Another left-wing candidate for Wellington’s mayoralty

It seems the left-wing are having the same problems in Wellington with candidates that the centre-right are having in Auckland.

Celia Wade-Brown is standing again and Labour’s Justin Lester has put his name forward and is the presumptive favourite. Andrew Little even endorsed his campaign.

Now there is a wrinkle in the plan: Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett has now nominated for Wellington Mayor.

Porirua’s popular mayor Nick Leggett has this morning announced his bid for the Wellington mayoralty.

In a statement Mr Leggett said he believes Wellington is a great city which deserves great leadership and energy — the kind he claims he can offer.

“Wellington is a great city that deserves great leadership, but it’s been stalled at the lights in recent years.”  

The former Labour politician, who resigned from that position on Friday, says his connections with the capital city run “DNA deep”.

“My family has lived here for six generations. I went to Tawa College and Victoria University and spent years working in the CBD. Porirua and Wellington’s councils might be separate entities, but we’re all Wellingtonians.”

Mr Leggett says his campaign revolves around creating localised decision making, stating he believes communities should be at the centre-fold of decision making in their neighbourhoods.

“As Mayor, I will enact a policy of meaningful devolution — asking neighbourhoods to take a lead in determining local priorities, whether it’s roading improvements, better parks and recreational opportunities, or holiday programmes for kids.”

Sounds like there will be a massive donnybrook in Wellington come October.

Watch the hard-left of Labour unload on Nick Leggett, who is actually a reasonable bloke. Given the choices so far in Wellington I’d vote for him if I lived there.


– Newshub


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  • Curious

    It is either him or Nicola Young for me.

  • LesleyNZ

    If Nick Leggett is such a good bloke and the best choice for Mayor then he would be best to drop any association or ties with the Labour Party and become an independent who can relate to all Wellingtonians. I hope he does win.

    • northern

      Nick has already resigned from the Labour Party. His public reason is that Party rules prevent him from running against an official Party candidate (the autistic Justin Lester), but in reality the leftwards lurch by Labour has left Leggett feeling deserted. The current Party nomenklatura has condemned him for his centrist, pragmatic, capitalist views and he has dared to ignore the Party line by supporting TPP, supporting the PM’s proposed change of flag etc. Unlike the Party leaders he has actually worked in a proper job – in commercial property sales – so he knows money doesn’t grow on trees. And 15 years in local govt surely gives him more than enough experience to have learned how to get things done. The political reality is that no right-wing candidate could win the wellington mayoralty now, but an intelligent, sensible centrist like Leggett deserves our support.

      • Noeyedeer

        The more I look at Leggett the more appealing he seems. As you say no right-wing candidate will win Wellington but what clinched it for me was learning he supported a change in the flag. Good on him, shows he isn’t a puppet of his (ex)-party. Mr Leggett, you have my vote.

  • Christie

    Yes, the Leggett campaign is already gaining a lot of publicity. Personally, I think he would be good for Wellington. The main legacy left by Celia Wade-Brown is a city that is now completely gridlocked with traffic – an Auckland traffic scene with 25% of the population. Something really needs to be done urgently.

  • Second time around

    An endorsement from Andy Little must be a privilege to die for. Wellington needs to move forward again after a bad period contemplating cycle lanes sprouting everywhere while the Environment Court blocked sensible proposals to improve access to the eastern suburbs.

    • northern

      Who has an endorsement from Andy Little? Not Nick Leggett to my knowledge (and that’s who this thread is about). Quite possibly Little has endorsed the autistic Justin Lester – but I can’t imagine him endorsing Leggett who has resigned from the Labour Party after many disagreements with the leadership.

      • Second time around

        top of the article: Lester was endorsed by Andy

        • northern

          oops! Sorry @Second time around!!