Can Phil Goff really work with National?

Goff’s pitch to the people of Auckland is that he can work with the National Government.

Which makes you wonder why he is calling National Ministers liars.

But Phil Goff, the former Labour defence minister who was in charge of procuring the boats in the first place said Brownlee was being “dishonest”.

Goff said the defence select committee were told the vessels weren’t at sea because they didn’t have the skill to staff them.

The vessels were commissioned to do fisheries protection, conservation support, border security and search and rescue.

Goff said the boats shouldn’t be sold: “These were a quantum leap forward in terms of their capabilities.”

Phil Goff thinks he doesn’t have to campaign and when you see the state of Vic Crone you can see why he and his team are laughing all the way to the ballot box.

But a picture paints a thousand words.

This is the front running candidate for the future of Auckland….a tired old, grey man who is angry to boot and calls National ministers liars.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.37.21 PM 1

The choice for Auckland mayor is getting real easy.

A clutch of muppets and out of touch old pollies, or rate reductions.




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  • MaryLou

    Oh if only it were that simple. Auckland needs one hell of a lot of stuff – just not what Brown and Goff would have us believe. I’d find Palino a lot more credible were he NOT offering rates reductions (vote buying), but instead showing us how he was going to supply us with the transport and basic service infrastructures that we so desperately need. Mind you, probably will have to vote for him, because if we can’t have what we need, might as well not have it, for less.

    • KGB

      I’m always prepared to forgive a bit of ‘vote buying’ to get into a position to change anything. But it it does require explanation.
      Local politics should be simple, just like running our own households.
      I would love flash new ‘silk curtains’ for my library, but my income and expenditure doesnt allow it. I would love a new dishwasher, but I will just repair the door.
      Palino needs to guarantee to take the politics out of AC, and run the AC household without influence. List the essentials and dismiss the wish lists.
      No more statues, silk curtains, festivals, junkets, or rainbow funding.
      Ordinary voters will understand this simplicity, they budget this way every day. But they do need to understand just how political local politics has become to see through the smoke & mirrors of men like Goff.

      • Isherman

        Yes, on the face of it, a rates reduction is a big call. However, despite some commentators suggesting that any such promise is wishful thinking, the answer lies in how ruthless one is prepared to be with non core services spending, and how deeply they will swing the axe on all the fluffy stuff, along with asset rationalisation, council structure and salary bill etc. Also, its not just an issue of the mayor, all of this is only achievable if the numbers are there to support it on the wider council, and so rinsing the deadbeats of the current era is just as important as picking a decent mayor.

        • nellie

          I met John Palino for the first time a few weeks back at his Cafe, we had a chat and I asked about how he would reduce rates. His response was pretty simple – along the lines of if you can put them up 10% a year you should be able to make savings to reduce them by 10% over 3 years. Line by line expense review, efficiencies in processes, focus on core services, less people. Sounded good to me.

    • BR

      Rates reductions are not difficult, and would be easily attainable if the council put most of the bureaucrats (not dustbin emptiers or berm mowers etc) on a three day week until the debt was paid. Most people would not notice them missing and the ones who did would welcome the change.

  • Nige.

    Phil Goff is the perfect socialist. He lies with great self belief and knows how to manipulate the truth very very quickly. Most importantly though he has thick skin and deaf ears to advice. He follows the rules of socialism as set out the the socialist manifesto.

    If you poor buggers up in Auckland thought you had is tough under Brown look out. Goff won’t only continue Len’s legacies he will supercede them. He will run the city like a total dictator.

  • Rebecca

    Most of Auckland’s quoted “problems” relate to growth. But why does Auckland want to grow, especially if it’s going to cost existing householders dearly? Just because others want to live in Auckland doesn’t automatically justify more rates or obligations for people already here. It’s as if I want to be a concert pianist so therefore every existing concert pianist has a duty to contribute toward my lessons- and as the number of would be concert pianists rises, so do the financial obligations for existing concert pianists.

  • Hard1

    My mate said the best time he had on The Taupo was diving for crayfish in the Fjords.
    Serious balls up in nearly every Defence procurement, so very little strength in Goff’s defense relating to crewing when these patrol boats are terrible to be in in rough weather. Why didn’t Goff just order fishing boats? They seem to handle the rough conditions quite well, and it’s not as if we are going to be shooting anyone. Catch some fish while keeping an eye on the illegal Thai, Spanish, Korean, Chilean and Russian trawlers.
    This is what we really need…

  • Greg M

    As much as it pains me to say, Phil Goff is 100% on the money on this one. Brownlee is being dishonest, they are a seriously good piece of equipment with not enough qualified senior ratings to crew them. They should not be disposed of.
    Can Phil Goff work with National? If he gets in National don’t have a choice but to work with him.

