Bludgers protest National’s first benefit increase in 43 years

The bludgers of the Auckland Action Against Poverty reckon National is conducting a war on the poor.

As part of their protests they decided to protest at the Young Nationals’ ball.

Police officers stood at the door of Auckland’s Heritage Hotel last night, as about 80 protesters played music and chanted outside the venue.

Sophie Morgan of Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP) said the group was protesting the event to draw attention to increased inequality.

She said beneficiaries, the unemployed, and low-wage workers were hit the hardest, while the rich continued to benefit.  

“The Young Nats are celebrating while the policies of the National Party continue to wage a war on the poor.”

The group had labelled the protest an ‘alternative party’, and Morgan said the presence of about 20 police officers seemed excessive.

“The cops showed up before we did, there were at least 20 of them standing outside the doors despite us always saying we were just there to have an alternative party.”

It would have been churlish of the Herald to not point out that National handed out the first benefit increase in 43 years last week. Oh wait…they didn’t.

At the very least it could be pointed out to the protestors that benefits were last slashed 25 years ago so maybe they should spend a bit more energy actually informing themselves of something current to shout about that is actually happening.

It is just a protest against “dem Tory scum” is what it is…a demo from rent a mob.


-NZ Herald


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  • STAG

    Moronic Socialism, don’t they realise a flat society has never worked? Someone has to make the money. If you’re to lazy to try I’m certainly not and will happily step on your back if your moping about in my way.

    • Wheninrome

      No only someone has to make the money, someone has to dish it out, and they won’t do it unless paid by someone, who pays Sue Bradford, et al.

      • Orca

        No, no no, yous missing the point, here’s how it goes. The evil gummint took all the money from the poor, cos the rich pricks don’t pay no tax, and all the huge amounts of money that they got filling up them gummint vaults all came from us poor, cos all us on the dole pay all the tax! So, all we gotta do is make the evil gummint give us back all the money that they stole from us, then we will be richer than rich, with ten times as much money as we had before they took that same money off us in the first place. You do the math.

  • Greg M

    I could hear them from my place just around the corner. What the ignorant fools forgot is that the heritage is also private apartments, peoples homes. If they had carried on like that outside my apartment they would have got the fire hose on them.

    • XCIA

      Reminds me when Ferguson House was the police barracks attached to central. There was very little parking available and the inmates used to park on the berm. Traffic officers from ACC used to wander down to ticket the offenders, who in turn drenched them from the second floor fire hoses.

    • Orca

      You should have called noise control.

  • oldmanNZ

    “presence of about 20 police officers seemed excessive.”
    there a saying that I seen..

    never underestimate the power of a group of stupid people.

    especially one that are inclined to viloence, spitting, muck throwing and other mayhem.

  • Wasapilot

    bradford and minto must have been having the night off, as it is most unlike them to miss a chance to yell and screech obsurdities.

  • zotaccore

    It probably didn’t even occur to these left wing loonies, not even entered their clouded minds, that those that attended the ball actually worked hard to earn the money to pay for their tickets. This is where these protesters fail. “The Young Nats are celebrating while the policies of the National Party continue to wage a war on the poor.” Only the galatically stupid can’t work out that in order to make money, one has to do that thing called work. All that bunch of losers proved is that they are short of a lot of clues.

  • Woody

    Sophie Morgan and her group of losers would do better to focus their attention on convincing those she claims to represent that if they want to have more money and better themselves they have to do some actual work themselves towards making that happen instead of trying to steal more from me.

  • Hard1

    This from the AAAP website “Every day, people leave Work & Income feeling humiliated and harassed because the current welfare system is complex and unfair. Successive governments have cut benefits but failed to create decent jobs. The narrow focus on pushing people into paid work, any job at any cost to their welfare, has created a culture which punishes people for being unemployed.”
    Spot the mistake? Beside decent jobs needing decent skilled people to do them.
    “….paid work, any job at any cost to their welfare…”. What possible negative implication is being implied here, that just ‘any’ job is worse than being without a job at all, and further that this paid job will come at a “cost to their welfare?”

    This is the parallel universe, a hypothetical self-contained separate reality co-existing with one’s own, that these well paid AAAP staffers reside in, irrefutable proof that Quantum Physics was constructed to describe the world of the very small.
    Do you see this lot helping the beggars down around Queen Street, ever. No. You never will. That requires effort, work, planning and a successful outcome, all well as being far beyond the mental capacity of these rogue Baboons screeching impending danger at the nearest planted reporter, camera in tow. What a bunch of do-nothing losers. Thank God their habitat is shrinking as the economy improves.

    • Mother of ten

      The evidence over recent years shows that being in work (part time or whatever) is actually beneficial to health; physically, socially, psychologically. So these protesters should be actively trying to help beneficiaries get into a healthy space by being in work. These protestors are doing no favours to those they purport to represent. You are right, I believe, that these protestors are reactionary losers.

  • Matt

    Was that Nationals first increase or biggest increase in 43 years?