Andrew Little, Labour party and anti-semitism

Andrew Little went on Facebook and made a few nice comments about his visit to a synagogue and Labour supporters go wild in the comments.


It started off with a deluded person who seems to confuse Jews with Israel, but then quickly degenerates into feral anti-semitism.  


Sean Parkinson actually put, under his own name, a comment calling for the death of all Jews.


Seriously these guys are deluded.

Labour has gone and deleted some of the comments but there are others that remain that are pretty offensive.


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  • shykiwibloke

    Strangely I feel sorry for Andrew Little the person here. A public bridge building scuttled by low life’s whose votes you also want to court. Who’d be a politician? Not me!

    • They could have quickly and effectively deleted the comments and pointed out that that kind of speech would not be tolerated and did not reflect the party values

      • oldmanNZ

        too hard, they would be forever deleting comments, better to turn off comments or have some sort of restriction.

      • Eddie

        Mr Little did not write anything to rebut the haters nor even address the issue. It will be a refreshing day if even our Human Rights Commissioner says something public about Kiwis calling for a second one holocaust. Leadership is a foreign concept on the left and they wonder why the votes aren’t high.

        • shykiwibloke

          Good point. I had not considered that angle. Someone used to strong-arm negotiations is likely to miss the subtle difference between leading by example and leading by force.

      • Isherman

        Yes, you are right. However, if you use the UK Labour party as an example, the real question is do you simply delete questionable posts or do you acknowledge there is a deeper problem to sort out?

    • Nige.

      [Mod] We monitor 600 – 1100 comments every damn day.

      If we can moderate that for the country’s most read blog then the labour party can do it for one single Facebook page I’m sure.

  • kayaker

    It’s Mr Little’s last paragraph that really caught my eye. Did the community leaders really say that their values are the same as Labours? Aside from that, Angry Andy has not demonstrated those values – fairness, equality and tolerance – especially in recent times.

    • Kendall

      I say wow, and how about putting words down that don’t tell the real story.
      I have values like fairness, equality and tolerance too, but that by no way makes me a labour voter. In fact many kiwis (50%) obviously feel the same. It is not values that matter for a political party but rather how you go about reflecting those in policy.
      Fairness – small government, falter tax (gst not PAYE).
      Equality – less pro-minority distinct legislation; broad Heath, education, civil protection without taking the extreme (free university). Middle grond employment law.
      Tolerance – inclusiveness to a NZ society- not reactive changing to meet minority’s visitors.

      If labour really had those values, they would not delete the comments but rather tell people there views are wrong and not reflective of labour, and that if that’s the Anti-Semitic attitude you have then go and vote for someone else. All they have achieved is my view that they support this anti Israel- pro palistine view that I find intellectually repulsive.

      • kayaker

        So right, Kendall. If ever there was an opportunity for AL and Labour to drive those values home, it’s right now by addressing those dreadful comments. I find it very scary that people like that exist and, worse, that they are not being challenged.

        edit: missing word

      • one for the road

        Labour don’t have enough money to employ someone or spend time on Facebook curating comments – they just put up a post and let everyone have a free for all – that is the least responsible approach to using Social Media that you can have, guess it sums up there whole approach!

  • Cadwallader

    The commentator Sean Parkinson sounds like a delightful chap. “They didn’t learn much from the Holocaust etc…” I do not believe the Nazis ever regarded extermination as educative. On his logic (or lack thereof) exterminating deaf people would teach them not to be deaf. As Shykiwibloke points out, Little requires these sorts to support him. I wouldn’t wish to speak to people of this type, let alone rely on their support. Labour genuinely has nowhere to go other than downwards.

    • Quinton Hogg

      Mr Peacock appears to be equally deluded. sadly.
      I have just been trawling through the UK papers looking at bits and pieces that interest me and which no doubt i will see in the weekend papers here.
      I do despair when i read in those papers of people who hold similar views as Messers Parkinson and peacock are gaining positions of power (imagined and real) in the UK. The outcome in some cases will be quite orwellian.

  • Genevieve

    The remarks posted on Little’s FB page show the worst side of some of the people who are supporting him. There is not a shred of fairness, equality and tolerance about them.
    This gives the appearance of, anti-Semites share the same values – intolerance and conspiracy theories – as socialist fools.

    • Dog Breath

      Absolutely demonstrates the very people who Labour are now representing whether they realise it or not. A Visit to the standard can be a similar experience.

      • Brian Smaller

        I think you will find a vein of anti-semitism running through a pretty good cross section of society. It may be concentrated on the political left these days but I suspect it is still there in other places as well.

        • Dog Breath

          I was speaking in general rather than specific, the abuse can be horrific.

  • Brian Smaller

    Of course, if something like that were to appear in the WO comments the left would have a field day and blame it on the blog itself. Little was not responsible for the comments of his supporters but I have to wonder what are his staffers are doing letting things like that sit for enough time for screen caps to be taken anyway (I realise that it is not possible to do real time policing on FB)? it is not like they actually would have that much else to do.

    • The difference is that if someone here posted something like that Pete would probably have them hung, drawn and quartered (followed by a banning) before anyone had a chance to see it.
      The Party leader’s FB page should have an intern or someone keeping an eye on it and squishing them fast. Sean Parkinson’s message was already up for over 45mins when the screengrap was taken.

  • Michelle

    Looking at that photo of little he is like the old fashioned school teacher listening to a student. Those ones who only had their view and nothing else
    He has his hands in his pockets, no smile and pretends to be listening but not really engaged

    If you look at how JK engages with people he is comfortable with himself and his hands are not in his pockets

    Edit for clarity

  • Kevin

    Kudos to Little at least for making the visit. But with supporters like those on Facebook who needs enemies? If I was him I would, behind the scenes, be knocking a few heads and demanding why those comments were allowed on Facebook without being immediately removed.

  • Superman

    People of the left have an inbred mean streak. If they don’t get their way they resort to violence and threats of violence. If you don’t agree with them you are a racist bigot and deserve to die. The truth is that the Palestinian’s would immeasurably better off if they stopped calling for the total destruction of Israel and stopped firing rockets into Israel and randomly murdering people on the streets.

  • Chris Bell

    Research required on Sean Parkinson please….need to find him and expose him

    • Oh Please

      This guy is a true Labourite. Signs up for all petitions on Follows Dotcom. Hates Key. Probably your regular Standard commenter. Hope his medical problem has cleared up…

      • Chris Bell

        His comments are in breach of NZ law and most recently the Harmful Digital Communications Act – don’t let him get away with this