Are you ready for the Labour party grandstanding?

Chris Hipkins’ anti-Charter Schools bill has been drawn from the ballot:

Legislation which would abolish charter schools has been drawn from the ballot at Parliament.

The member’s bill is in the name of the Labour MP Chris Hipkins.

Mr Hipkins says charter schools are a threat to the country’s education system because they allow unregistered and unqualified people to teach children.

The charter school system was set up under an agreement between National and ACT.

ACT party leader David Seymour says he welcomes the debate but has a list of questions for Mr Hipkins, including whether he had ever visited a charter school.

This will be easy to defeat.

All the government have to do is get speaker after to speaker to list the heinous and disgusting crimes committed in state schools by registered teachers. They certainly won’t be short of any material.

Hells teeth, I’ll even help them.

But given that Chris Hipkins says charter schools should be abolished because of a threat to children perhaps he might entertain amendments to the bill, such as closing state schools where registered teachers have fiddled with kids or committed other crimes.

Fair’s fair. If it is about risk then it is state schools that should be closed down.

In the meantime it might be good if Chris Hipkins actually managed to get in at least one visit to a Charter School….that’s right he’s never visited a single one.

Maybe I should lobby government to pass legislation to abolish the Labour Party – it really is a genuine failed experiment.


– RadioNZ


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  • Nige.

    Streisand effect, law of unintended consequences, free advertising….. the guy is an idiot.

    Let’s face it, chippy. You’re just the next Union hack.

  • Gollum

    I like the suggestion that any State school that fails to measure up should have its staff released and rights to manage facilities and provide educational services be out out to tender.

    • SavetheBees

      So schools become profitable business, where share holder wealth is maximized and money is taken away from students education? To meet targets etc.

      • Annoyed

        You do realise that most (all?) of the charter schools are being set up by Trusts to target specific issues in the local community right?

        • SavetheBees

          yip and the trust needs to get a return on its investment. Hence taking money for education into profits.

          • CJA

            The question then to be asked are who the beneficiaries of that trust?

          • Larry

            The students.

          • Larry

            Return on investment is not necessarily monetary. I suspect that return on investment for these trusts is a better outcome for the students than what a state school offers.

      • Gollum

        The government objective should be to maximise social and economic returns to the community at large. Charter schools have the potential to maximize benefits (provide positive outcomes that are not being acheived in failing schools) and reduce costs to the NZ public ( I gather that each charter school consumes a fracton of the budget that is provided to set up and operate a similar size state school). If providers are ready and able to take the risks and rewards of doing what failed shools can’t, then they have every right to making a profit.

        • SavetheBees

          Charter schools cost more than public schools, then again it all depends the way you fudge the numbers.

  • kayaker

    Looking forward to seeing David turn his quirky interrogatory style onto chippy.

  • Isherman

    So what would Chippie’s bill mean for students currently at or graduated from a charter school?, presumably any qualifications would be considered illegitimate, so would they need to be put through a Labour/ Union approved ‘re-education’ course, and if not why not? Surely if not, that could only mean the qualification is fit for purpose.

    • SavetheBees

      Be treated like any other student who has attended a school that has closed. As long as the qualifications they received are on the NZQA frame work, those students are fine.

      • Annoyed

        But he’s using the excuse that the teachers aren’t qualified to teach the students which would therefore call into question the qualification they’re received. If the qualification was worth the same as one from a state school, the teachers would have to be up to standard and he would lose his argument. Therefore your argument re other school closures is inaccurate. Of course his argument is a lie anyway as he knows that the only non-registered teachers are the ones teaching things that aren’t covered in teachers college etc.

        • SavetheBees

          I find that hard to make sense. There is more to a qualified teacher than the schools ability to assess standards. Many non teachers have the ability to assess standards, prison officers for example. Polytechnic, they dont employ trained teachers necessarily.

          The issue with non qualified teacher teaching, is more than just assessment.

