Builders and Wreckers: Key and Little

Last week could not have provided a more obvious contrast between the choice that voters face.  Key worked hard to earn money for us all by charming the pants off existing and new trading partners in China. Little, on the other hand, ran smear after smear.

Prime Minister John Key is due to arrive back from his trip to China [today], but it is already being hailed as a success in terms of trade.

China looks likely to allow New Zealand chilled meat into its market, opening up valuable trade opportunities.

It could be worth hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars to our economy. Experts say exporting chilled meat to China will open a whole new market.

On his last day of a week-long visit to China, Mr Key said the first shipments could be on the way within a couple of months.

That’s a huge win for beef and lamb farmers.

Anders Crofoot has a beef and lamb farm in the Wairarapa. He says times have been tough lately for farmers, but this is a way for them to earn a lot more from the same product

Export New Zealand says exporting chilled meat could add around a 64 percent premium, and will be welcomed more than frozen meat.

Even that dried-up political prune Annette King gets it. Being interviewed on television about John Key’s achievements this week she was full of praise. There is no downside to Key bringing in more tourism, trade and relationships on the back of Helen Clark’s FTA with China, and it is foolish to pretend otherwise.

At the same time Little was busy trying to destroy trade, tourism and relationships by running a tacky smear on Earl Hagaman and Scenic Hotels; trying to run a donation smear where there is none.  Even the media were too nervous to go near it.

All this is even more ironic when you recall that Labour ran their last election on a single concept:


Labour, the definition of madness is to continue doing what you’re doing and expecting a different result.


– Newshub


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  • rantykiwi

    KDS in full effect – if John’s done it we don’t want a bar of it! How long until they come out against the Auckland CRL now National has stumped up the cash for it?

  • JohnO

    Labour has painted themselves into a corner on free trade agreements, changing the NZ flag, and reducing benefit dependency to name a few.

  • Bob Dazzler

    They just keep on painting the “L” means loser.

  • kayaker

    So proud of what JK has done for NZ – not just with this trip, but through his (and his team’s) steady and sustained efforts over the years in building brand NZ overseas. Just awesome!

    • benniedawg

      So true re the job done on pushing NZ and trade. If we were to put it into a school report context Little’s report would probably read something like this. ‘Andrew is easily distracted and invests far too much energy in distracting those around him. As of late his peers have tired of his constant attention seeking and no longer entertain his attempts at distraction. For Andrew to salvage anything from this year he will need to develop some maturity and look towards showing greater self control. Should he choose not to act on this advice his chances of success will be greatly reduced’. For JK ‘ John has had an exceptional year. Well respected and hard working . It is pleasing to report that he largely ignores the petty distractions of a peer and is focused on gaining as much benefit as possible from this year.’

  • PhantomsDoc

    I finally get it. I think I spot Angry Andy right at the back of the Vote Positive photo.

  • STAG

    Is it just me, but is Little at the very back of that photo? My how things changed.

    • Terry

      Is he even IN the photo?

    • zotaccore

      Yes, took me a while to find him. A nothing back then, but now, having been propelled to the leadership by his union thugs, continues still to be a nothing. Anyone care to list, say at least 10 things, he has achieved since becoming leader?

      • Rick H

        If he hadn’t been appointed “Leader” by the Unions, he would definitely have slipped off the bottom rung of the Labour List.
        And that’s what should have happened.
        He’s never ever been voted in anything by anyone.
        If he was to ever become PM, there goes the end of democracy.
        It’s almost there now, him being the Opposition Leader.

  • Whafe

    It leaves one perplexed that Labour is on 28%, they must well be very surprised.

    The old war room hey. Doing its thing and lifting and pulling in voters. Give me strength.

  • Simon P

    Next weeks Herald headline “people with chinky sounding names pushing up the price of beef” or maybe “young families may never eat steak again, can’t compete with Asian beef speculators”

  • Brian Smaller

    Now I don’t know Andrew Little from a bar of soap other than his public persona. But that persona I just find to be so negative, angry and whiny that it puts me off him as a human being. Other Labour leaders in recent years were nowhere near as hostile and perpetually grizzly as this guy is.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The chilled meat access is a real biggie with the potential to overshadow other gains from these successful negotiations. It might also have some motivation for a wider move for farmers to favour increased meat than dairy production.
    This is also a value added product where market demand will dictate the product calibre offered from budget to boutique end importers.
    The China FTA while being the single most significant thing a Labour administration can claim kudos for it evolved with their usual benchmark. Lack of attention to detail. It saw none of the misinformation or propaganda generated over what might be an even better addition in the TPPA. Where chilled meat is already included.
    These are not the sort of markets that can handle high priced imports so there is unlikely to be any measureable increase in domestic prices attributable to the old argument. Higher export prices are causing local prices to increase might be claimed but not as easily substantiated.

  • Tom

    Dificult to find Little in that Oh so recent phot. I think, its him just above the right hand side of the e and right at the back!

    • SlightlyStrange

      Its a badly taken photo for what its meant to be showing – the photographer should have been on at least a half metre high ladder to get everyone in the photo – instead the people in the front look huge and the ones in the back are almost invisible. It doesn’t say what I think they wanted it to say.

      • Aucky

        No, he got it right. That photo was meant to be all about Cunliffe.

    • Miss Phit

      Its like one of those “wheres Wally” pictures…

  • Rick H

    The NZ Herald’s Claire Trevett wrote this inspiring message back 2 years ago.
    How has it all worked out for them then?

    Cunliffe hones tactics in war room
    4:15 AM Thursday Apr 3, 2014

    Matt McCarten devises plan to turn caucus room into large space where key staff can plot election strategy.

    Labour leader David Cunliffe has ejected MPs from the caucus room
    to turn it into a war room, moving all key political staff into a vast
    open-plan office.

    The new strategy office is the brain-child of
    chief of staff Matt McCarten and is aimed at making sure the party is
    co-ordinated and quick on its feet. Labour MPs will now be sent
    downstairs to a smaller room for their weekly meetings.

    traditional Opposition caucus room on the third floor of Parliament
    House is now the office space for about 18 staff from the Labour
    leader’s office, including its research unit and its communications and
    media teams. There are also “hot desks” for the directors of those units
    to work from when needed.

    A spokesman for Mr Cunliffe said it
    was to make communication easier and ensure Labour could react swiftly
    to unfolding political situations, as well as giving MPs a one-stop
    place to go to discuss issues.

  • Herbert Charles

    I wonder if the Nz Meatworkers Union pathalogical hate for everything “Key” subsides after possibly saving their industry from the doldrums.