Andrew Little attracts Jew haters to his social media page

It appears Andrew Little has lost more support due to visiting a Jewish Community Centre.

After Mr Little posted about his visit to the Jewish Community Centre in Auckland this week it prompted a spate of other Facebook users to comment, including one who said “they didn’t learn much from the Holocaust in the way they’re treating Palestinians … shame on them”.

When another user challenged whether all Jewish people should be blamed for Israel’s actions, the first replied “death to them all” followed by an obscenity.

The comments have been slated by Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy and have since been deleted by Labour, which says in a comment below the post: “We condemn the anti-semitic comments posted on this photo and are actively removing any hateful comments.”

Mr Little said as soon as his staff became aware of it, they began to remove the comments.

They would continue to monitor the page. “We do not tolerate hate speech.”

Labour’s move to remove the comments was also criticised on his page – one person wrote, “if anyone sides with Palestine you delete it? Gutless racist National lite”.

Although I’d love to get stuck into Andrew Little at any opportunity, this is really about the feral underclass that inhabits the Internet.  

The post went up on Wednesday and Labour started deleting the comments later that day.

National Party-aligned blogger David Farrar posted screenshots of some of the worse examples saying it showed anti-Semitism was “alive and well”.

“Quite sickening that such a positive post by Andrew Little gets such vile comments.”

The rabbi at the Jewish Community Centre has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Dame Susan said the Jewish community had a productive meeting with Mr Little but decried “hateful, bigoted” posts made by other social media users in response to it.

“The posts demonstrate the prejudice they continue to face.” She said Holocaust survivors had told her “hate starts small” .

“They were right. We need to stand up and call hatred out whether it’s on Facebook or in front of us in the street.”

She said Anzac Day was a time for New Zealanders to remember what their ancestors fought and died for and to stand up against intolerance and prejudice.

Ferals aren’t capable of keeping that much information in the fronts of their minds at the same time.

But yes, Andrew Little has learned his lesson – the left in New Zealand do not openly support Israel or Jews, and if you do you must expect your supporters to lash out. Their thinking processes are amazingly simple: all Jews evil, like John Key and National, and all Palestinians are perfect.

What was he thinking…


– Claire Trevett, NZ Herald


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  • RightofSingapore

    So Susan Devoy actually stuck up for Jews for once? Credit where credit is due, do you know what I am saying?

    • MaryLou

      She’s “starting small”. Unfortunately I don’t see her progressing.

      • johnandali

        Yes, but she is totally out of her depth. Whoever appointed her to Race Relations must have been out of their mind. She was a marvellous sports-woman, and that’s where it ends. Perhaps she might have been better as Minister of Finance. I’m surprised she didn’t turn the offer down, but she does have to make a living after all.

    • Nesher

      Saying “we need to stand up…” and actually standing up are not the same things.

    • FornaK

      No, it’s her job. She’s paid to do her job, whether we agree her position is needed or not, is another story.

  • Hans

    As an almost life long Labour supporter, this is at the reason i will never ever vote for the left ever again, these are the core of the people that crawl below the surface on the left. They are evil. Little needs to realize to see evil and do nothing is evil, i see the left sitting on it’s hands at every turn with regards to the Jews and Israel.

    • Kevin

      If Labour wants even the tiniest chance of winning the next election then Little has to explicitly and unequivocally disown their current support base and start targeting the centre and centre-left. And it has to be done explicitly. Little must call them out and say “We don’t want you and we don’t want your support.”

      It’d never happen though unless there’s a coup in Labour and a centre-left leader takes over.

  • MarcWills

    So why haven’t Labour initiated a complaint to the Police so these anti Semitics and hate speech individuals can be prosecuted? It would be the correct course of action, as well as the condemnation and deletion of comments.

  • Damon Mudgway

    And what’s even more awesome is that feral lefties breed way better than centrists or righties. They have no qualms about the state picking up the tab to raise more rabid haters.

  • johnandali

    Have a look at the recent pronouncements about the Israel/Palestine problem from our own Murray McCully, and you’ll find that bias and bigotry are not confined to the left.

  • Christine

    Good on Little for visiting the Jewish community centre. Hatred of Jews and Israel seems to have become the latest thought fashion in parts of Europe and academia. Makes no sense, especially when you see what is happening in the countries Israel.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Angry Andy is getting to know far more about the important things that dominate feral thinking than he ever will about the real important things for real people.