Anything that harms the body is unlawful


Some cultures have sacred cows that you are not allowed to eat. Others promote vegetarianism because they think it is wrong to kill animals. Another culture says that alcohol is forbidden because it harms your body. To be fair, they may have a point because, used to excess, it can harm your body but then many things harm our bodies if taken to excess. If I eat too much I harm my body, for example. Should food be forbidden?

Anyway, I am sure that a culture that cares so much about our bodies must think of our bodies as a temple. That has to be a good thing doesn’t it? They are only wanting the best for us after all. I am sure that if they discovered that you had drunk a teeny tiny glass of wine or one small beer they would understand…

I asked: what was his crime?
They said: he drank alcohol
Me: why did you lash him?
Them: because alcohol is unlawful in Islam
Me: why is alcohol unlawful in Islam?
Them: anything that harms the body is unlawful in Islam
Me: which one was more harmful to his body, alcohol or lashes?
Them: …


Aynaz Cyrus facebook page 

All of a sudden I don’t feel so thirsty and my Sunday evening cider has lost its appeal. I have always mocked mothers who smack their children for hitting other children in order to teach them that hitting is wrong. I actually once watched an angry Mum smack her child repeatedly while saying with each smack, “Don’t hit.” The hypocrisy had me staring in open-mouthed amazement. When I see this photo of a young man lashed for drinking alcohol my mouth is again wide open. What kind of a culture damages a person’s body like this to teach them not to damage their body with alcohol? That is like teaching someone to stop biting their nails by cutting their hand off with a spade.

I can only imagine the person doing the whipping saying each time the lash slashed against this young man’s back, “Harming the body is unlawful in Islam.” SLASH! “Harming the body is unlawful in Islam.” WHIP! “Damaging your body with alcohol is so wrong.” WHACK!

You will never guess what this guy was whipped for drinking. Go on, try to guess….

Was it rum and coke?

Was it beer?

Was it a milkshake?


Ouchee it must have been a pretty powerful drink to merit that kind of a beating and I guess water can be powerful if it is a wave or a waterfall because, yes folks, that was what he was drinking. His crime was drinking water during the day during the Muslim month of Ramadan in Iran.


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  • sandalwood789

    This is the sick and utterly *evil* ideology that our politicians (and the Left) are in love with.

    This is the ideology that tens of thousands of people in this country follow (and want to convert *others* to).

    This is the ideology that our *companies* here are appeasing and kowtowing to! I would be *ashamed* if my company were trying to become “halal certified”.

    It’s a crazy, crazy world.

  • oldmanNZ

    I would think there are many that want to leave islam, but they either have been brainwashed that they cannot, or the punishment for leaving is death and no heavens gate thing.

    So they leave there country to escape the extremes, but still cannot leave it at the border, as many extremist are among them.

    only solution I see is to ban it, and everyone must eat bacon.

    • sandalwood789

      My solution would also work.

      Define Islam in law as “an ideology of hate that promotes and encourages hatred and violence towards those outside it.” This is *100 percent true* and the *Islamic texts themselves* confirm it – many many times.

      Using that law, ban immigration of anyone who follows an ideology of hate.
      Use it to close down the mosques and Islamic schools.
      Get the Muslim children into *normal* schools – **better for them, better for US**. They would (of course) need to attend “deprogramming” courses to undo their brainwashing. These courses would show that Islam lies to them and that there are many verses in the Koran that can be shown to be 100 percent *wrong* – therefore it can’t have come from a “god”.

      The law would also be used to ban the proselytising of Islam.

      This would ensure that over time, the Muslim population here drops and eventually disappears. Of course, no politician here has the spine to do this.

    • Crowgirl

      Again it’s fear that keeps them in it – their families will excommunicate them if they leave the fold.

  • Mark

    Although I don’t agree with the restrictions and punishments at all, I think you’re making a false comparison. A drink of alcohol isn’t more damaging then lashes. But total harm caused to society, compared to the total harm caused by the punishments will be a different story. In New Zealand we pay a heavy price for our alcohol consumption. Visit any Emergency Department on a Saturday night and you’ll see it. Police time, health costs, ACC, Car crashes… Most family violence and violence in general is linked to alcohol. The list goes on.

    However, I prefer to live in our society with the freedom to use and abuse alcohol. But we must be realistic about the price we pay for it when judging other societies. Yep some people get lashed, but they don’t suffer the consequences of alcohol that we do.

  • Crowgirl

    Those suicide bombers are going to be totally bummed when they get to Paradise and find they have broken all of Allah’s laws in one fell swoop.

    Actually considering Allah is so omnipotent and unforgiving they sure do second guess Allah and his laws quite a bit. “Anything that harms the body is unlawful…except you can totally chop off a girl’s clitoris because I totally didn’t mean to put it there”.

  • GalacticEye

    I would think that it could be harmful to the body NOT to drink water during the day in the Middle East.

    Also, I’m surprised that it’s not punishable by death to wear Calvin Klein underpants!