  • JeffDaRef

    The women MPs were quick to grandstand over the Malaysian diplomat case and sexual abuse, maybe Marama, Jan and team will be standing tall to call all the abusive teacher union members to account.
    No? Oh…

  • Dog Breath

    Heard Hipkins on the radio yesterday. It came up about not visiting any charter schools and he was back pedalling so fast and his defence I cannot visit every school in NZ. He is going to get minced in this debate.

    • R&BAvenger

      I hope that there is plenty of support for all government MPs to attack the opposition during debates in the house. Hipkins deserves to be minced alright. He knows nothing about Charter Schools, only what his union masters have fed him.

    • Sid_Holland

      What station was this on? Love to hear Richie Cunningham squirm.

      • Dog Breath

        I was in someone else’s car in Auckland and was broadcast around 5pm so I don’t know which station it was.

  • SavetheBees

    Interesting considering the completely unfair playground public schools and charter schools have. Charter Schools do not have the same legal reporting standards as public schools do. Sadly this will not pass in the house, and I doubt Labour will make a promise for next election to close charter schools.

    We are going to see how completely unsuitable Chris is for education portfolio. Chris can still win this debate in public but lose the vote in parliament, however Chris doesnt have those skills to win in public and we will see his complete lack of details. The fact that Chris never visited a Charter School shows how out of his depth he is.

    This is a position of ideology on where you sit about public education.

  • R&BAvenger

    Turn a negative into a positive and get the government and ACT pushing back hard in favour of Charter Schools.
    Highlight the negatives in the state school system with registered teachers not being a guarantee of quality of a safe environment for the students as you suggest, but come out hard in support of the charter schools and push all the benefits.
    Also that choice is being taken away from parents by Labour.
    Seymour should be pushing against this very, very hard as a good policy win is something ACT can promote when seeking election next year.

    • Annoyed

      Yeah, this could really hurt the left as Seymour will be front and center and will potentially (hopefully) come out looking very good and not at all a fringe looney, which is what the left are currently relying on.

  • R&BAvenger

    Seymour and government MPs should suggest making this a project for Charter School pupils to make a submission to the House on. Also co-opting support from parents of Charter School parents would be a sensible move. I think it’d be in their and their children’s best interests.

  • ChrisM

    I reckon the government should support this bill through to select committee. The longer they can bang on about the successes, the more fun we will have. Selfish I know but, what the hey ?

  • Old Man, Torbay.

    Labour is anti unregistered teachers.
    I guess that rules out home schooling for a lot of families.
    Ministry of education figures (2015) show 5,558 home schooled students.

  • Old Dig

    How about we ban Social Marxism, SJWs and PC culture from state schools. The left hate charter schools because they take away the power of their Union comrades to brainwash young kiwis.

    • SavetheBees

      You seriously need to spend some time watching teachers in action. We are not employed to brainwash them, we are taught to cover topics in the subject or standard.

      Any teacher using their position to try and “brain wash” students is inappropriate regardless where you fall on the political spectrum.

      I have never shared with my students who I voted for.

      Its called being a professional and if you know of facts of this happening in a school then there is a policy in place to address the behaviour.

  • axeman

    I think the Govt will easily have the numbers to defeat this as even the Maori Party recognise the value of them

  • Chris Bell

    I know a charter school called Mt Hobson Middle School – it is a fantastic school that caters for a wide range of students, some with special needs. The principal and staff there show nothing but genuine care and concern for their students, and their academic results are fantastic – some of the kids in this school would have never achieved what they have done if they were in the state school system – I suggest Hipkins visits them, and their sister schools in Manurewa and West Auckland. If Hipkins is genuine, he would never speak out again against charter schools. Don’t politicise a child’s education for the sake of points gain – that’s just plain wrong!

  • Miss Phit

    This is a fight the left should leave alone. Its all well and good doing sound bites for the media but when it gets openly debated in the house all the lies will be laid bare.

    I say bring it on and lets get some clarity on how charter schools are doing and we can only do this by comparing apples with apples so that puts state schools under the spotlight too.