlated.  But there are times when there is a sudden upswing in our commenters leaving comments with language in it that trips our moderation rules.

It’s like someone throws a switch, and it is all on.

On the whole our Mod team is quite laid back and relaxed these days, and very little results in a ban.  But when we are faced with an increase in “pissed”, “wanker”, “GFY”, Shitty, Twat, and so on, we’re starting to get itchy trigger fingers again.

So here’s the deal:  if you’ve noticed your “strongly worded” comments never see the light of day, you may want to review as to what this may be.

Because here is a certainty:  unless the current surge of it calms down, moderators are going to take their frustrations out on those that are causing them unnecessary work by handing out some 1-2 month bans.

This is a team effort.  Do your part.

Thank you.


– Pete and the Mods  (tickets at Ticketek)


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