Aucklanders are doomed


Not because of Len Brown, although that can’t have helped.  But apparently, Aucklanders are so disconnected from reality that they want Civil Defence to restore their “WiFi” before water.

In emergency situations, Aucklanders want WiFi internet restored before water, a survey revealed.

Auckland Council Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) found 48 per cent of people prioritised WiFi as an essential part of everyday life.

Head of emergency management and operations Aaron Davis said the statistics came as a surprise.

“It did come as a bit of a surprise that half of people would rather have their WiFi back on than water.

“Once you reflect on it though it’s easy to understand people really value connectivity with family and friends,” Mr Davis said.

Mr Davis said there were many things people took for granted that could be compromised in an emergency situation.

“We need to know what matters to Aucklanders so we can best shape our response to their needs.”

I’m sorry Mr Davis, but can you please make sure we all get potable water before you get people back to Tweeting and updating their Facebook status to “I’m out of coffee!”?

It is a sad reflection on the life of Aucklanders that they are unable to imagine themselves in a true emergency situation.

I bet that if you ran this same survey in Christchurch, WiFi would come after water, food, shelter, sewage and electricity.

On the one hand it’s nice to see Aucklanders are so romantic about what a true emergency is all about.  On the other hand, they’ll be whining on Facebook about having no water.


– NZ Herald


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  • Nechtan

    Some people are so stupid, that sometimes I want to stop the planet so as to get off.

    • WeaselKiss

      George Costanza had an opinion on this:
      ‘People this stupid shouldn’t be allowed to live’.
      Sometimes I’m glad about being the way I am, someone who has great experience in using a bucket to ‘bathe’ with, who can survive for a couple days on a loaf of bread and a can of beans or for that matter whip a sheath knife across the throat of a sheep to get a feed.
      (heh The fact that I don’t currently own any sheep myself is a minor point).

  • David Moore

    If man cannot tweet, is he really man at all?

    • johcar

      “If a man *has* to tweet, is he a man at all”

      There, FTFY. :)

    • Orca

      “I tweet therefore I am”.

  • Sally

    Need wifi, just need to find the iPad amongst the rubble. Now where is the recharger, oh wait the power is off. Better have a cup of tea, oh wait no water. Better tweet Maybell next door see if she wants a visit, she might make a cup of tea and let me use the toilet and shower. Thank goodness they fixed the wifi.

  • Orca

    “Woohoo, I’ve got 200,000 likes on my last comment about how I’m dying of thirst, so glad we voted to get wifi on first!”.

  • R&BAvenger

    As a Christchurch resident I would agree that it’s about priorities.
    It was disconcerting, after the Feb 2011 quake, to have difficulty in the immediate aftermath contacting family via mobile to check if they were alright. Naturally the systems were overloaded and due to infrastructure damage many were running on battery power only.
    The last thing we were worried about was Wifi or internet access, but this (IIRC) was functioning ok. Mobile messages did eventually get through and strangely messages to folks overseas sent and received quickly, unlike local ones, probably due to demand.
    Anyway, try 3-4 days without flushing loos, running water and power and see how your priorities might change really quickly.
    Frankly emergency services and repair teams have to prioritise too and they will focus on water, waste and power. It’ll ISPs and network providers that will be doing the other repairs.

  • Bazza63

    Probably just another survey with stupid questions. I would love to see what the actual questions were & did they ask do you want Wifi restored.

  • Bud

    I went to Auckland once, it was in 2007 as I recall. This WiFi before water reaffirms that there is no reason to ever return, it is a cultural wasteland with 8 x more cars than roads…

  • kayaker

    I see it as more about keeping connectivity with family and essential services, rather than about social media. This survey was only carried out in Auckland. How do we know how the rest of the country would respond? I bet Aucklanders are not alone.

  • LesleyNZ

    As we are made up of about 50-60% water – Wifi won’t save you for long.

  • cows4me

    I despair for many living in our large cities. I’ve often said to my wife when on holiday and staying in a large city, “imagine if the power and water was to fail luv it would be pandemonium”. Civilization has made many weak, naive and stupid. When wi-fi is seen as more important then water then you realise many have lost their grip on reality.Our love for living together in huge cities may well be our undoing and this goes for us living out in the country to. The city has made living easy but there’s an old saying “never put all your eggs in one basket”. As our cities grow we have more to lose should disaster befall us.

  • crigs

    That’s strange, I could swear that only a few years ago Central Auckland had a power cut & it was national news headlines, because Aucklanders couldn’t handle not having coffee. How times have changed when WiFi is more important than a cup of coffee. My next thought is, what about mobile data? Surely anything that needs to be done can be done using mobile data?

  • Raibert

    This must have been another of those council surveys, like the one that said all Aucklanders want to live in shoe box apartments or pay extra taxes for Len’s trains. Really need to ask hard questions about methodology here as no sane person puts unnecessary toys before those things that can support life.