Another reason National needs to dump the Maori Party: they push for separatism


The Maori Party is calling for a “long overdue” law change to establish Maori wards on every district council in New Zealand.

Co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell will present a petition to Parliament at the urging of New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd, who championed the creation of a Maori ward in his city – a move blocked by a public vote last year.

Under existing legislation, councils can choose to establish Maori wards. However, if 5 per cent of voters sign a petition opposed to such a move, the decision then goes to a binding referendum.

Maori representation on local government has been a heated issue at times, with parties divided at the last general election.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said Maori wards were separatist – a stance backed by the Act and Conservative parties – while National and Labour were not opposed to councils establishing Maori wards if they wished.


Mr Flavell said mandatory Maori wards on every council would give tangata whenua better representation at local government, and would better reflect the make-up of communities.

“Everyone is aware of the low participation of Maori in local government and the existing legislation is clearly inadequate,” he said.

“A change is long overdue. The fact that 5 percent of the voting public can challenge any decision related to Maori representation is disheartening and means Maori will almost always be defeated in this process. How is it fair that mechanisms such as these can apply?”

How is it fair that Maori get to sit on boards through legislation rather than merit?  And then get to rule over 90% of non-Maori?


– Matthew Backhouse, NZ Herald


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  • RightofSingapore

    If they want more Maori representation and higher participation, then Maori should put their hands up and run for the same seats as other candidates with good policies that people want. If they run good people with good ideas then we’ll vote for them regardless of what breed they are.
    Separate Maori seats is acknowledging that Maori candidates can’t hack it against everyone else.
    This isn’t rocket surgery.

  • Hard1

    We don’t need feeble minded Visigoths in positions of power. Merit, not nepotism. The more you give, the more they want. And they want it all, make no mistake.

  • Wasapilot

    To the best of my knowledge there are no full blooded maori left. If that is the case, then obviously if you identify as maori, that is your choice as you must be at least 50% another race.

    What intrigues me is why some choose to identify themselves as New Zealanders like the rest of us, and others identify as maori. For those, is the reason they identify as maori perhaps due to that is where the money trough is, is it that thay can call themselves victims and hence find an excuse to under perform and live on taxpayer hand outs.

    In this day and age, surely over the last 1000 years of history there can be no reason for racism, unless you choose to be racist for your own benefit. I think some have called it reverse racism.

    Get rid of the maori seats and local body maori wards, as surely they are racist.

  • Nige.

    “New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said Maori wards were separatist – a stance backed by the Act and Conservative parties”

    Conservative party? Is there such a shortage of opinion that a herald writer needs to go to them for comment?

    • Justme

      Surely they should talk to the parties that are IN parliament first.

      They may as well end the article with; “a stance backed by the Act party and my uncle, Jim-Bob.”

  • sandalwood789

    Separatism – Hmmm….. otherwise known as *apartheid*.

    Oh, but it’s ok when brown people do it. /sarc

  • Skydog

    Winston isn’t perfect but I would rather see a National / NZF coalition than National / Maori Party.

    • Alan Beresford B’Stard

      The trouble is NZF is full of idiots. Ron Mark, O’Rouke, the Indian bloke? Prosser, and the biggest fool of all, Peters.

    • OneTrack

      What about NZ First/Labour/Greens? That is what the Winston voters are risking?

  • veridian

    I wonder what the outcome will be once the new team arrive in force over the next decades. Will Islam trump Maori? Will they be able to resist the more violent and aggressive mafia who will demand a piece of the action. Fun and games ahead.

  • exactchange

    Mr Judd hoping for a legacy after he loses out in the election? Soundly trounced in the Maori ward referendum, and not likely to be too popular with the voters.

  • Nechtan

    Horse McLeod resigned his council seat over this proposal from Judd in New Plymouth. For him to do that, speaks volumes.
    If the Maori Party want more “tangata whenua” representation then stand up some candidates just like everybody else.

  • andrewo

    Fine! Be separate – just as long as your welfare bill is also separate.

  • willtin

    It’s a real shame that some Maoris don’t want to be just Kiwis, like the rest of us.
    Edit; whoops just saw wasapilots comments – we obviously think alike.

  • TheScunnerCambell

    Hell no!

  • JeffDaRef

    I’d sooner see a Maori ward than the unelected advisory gravy train Lennie established here in Auckland.
    At least then, Maori could choose to be registered as Maori voters, nominate their own candidates and have to live with who they’re given.
    We can blow hard about separatism but I’m far more concerned by the unaccountable mess that exists now.

  • Mr_Blobby

    1. It is a separatist and racist policy.

    2. Maori would still run in the General seats, giving them more representation that is justified.

    3. If it is like the Maori seats the Maori only wards would have half the constituents of general wards.

  • taxpayer

    They are not looking to be separate, they are looking to be overlords, bullying and slavery was very much a part of Maori culture.
    Still is, which has a lot to do with their horrific violent crime statistics.
    Plus the free money that can be made by Koha (bribery and corruption is what that really means in today’s world).