Braunias gives Moroney a kicking

Steve Braunias joins the Moroney party:

How one loves Easter! It’s so good to be away from one’s $150,000-a-year job doing whatever one does as a list MP who has been defeated in the past 27 elections by increasing landslides. One packs up the Jag, and one flees to one’s holiday home in the Coromandel. It’s the Kiwi way.

I was sitting back enjoying a nice glass from a rare $999 magnum (1500ml) of Destiny Bay 2010 Magna Praemia and nibbling on Cloudy Bay clams with jamon, chilli and parsley sauce which we had flown in from Auckland restaurant The Grill when I saw the most ludicrous sight.

It was a flash holiday house flying the Lockwood flag.

How priceless! Didn’t they know it lost at the referendum? Didn’t they know that New Zealanders voted against it with all their might? Didn’t they understand how foolish and out of touch with reality it made them look?  

I started taking photographs from the lounge window with my $1238 Nikon 1V3 compact system camera with a Nikon CX CMOS sensor and touch screen, but felt that I had to get a little closer.

I dressed in an adorable cotton khaki ensemble made by Trelise Cooper with sunglasses by Karen Walker and scarf by Juliette Hogan, and covered my face with mud from the garden. Then I crawled into some bushes on their front property, and started filming.

I nearly gave myself away to the owners, though, because I got the giggles. I thought to myself, “Gosh, Sue, here you are on all fours on the ground – you’re a kind of Easter bunny!”

Heh…Sue Moroney is the gift that keeps on giving.

I wonder if Labour will let her and the coven spike more capable and electable Labour candidates have a higher list placing than this miserable excuse for a politician and seven time loser.


– NZHerald


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  • Big fella

    The answer is all in the name. Moron…….ey. Probably been said before but needs saying again.

    • Chris EM

      Heh, she reminds everyone whenever she makes a comment in public.

  • Boss Hogg

    It all speaks volumes about the people of the Labour party that make the list MP selections.The talent puddle has evaporated some time ago.

    • Hard1

      You do realize that leaves only dust. Labour…just add water.

  • OneTrack

    And you can be damn sure that Moroney and Little still don’t understand what the problem is?

  • Disinfectant

    You have to hand it to Braunias, he is a good writer and funny to boot.

  • Keeping Stock

    Even better though than the passage quoted by WO is the next paragraph, attributed to Andrew Little. Braunias absolutely skewers Moroney:


    God Almighty. What’s-her-name Moroney puts up a photo of someone’s private house on Twitter and mocks it for flying the Lockwood flag. What a bunny.

    • M C Chinaman

      And that flag got more votes than the lefty parties combined.

  • Chris Bell

    Poor old moron-ey – you won’t live this one down – brilliant piece by Braunias – take a hit moron-ey for your arrogance and lie low for a very long time – gotta love the list MPs

  • benniedawg

    Poor old labour will never win on this one. The word plays on her name are never going to be helpful, but when she lives up to the name with her actions it can only get worse for them. Wonder if she will still be on the list 2017?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It is a challenge with the picture that accompanied the original blog of this rant from Moroney. Femininity left with the depleted brain cells it seem and it is hard to see the image as a woman. There is a strong resemblance to an old drag queen in Wellington back in the day who always a lot of followers too. Lol