    • R&BAvenger

      When Labour bought all these ships it was pointed out that the Navy didn’t have the crews to man them and wouldn’t be able to unless operational budgets were increased. Same with the LAVs. All great Labour procurement decisions. Just like their decision to do away with the entire Air Combat Wing.
      I think both labour and National governments have failed to resource Defence properly, including their expenditure needs.

      • Aucky

        I wonder at times how many pieces of silver crossed palms in defence procurements during that period. There were some very bizarre decisions made.

      • biscuit barrel

        Well they did man them and there were plenty of operational usage until about 3 years ago. ( sorry for bad formatting
        national has been government since 2009.
        Pukaki (inshore) 0 0 0 0 36 33 42
        Taupo (inshore) 0 0 0 52 67 32 48
        Hawea (inshore) 9 23 3 4 0 31 41
        Rotoiti (inshore) 0 0 19 31 0 20 15

        Then there are the same numbers for the offshore vessels (larger)
        Otago 0 0 45 25 10 63 0
        Wellington 0 10 8 73 58 39 0
        So the lack of usage dates to about 3 years ago. Similar effect of the larger vessels, sometimes they are used ‘near offshore.’

        Can you back up your claim Avenger ? The results seem to indicate well after the change in government operational budgets were cut.

        • Greg M

          Agreed. The year I left was the year the civilianisation program started. 400 people left that year out of a total staff of 2100. They have never got the manpower back because the government refuses to fund it. My last trip was aboard HMNZS Rotoiti doing laps around the Rena when it went aground. They are good ships.

  • Aucky

    To be honest I couldn’t give a rat’s backside about how compatible Goff would be with a National government. The hard fact is that he’s not compatible with me. I won’t ever forgive his contemptible behaviour towards our returning Vietnam troops and his participation in the hijacking of subsequent ANZAC Day commemoration services. Add to that his hypocrisy in taking up the Defence role and you have a man quite unfit to pick up the role as mayor of Auckland. It is incomprehensible to me that he could ever read the lesson at the ANZAC Day Dawn Service.

  • Rick H

    “Phil Goff” and “Work” in the same sentence?
    Has he ever worked?

  • BR

    When politicians from both sides of the divide start kissing up to each other, be very afraid.


  • XCIA

    If Goff can get rid of his personal agenda, the Labour Party wish list and keep the funds for favours promises firmly locked in the bottom drawer and if he can just work for the good of the people and the City of Auckland, then I for one won’t mind if he can work with National or not…..but history and Goff’s ethos tell me that won’t happen

    • rantykiwi

      Is this the Friday comedy thread?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Pot and kettle politicking.

  • one for the road

    This is “Mr Wanna-be-Independent-Mayor” now mouthing off against Nats about a decision that Labour made, sure is wearing his true colours !! If he was smart, he would keep his head down and out of anything but Auckland politics and the Mayoral race, but I guess once a lefty Labour man, always one!!!

  • Frederick Miles

    The real truth is that fuel, crew and resources are not allocated to the inshore patrol vessels because the inshore patrol vessels arent really part of the modern military role or function. They were advocated by Goff to protect coastal and mainly maori fisheries, but as officials point out vessels fishing in these areas usually have onboard monitoring camera’s but most significantly the inshore boats do not really have any military capability or any real weapon other than light army weapons. They lack even a 20mm gun or any significant speed or radar or surveillance capability beyond a simple navigation radar.
    Money was wasted on the inshore vessels to avoid the construction of a 3rd OPV of the Otago and Wellingtons class which would have given us the ability for a sustained presence in the distant sub antarctic, ross sea or distant pacific waters. Such sustained patrol capabilities and ability to carry out resource tasks is definitely not wanted by the Pacifists and MFAT appeasers. An interesting example was the proposal for the purchase of long range Hamilton class high endurance cutters from the US. These frigate like cutters had a range of 14,000 miles and a top speed of 29. However when plans were drawn up for an RNZN version in the late 1970s as an altenative to the Kortanear or the RN T21 the RNZN range requirement was reduced to 7000 miles on the basis of RNZN papers released to me under the Freedom of Information in the mid 1980s.