Bye bye Clayton

Clayton Cosgrove, the man who replaced and mimicked Mike Moore but who never really delivered, is quitting parliament at the 2017 election.

Labour MP Clayton Cosgrove is to stand down at – or before – the next election.

The list MP – who had held the Waimakariri seat for four terms – said it was not a decision he made lightly. He had discussed it with his leader Andrew Little,”who understands this is about new challenges and opportunities for me”.

Cosgrove, 46, said he was elected when he was 30 and now was the right time to take the next step in his career.

“Before entering politics I held senior executive positions in business both in New Zealand and Australia, and so I feel extremely fortunate to have gained so much experience in both the private and public sector,” he said.  He was grateful to Little for promoting him into his shadow cabinet and to the two prime ministers he had worked for and with; “my close friend and mentor Mike Moore and Helen Clark”.

Cosgrove in the Clark government was at different times minister for building and construction, immigration, small business, the Rugby World Cup, and associate minister for finance and justice.

“I consider my biggest achievements as a minister included the reforming of the real estate and property sector, lifting quality in the construction sector through the licensing of building practitioners and leading the development of the business case for the redevelopment of the Rugby World Cup flagship venue – Eden Park which led to Cabinet approval of $190 million for the project.”

Rumours Cosgrove planned to step down and seek a corporate job began circulating last year, but they faded after Little promoted him.

Word has it that he was going to interviews where people were just seeing him to say no.

Clayton Cosgrove never really delivered on anything other than managing to become the world’s unluckiest minister losing three suitcases and having to replace his suits at the taxpayers’ expense.

He lost face by being defeated by Comrade Kate Wilkinson and never really recovered from the defeat.

He is out of favour in caucus; he’s barely been there anyway this term and so no one will miss him.

Andrew Little will likely use the chance to parachute in another union hack to further shore up the impression that Labour is a union-owned party.




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  • Sally

    So he is going to hang in there until next year unless he gets a job with better pay. Just like Goff hanging in there till something else comes along. These type are people you don’t need in business so all they can do is to work in the public sector.

    • Wheninrome

      Living in hope that labour gets in and he can get a “cushy number” courtesy of the taxpayer.

  • Doug

    Grant Robertson @grantrobertson1

    Thanks Clayton. A life time of commitment to the Labour cause.

    So has Annette King served two life times?

    • Not Clinically Insane

      And no chance of parole….

  • dennis

    I am surprised that someone who held senior executive positions in private business before the age of 30 would represent a left wing party.

  • zotaccore

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Cosgrove a used car salesman before he went into politics? He has mostly been in the shadows this parliamentary session, so likely he won’t be missed (he was chastised for supporting the TPP btw).

    • Stuarts.burgers

      Clayton spent a lot of time last year in Washington helping Mike Moore after he had a stroke.
      I have had some business dealings with him and the comment about car salesman made me think yeah right that would sum him up nicely.

    • Dave

      I can see why he went into politics then, surely he can’t have earnt much as a used car salesman.

  • Gaynor

    Well look at that I move into his electorate and he runs off…. Crikey I have some power.

  • Alfred12

    3 terms and taxpayer funded super, Claytons off, there’s a surprise?

  • Wasapilot

    If dalziel doesn’t run foe Christchurch mayoralty again, I think cosgrove would. Mayor gigs seem to be a landing spot for failed labour politicians.

  • Skydog

    Labour has no show in the Waimakariri electorate. Hard working middle class money has moved from the city to areas around and including Kaiapoi and Rangiora, new highway extensions being built and are clearly visible, the health hub is in Rangiora. Things are happening in the Waimak.

  • XCIA

    It is said that Cosgrove was a successful small business owner. Does anyone know what this business was?

    • Hard1

      He has never owned anything on the NZ Company Register. 25% shareholding in the go nowhere

      However, in 2002, he was named by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as 1 of 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow and in 2005 he was named, again by the WEF, as 1 of 237 Young Global Leaders.

      In 2007, Clayton was one of only 30 people worldwide chosen to participate in a global leadership and public policy executive education programme at the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In 2012, Clayton was one of 75 people worldwide chosen to attend an Executive Education Programme at Yale University.

      Cosgrove clearly has untapped ability successfully stifled by Labour, but then again, who hasn’t ? Does Labour have a deprogramming unit for anyone with half a clue. It certainly seems so.

      • Disinfectant

        The company lasted 17 months.
        Anyone know what it did?
        And the WEF got it wrong.
        And all that global leadership and executive education programme hasn’t made him into a Brierley, Branson, Hughes or Gates.

    • WeaselKiss

      Yes it was the ACME rubber stopper company.
      When he started out it was a HUGE business.

  • andrewo

    Next step in his career?

    If you’re a Labour MP there is no next step: You just sit on your ass and take the pension. Maybe become a real estate agent.

    • zotaccore

      Or become a professional protester, something which comes natural, no training required.

    • CoNZervative

      No no there are city mayoralties!

  • Nige.

    Hmmmmm…. “Tax Haven” of new Zealand “revealed”. Next minute Cosgrove quits…. I’m sensing some dot joining here. Quick someone call an investigative journalist.

    • Left Right Out

      Ahhhh Mr Nige….. I have a Mr Hager on the line… Oh wait you want a journalist,,,,,, please hold

  • bristol

    So, Cosgrove’s going eh – wonder who’s going to plug the gap?

  • localnews

    So that is who is responsible for the stupid builder licence scheme. More cost, more bureaucracy, more hitlers with clipboards

  • Sceptic59

    Forgetting all other missteps, he was the architect of the Real Estate Agents Act which has put some serious teeth into the industry

    For that, at least, he has done something worthwhile

    Hated it at first because of the extra compliance

    Love it now because it is tidying up the industry I work in

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Another aptly named individual. Clayton by name and nature. The MP you have when you need one but something similar will do.

  • Jax

    Senior Executive Roles at age 30 – uh huh – for whom one wonders..

  • CoNZervative

    Doth the UN calleth?

  • Mark Reynolds

    Mr Cosgrove’s commercial background was in PR – where he helped an Aussie company to buy out a New Zealand gold mining concern in a questionable deal.