Calling Kelvin Davis: you’re needed in Australia again

Facebook via Stuff

Facebook via Stuff

New Zealand-born Wiremu Hepara Perry has been jailed in Australia for trying to extort A$72,000 (NZ$80,300) from a restaurant owner and is at risk of deportation from Australia.

A Rebels bikie, Perry was hired in 2013 by construction company owner John Andrew Coyne to get money from the owner of Perth’s Chik and Kent and Cinnamon Club, The West Australian reported.

The victim had paid Coyne A$650,000 for renovation work but an additional payment was disputed.

Looks like the Te Tai Tokerau West Island constituent needs some Labour Party help.  

Jailing Perry for three years and two months, District Court Judge Patrick O’Neal said Perry had been used to extort money because his size and appearance would have caused terror to the victim.

Perry initially demanded A$70,000 but that was increased to A$72,000 when interest was added. He expected to be paid A$5000 for recovery of the money.

Defence lawyer Michael Tudori said Perry “volunteered his debt collecting services”.

He had seen the frustration Coyne, his friend’s father, was going through over financial troubles.

“He has always maintained and believed this was a legitimate debt that was owed,” Tudori said.

His client, who had two sons, was likely to be deported when released from jail.


I’m sure Kaitaia needs Perry.  What’s an extra bloke on a bike to the good people up north?


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  • SlightlyStrange

    Well, we don’t want him… Some of these crims, I wish Kelvin Davis COULD be successful in keeping them over there.

  • Nechtan

    I seem to recall the recently deported NZ “war hero” Ko Rutene was also a member of the Rebels. Just a coincidence I’m sure.

  • Kiwi Sapper

    Perhaps Kelvin should add some rooms to his house to house these unjustifiably deported New Zealanders from Australia until their appeal rights have been settled. Even better, Kelvin could contribute towards their legal and day to day expences and wander around at night giving them free hugs to reassure them they are wanted.
    Sad that it is the Police forces of two countries that want them, not you nor I.

  • Dave

    And whilst Kelvin is busy getting the spare room ready, here is another poor unfortunate Kiwi the bad Aussie Government is picking on, and as the Aussie 501 organisation says he does not have an criminal convictions, im sure he is suitable to board with Kelvin. Judge for yourself.

    NB: Picture is of successful AFL son, as well as deportee Shane Martin.

  • Clutch Cargo

    You gotta be kidding me… could that fat slug extort anything from anyone. Just keep moving at a brisk walk and he would be bent over double gasping for breath in about 15 meters. Can we apply the unsatisfactory health risk criteria to this one. As for the ones pictured below……princes…absolute princes among men aren’t they.

  • jonno1

    I once had the need to enter a property, to the occupant’s advantage, but she (an activist Maori lady) point blank refused access. On my staff was a huge Maori gentleman, the archetypal gentle giant, whom I asked to pay a polite visit. Job done!
    PS Not the recent Manurewa situation, this was years ago.