Another personal e-mail to me from Labour

I must give credit where credit is due. Labour is determined to try to reach the missing million, of which I assume I must be one. I received this delightful e-mail, personally addressed to me, yesterday. It brings the total number of e-mails I have received from Labour in the last two months to five. I have had one wanting me to vote on a tea towel design, one telling me which tea towel won, two from Andrew Little and finally this one from Phil Twyford. Mr Twyford wanted me to take part in a survey, so I dutifully did.

Perhaps some of our readers would like to help him out also? I am sure he wants to know what we, the missing million, really think about their campaign for affordable homes. I suspect though, judging by the questions asked, that the motivation is actually something quite different.


Over the next few weeks, we’re stepping up our campaign for more affordable and healthy homes.

Everyone knows someone affected by the housing crisis. But National are so out of touch that just last week National Minister Simon Bridges denied on the radio that there was a housing crisis. Instead of fixing the problem, they’re siding with offshore property speculators and looking after the few at the very top.

We need to keep shining the spotlight on this crisis. One of the best ways we can do that is by learning more about the issues affecting people like you.

Juana, will you share your story and take our short survey about housing in New Zealand?

Labour backs the Kiwi dream of home ownership and by sharing your story, you’ll help us highlight housing problems in New Zealand and play a key role in developing solutions to the crisis.

Click here to take our survey now.


Phil Twyford
Labour’s Housing Spokesperson


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  • edenman

    By completing the survey I would only be adding to their email list. So no thanks Phil

    • Seriously?

      Yes, but whether that is a benefit or a detriment for them depends on what email you provide. You could just make one up, or better still you could provide the publicly available email of John Key or David Seymour.

      • duve

        Yep, their survey is up to their usual standards, it accepts made up email addresses and also accepts multiple entries from the same computer. Tempting…

        • Seriously?

          I guess the point is that it is not a servery at all, it is just trawling for sob stories to then tout to the media.

    • Dan

      First Question: Enter your name, so know what to call you during the survey [and as a part of our own big-data harvesting policy]
      Second question: “Thanks [What? No name? No, “Thanks Dan?”] , and What’s your email address? [So not only will we spam you, but we will send you personably addressed spam to your inbox.]

      For those with gmail accounts, did you know you can capitalise any letters and they all go through? That is useful in cases like these when you want to see if your email is sold off to third parties.

      • Seriously?

        If that worries you try using [email protected]

        • SlightlyStrange

          brilliant idea!

      • Rupert

        You’re better of trying this trick with gmail..

        Let’s say that your Gmail address is [email protected] and you want to automatically label all work emails. This can be done simply by adding a plus sign and a phrase to make it [email protected]. Any email that is sent to [email protected] will go to your [email protected] account.

        So if you sign up to a survey, use something like [email protected] Then if you start getting spammed by Labour and they are using this address you’ll know where they got the address from.

        If the website doesn’t like the + sign, then try using %2B instead

    • use 10 minute mail that way they don’t get your email address

  • Grizz30

    Careful. The next one will want your credit card details.

  • Vutekno

    What a biased survey! Twisted Twyford always manages to impress me in the way he is able to find a new low trick.

  • Eddie

    The last few questions are trawling for a media story. Labour are the ultimate pimps! I’ll be the house deposit I saved hard to grow and didn’t expect my fellow taxpayers to chip in for that the story to come from this survey will not be one like mine.

  • Second time around

    It’s not that bad a survey for Twyford, but some of the questions suggest the wrong answer, for example a high LVR, by removing underfunded buyers, will soften the market, not increase prices. Also the survey encourages the response that overseas speculators are driving up house prices in the neighborhood when few people would know, offhand, who the legal owners were.

  • Brian Smaller

    “Do you live in a mouldy, leaky rented house?”

    No, we live in hole int’ road.

    Seriously though, the only people who will actually do this survey and of course answer all the questions the way the authors want are already labour die-hards. What can this possibly tell them? And they think National is out of touch?

  • Seriously?

    Gosh, you can complete it more than once from the same IP address… great work Labour. I wonder if Stalin has completed the survey yet?

    • Dan

      Works outside of NZ too.

  • CheesyEarWax

    The questions are very loaded so they can get certain answers. e.g Do you think there is housing crisis in NZ? I answered no because there isn’t a crisis in NZ, just in Auckland.

    • StreuthCobber

      Or “Are the houses in your street falling into the hands of speculators?!” I wish some rental homes would fall into my hands. Gosh that would be lucky.

      • CheesyEarWax

        Haha, there was no “I wish” option in the answer. But thats another stupid question, how do people know if a house is sold to a speculator?

