Airport security unsympathetic: forces mum to dump 15 litres of breast milk

A nursing mother was forced to dump nearly four gallons of breast milk after trying to take it through security at an airport.

Security staff allegedly made Jessica Coakley Martinez discard the liquid form of the milk and a two gallon frozen block intended for her eight-month-old son at Heathrow Airport’s terminal five.

The upset mother-of-two from California took to Facebook to rant in a open letter: ‘You humiliated me and made me feel completely defeated as a professional and a mother.’




– Daily Mail


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  • rantykiwi

    What a storm in a D-cup. The rules are quite clear about no liquids being taken through airport security – why does she think that just because it oozed out of her boobs it should be treated any other way? Hand her a CBOTW award.

    • I think it might be a G cup!

    • Orca

      She only ended up making a tit of herself anyway.

    • SlightlyStrange

      There are allowances for SMALL amounts of pumped breastmilk, or pre-made formula, BUT you have to be travelling WITH the child who will be consuming it.
      15L is pushing it. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted that in my overhead locker – imagine if it came out in turbulence and whacked her on the head, who would she blame?

  • Tom

    While I sympathize how would she prove it was breast milk without testing. That would take time. A bit dumb not to ask before she flew.

  • Michelle

    If they were in insulated bags then wrapping them up and putting them in the main luggage would have not caused all her problems

    Heathrow have strict rules for a reason and they cannot go bending them just for one person, l am happy they stick to their rules to keep everyone safe

    Where was her child while she was doing all this. Was he travelling with her or was he left at home with a nanny?

  • STAG

    15 liters is a RIDICULOUS amount to try and board a plane with, that’s 7 2 liter coke bottles far more then your carry on allowance.

    Foolish entitled American, and you still have no idea why the rest of the world thinks your morons.

    Zero sympathy.

    • TM

      well said – and also, I would imagine breast milk does not maintain its food value with all that palaver she is going through.

  • People like this give me the screaming heebeejeebees, entitled cow.
    What’s wrong with formula?
    Not good enough for her precious one?
    This is the type of moron that buys into the whole climate change fiasco while at the same time flying all over the world.

    Instead of inconveniencing everyone, embarrassing your colleges and abusing people that are doing their jobs how about getting a life and cracking open the bottle when things aren’t always to your choosing!

    • Mags

      I don’t blame her for wanting to give her babe breastmilk but it’s not very intelligent to go traveling through airports. I wonder should have happened if she had entered NZ. Would it a have been a biosecurity risk too?

  • Phenandra

    Entitled idiot. If being a working nursing mother is the hardest thing she has done, her life has been pretty easy so far.

  • Nige.

    She is ignoring rule one about looking like a fool.

    1. Look from the other persons perspective.

  • oldmanNZ

    i lost many bottles of sun lotion, hand creams and lubes by forgetting to put in main luggage instead of my cabin bag. I wouldn’t go to facebook and brag about it.

    the length of her “brag” on facebook just too long to read or care. everyone is treated the same and she is no exception. Otherwises jihadist will start pumping breast milk mix with PLX.

  • venator

    I have seen the same thing happened to a woman passing through Australian border checks when transiting through Sydney. I could not believe what I was seeing. The mother was holding her baby and pleading for some form of sanity. I attempted to get involved to resolve the situation. The female border control member told me to pull my head in, stand back and shut up. And when it came to my turn she basically turned me upside down, even taking away my small tube of toothpaste, that I use when on a long flight. No soul with these people. They are prize lows life. I’d use stronger language but the mods’ would neutralise me.

  • WBC

    If this was carry on then no sympathy whatsoever. The rules have been in place for a very long time and I’d be more worried about the checkpoints that let her through then the one that didn’t.

  • JEL51

    Sometimes we have to make choices. It is really hard to do two full-times jobs at the same time. Perhaps this young mum is expected to do both. Sad she was unable to evaluate which was most important.

  • Rick H

    This sounds to me like the kind of woman who breast-feeds her son till he’s 7 years old.

    • Rick H

      I was indeed correct.
      Look at the size and age of this boy, pic-ed from her facebook page.
      He’s Way way too old to still be on the breast milk.

    • Big fella

      Breastfeeding until 7yo. Hmmm that’s not breastfeeding, thats dating.

  • Asian_driver

    Cant she just make some more ?

  • localnews

    Well that’s her 15 minutes of fame. I hope she isn’t too embarrassed when she looks back at her carry on, sometimes committing things to writing when you are angry may not be the best course of action

  • LesleyNZ

    Why would she want a 2 gallon lot of breast milk and a 2 gallon block of breast milk at once? The baby must drink a lot of milk. Maybe she should not be such a busy working mother and sacrifice a bit of her busy work time for the sake of her children and give her children the attention they need at such a young age – after all – they are only young like this for such short a time. If she is really wed to her busy life or feels she HAS to work and does not like breast pumping in all these different places then she should give the baby infant formula. She is the cause of her own problem and she has the solution.

  • old school

    As a mother, she should be at home looking after the child not travelling.

  • Wolfman Jack

    This whle thing has been a tits up from the beginning. Sure;y the mother was abreast of the regulations? I think she is only trying to milk the situation by crying over it