Auckland running out of commercial land.Brilliant work!

Auckland Council’s mayor blew loads of snot out of his nose, checked his hanky and declared the filthy mucus mess to be a sign that he is indeed an oracle of planning. And a cult leader was born. Planners were buoyed.

Ever since that historic moment the planners at Auckland Council have been chanting their compact city theme song within the cult enclave  – like religious zealots – whilst meeting in ever-increasing numbers to draw ideas with crayons and give thanks to dear leader for his vision of a compact city.

In the meantime rational people in the outside world have thought the compact city is bat-shit crazy.

It is, after all, ludicrous to expect valuable property to gentrify from houses to apartments and even more stupid to believe suburbanites will accept it with open arms.

Nobody believes in or wants compact and everyone wishes simpler objectives – like the hope that the Council would stop being a cultist and release land for houses.

The city has a huge deficit of residential land.

And now there isn’t enough commercial and industrial land. Brilliant. 

Lack of Auckland prime space is forcing industrial companies to look further afield to meet their larger footprint space needs, says CBRE’s latest Auckland Industrial Marketview Snapshot.

The agency’s research shows that Auckland industrial space available for lease has been continuously decreasing in the last two years with prime industrial vacancy now sitting at a miniscule 0.6 per cent.

Zoltan Moricz, senior director of New Zealand Research for CBRE, says the shortage means industrial occupiers are facing limited options in terms of the number of industrial premises and their overall size.

“This is despite a healthy supply pipeline, which added more than 300,000sq m of new space to the market over the last 18 months,” Moricz says.

“These additions didn’t create more options for occupiers because about 80 per cent of the new supply is design-built, pre-committed development and, in many cases the new buildings are catering for business expansion rather than relocation and therefore occupiers don’t leave backfill space behind.”

The only glimmer of hope is that the Government realise that not doing anything about commercial and industrial land will be detrimental to the economy.

So, for the love of all things prosperous here is hoping they can muster the courage to step in and release land for commercial and industrial business. You know – the places that provide jobs.

Because Auckland needs a good economy more than it needs a cultish ideology.


– NZ Herald


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  • Peter

    I hope that they sort this soon – otherwise they are all going to come down to Tauranga!!!

  • Diehard

    Drury, Ramarama and already under way in Pokeno, where you can actually live affordably and close to work.

    Plus all points south towards Hamilton. Waikato council will end up solving Auckland’s issues for them, it’s already started.

  • venator

    The Ardmore basin should do. The airport out there is struggling. Muller is sitting waiting for his cows to come home.

    • Old Kiwi

      Struggling would be right. Back in the 70s when I was learning to fly it was not unusual to be called 10th or 11th in the circuit. The odd time we drive by in the camper now, struggling to spot a plane airborne. :-(

  • Dog Breath

    Or the regions become viable options for business and subsequent depopulation or relief on population growth in Auckland. There must be a tipping point that will make this happen.

  • herewego

    Sounds like the Council is guilty of Gross Negligence – both Residential and Commercial/Industrial spaces would grow the rating base