  • Dan

    Ok, I did it, but for those who have, what to make of Q17: Would you consider sharing your story with other people.

    Now wait for the Media Party to pimp some more, and for Phil and Andy to wave papers in Parliament and speeches when they mention by name these poor souls.

    Oh, and as for the first question being “What is your name, so that we know what to call you during the survey,” Well they never did call me by that name. So they lied!

  • Toby

    I don’t think they will be using my answers in their media releases.

  • Isherman

    So is this what the Labour Party research unit are coming up with now…lets pimp some stories via the public, the media will pick up on the usually self inflicted sob stories and crusade on our behalf, while we can use the line “what we’re hearing from hard working Kiwi’s”….
    I hope somebody with the surname Wong or Lee writes a story about how the issues of dog whistle racial profiling politics may have effected them.
    Give up already, you’re done…and you know it.

  • Monty

    Done the survey but this time they have not asked for donations. Did the Labour Party call a crisis in their own funding ( problem now solved)

    I’m not sure they will want to use my story.

    • Melissa

      I’ve completed the survey. Don’t think they’ll like mine!

    • Simon P

      The email asking for donations will arrive now that they have your email.

      • jcpry

        I don’t think I will get one. [email protected] went through without a hitch.
        But I did think they already had the answers. Didn’t Twyford say it was all down the chinky names?

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    You gave them your real email address??

    • Seriously?

      Wellllll, to be honest no I didn’t. But if they send anything to “[email protected]” it may get to me anyway…

  • JustanObserver

    I just know my answers aren’t what they will be looking to quote in their next ‘beat-up’.
    The only answer I voted ‘Yes-very true’ to was that Red Tape has helped pushed prices up.

    • Crookednose

      Yep, did the same. Subtle digs at all the things they have a go at was the order of the day…

  • Scotty

    There’s a whole afternoon worth of fun that could be had with that.

  • cows4me

    You need to upgrade your firewall.

  • Isherman

    On thinking about it more, the real question here is how have they not purged SB from their mailing list…they must surely know that the communications are plastered here for our facetious enjoyment, or don’t they know how to?
    I can’t make sense of it.

    • spanishbride

      I am stumped as I have not hidden my identity at all. Maybe it is because I have never used my married surname?

  • Sticktotheknitting

    Done. Discovered an alias. Didn’t help them with their carefully worded questions.
    Have added another name of someone not to vote for.

  • Left Right Out

    Completed…. but have to say, that is a pretty dumb survey

    It gets sent out to those on the Reds database… so I’m guessing probably in the range of 95% labour voters who fit their narrative….. they other 5% casual observers like SB

    gosh I wonder what the overwhelming outcome will be. These idiots still think FB likes equals votes

  • JEL51

    Oh dear,it won’t let me in. It doesn’t accept the ‘au’ in my new address ;)

  • 61dart

    Just had a lot of fun with survey. email address I gave was and a Chinese sounding name. Phil with be most unhappy :)

  • Old Kiwi

    Thanks SB, had a lot of fun with that ?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Coupled with other methods of trolling this illustrates they are even beyond desperate in their quest to find shots to fire at the Government. This from a party who claim to be in touch with the people.
    It is on the same level as the Greens trolling for questions to be raised in the house which soon got dropped after it became the comedy question segment.
    Perhaps this is the result of Captain YFront making a claim that they need to address the issues that matter and get on with it. Unbelievable.


    Another happy home-owner just completed the questions. (any self-respecting market researcher would be too embarrassed to put his/her name to these ‘leading’ questions).

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    Who organises their PR…what a joke of a survey.

  • Simon P

    It seems they are looking for more poor to pimp.

  • Woody

    I took the survey but it seemed that they were after a specific result so asked questions to achieve the answers. I will wait now to see if I start getting emails to that address as I created [email protected]………… specifically for the survey.

    • Doug

      Could try mine, [email protected] this one worked for me… I wonder if it will join their database?

  • Wow. I get emails from Nigerian lawyers, single gorgeous Russian women and computer guru’s in the Philippines but none from the Labour party.

    Guess I don’t hang out in the right places for them to notice me.
    Thank god.

  • Doc45

    we will all be dumped as outliers.

  • Crookednose

    I gave my answers, but where I could type out my answers, had a go at everything they do in a subtle way.
    Definitely a bs survey. Directed questions to get a set outcome.
    John douh

    • Rob

      Didn’t get the set answers from me!

  • Sailor Sam

    I stopped as soon as it asked for my email address.
    Don’t want them to know that, especially as I don’t have an English sounding name.