Can we declare the War on Drugs a loss?

Legal cannabis advocate Victoria Davis said the rally was held in conjunction with the United Nations meeting on international approaches to drugs “to address the dismal failure of the war on drugs”.

“It’s acknowledged by all global experts now that the war on drugs was expensive, ineffective and made criminals out of a lot of ordinary people,” she said.

“If someone is sick it shouldn’t be a crime to make them feel better.

“It’s time to face the realities about this drug, that it’s useful.”

Davis said there was no drug that worked as well as cannabis to ease medical issues such as seizures, glaucoma and anxiety.

“It’s being used [medicinally] already, if it didn’t work people wouldn’t use it.”

A lawyer, Sue Grey also addressed the rally.

She questioned why Peter Dunne wanted to commission further research into the drug when other countries had already done so.

“What research does he think we’re going to do here that will make a difference?” she asked.

“Cannabis was used for thousands of years and it was only when the pharmaceutical industry took hold a few decades ago that it became illegal.

“There’s law changes happening everywhere. The United Nations are meeting about the war on drugs not working, so everything is evolving very fast.”

Grey has worked on a number of cases where people charged with illegal use of cannabis were discharged without conviction.

She said it was important to raise public awareness and help those who needed to use the drug access it freely.

“People matter and numbers count,” Grey said.

“Sign the petition and keep the conversation going,” Renton said.

Steven Wilkinson of Golden Bay said he had seen a change in people’s mentality toward cannabis users.

He considered himself a recreational and medicinal user of cannabis.

“People are starting to feel comfortable. It’s not a taboo thing,” he said.

He said the “monster of prohibition” was almost dead.


– Nelson Mail, Stuff


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  • Kevin

    “She questioned why Peter Dunne wanted to commission further research into the drug when other countries had already done so.”

    It’s called having no you-know-whats.

    • STAG

      Gumption right? You mean Gumption don’t you?

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    Without doubt the war on drugs has been the biggest waste of time, money and police resources in history. And for what end?

    • localnews

      Throwing huge amounts of money and resources against a problem and having no effect is not something a fiscally responsible government should be doing. Even if they decide they wish to continue to attack the drug problem they should start again and find a different way

  • RightofSingapore

    Cannabis isn’t the answer, if medicine can’t relieve suffering, then we need to develop better medicine, which we are doing all the time.

  • STAG

    No, and I know I’m wrong. But I can’t get over the fact that while it is a sensible idea and is effective for those suffering pain.

    Yes it’s stupid to make sick people criminals but I am an old (before my time) fuddie, who can’t get past the thought of us less layabout scum with dreads and stupid pot leaf t-shirt’s rolling up to every GP rubbing their knee or complaining about mystery pain in their joints and once prescribed Pot using it as a state sponsored excuse to continue their layabout existence. With the misconception that they are ill and justified in their state sponsored sloth.

    Silly? Yes, but then that’s democracy for you.

    • Sun Tzu

      Ironically, this high powered moral posturing can be easily cured, simply by puffing on a J, that opinion is also democracy…:)

      • STAG

        Your right, unfortunately I have never been “cool” on drugs, we don’t mix well. I seem to miss Giggle, go straight to Paranoid and then Sleep.

        Far be it from me to stop you, but you’ll have to get your calm on with the knowledge that you’d still be breaking the law as we’re talking about medicinal weed not recreational.

    • ex-JAFA

      Medicinal cannabis has a very low (perhaps zero?) THC content, so is utterly useless as a recreational drug. It’s a different strain altogether.

  • Slijmbal

    “Davis said there was no drug that worked as well as cannabis to ease medical issues such as seizures….”

    Utter nonsense – the majority of seizures are well controlled by drugs established for decades with known and generally managed side effects (tergretol and lamictal would be the two most widely used). Cannabis has shown some use in very specific types of epilepsy but there there is still research needed to determine what, if any, placebo effect is involved and how effective it is. Indications are it does have a use but too early to tell more precisely where and how.

    I have no problem with cannabis being used in treatment – it’s just yet another drug with its own side effects – I do have a problem with epilepsy being used as a stalking horse for legalisation and raising false hopes for people affected by epilepsy. I also have a problem with people misleading. History will almost certainly show it to be a minor player in this area.

    FYI – I have an involvement in epilepsy spanning back decades

  • MrHippo

    Oh I just love the claims that the global experts have declared the war on drugs is lost expensive ineffective etc., yet these same global experts want to start a war on sugar… Talk about getting their priorities right…

  • Sun Tzu

    We should at least be examining the reasons why it’s prohibited in this modern context anyway. If people truly had dominion over their own bodies & their own garden, this would not be an issue at all.

  • MaryLou

    I voted legalise, but it has to come with some caveats. There are so strains and varieties around now, all are not equal. Those who may have “researched” in their younger years may have noticed that, and outside that semi scientific method there are medical uses for the marijuana plans that does not involve THC. It does need some kind of quality control and labelling. I knocked a tooth out getting it wrong, but that’s all I’ll say about that…!