Clark to make bid for UN Secretary-General

Helen Clark has finally announced she is going to make a bid for the top job at the UN.

Helen Clark will today join the contest to become the next United Nations Secretary-General. Prime Minister John Key is expected to confirm her nomination at Parliament this morning.

She is expected to make her own announcement in New York a short time later.

Mr Key is thought to have already begun lobbying for the former Prime Minister, at last week’s Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC, hosted by US President Barack Obama.

Among the leaders he spoke to were Mr Obama, Prime Ministers David Cameron (Britain), Justin Trudeau (Canada) and Narendra Modi (India) and Chilean President Michele Bachelet.

Mr Key and Foreign Minister Murray McCully are thought to have approved a high-level campaign and funding to support her bid.

Helen Clark has been the head of the United Nations Development Programme for the past seven years, overseeing a global budget of $6 billion in 170 countries.

She will be the eighth candidate to enter the contest for the Secretary-General’s job.

I don’t like her chances, unless Putin becomes so marginalised as a result of the Panama Papers. If Russia declares that it is backing one of theĀ Eastern European candidates then Clark’s bid is over.

Key is supporting her bid, which will unhinge the hard-left.

Mr Key, who defeated her to become Prime Minister in 2008, has been unstinting in his praise of her capability, and that continued yesterday at his post-Cabinet press conference.

“I’ve said to anyone who has asked me that Helen Clark would be a great Secretary-General of the United Nations.”

Asked if it would be hard promoting a political rival, he said they had competed when he was Leader of the Opposition and she was Prime Minister. “But there’s a mature point at which you put politics to one side and you acknowledge and hopefully celebrate the skills of a New Zealander, not because of their political tendencies but because of their ability and capacity to do a job,” he said.

Clark has a hard job in convincing many different blocs to support her. Perhaps that is the reason why yesterday at the Interfaith meeting at parliament when she rose to speak she ‘forgot’ to say shalom when addressing the various different religious leaders. She did manage Islamic and other language greetings but clearly missed seeing the rabbi in full regalia right in front of her. She will no doubt use that quietly to gain support from Muslim nations…until they work out she is a woman.


– NZ Herald



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  • Doc45

    I have little respect for the UN and less respect for socialism but HC would be as good as anyone to lead the organisation. Unfortunately it is well beyond repair, riddled with bureaucracy, corruption, sex scandals, and ineffectiveness. The only negative outcome from closing it down would be the rise in unemployment stats.

  • Dr Wang

    When this idea of her leading the UN was first proposed a few years back there was concern that the speculation and historical ambiguity regarding Helen Clark’s sexual orientation may be a stumbling block. Have the muslim countries of the UN since become more tolerant of homosexuality or will this inconvenient history come back to haunt Clark again?

    • Mrs_R

      I have an awful feeling that all will be forgiven towards Helen’s shortcomings if she promises on behalf of NZ that we will take an additional 20,000 refugees (give or take). Even worse, I worry JK will support any promises she makes.

    • DemocKot

      Another factor which is probably still relevant is you need(or used to) a knowledge of the French language to get the Francofone vote in the UN assembly to succeed as in the past, hope she has been studying or she is toast in the vote department

      • Isherman

        Great, then they could nominate Shimon Peres, lol! As a child his family spoke Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian, and at school he learned Polish. Since then he’s added English and French.

      • Dr Wang

        I’m sure Ms Clark is very well rehearsed in getting her tongue around French matters.

  • john Doe

    I have no respect for the UN. I do admire however JK’s statesman and diplomatic skills to promote a New Zealander from a different political persuasion to this international roll. This support will have the hard left fair fizzing at the bung.

    • MoggieManiac

      If I was in John Key’s shoes, I would much rather have Helen “over there” permanently, than swanning around NZ with nothing to do except be a political nuisance.

      • papagaya

        Even if she doesn’t get the top job, I doubt she’d come back. She moved on to more international, high paid, cossetted things. She won’t be back here in a hurry.

        • woollyone

          Won’t she want to come home to her husband? She must be missing him especially if he can’t go to USA.

  • Isherman

    Of course, if she doesn’t get the job, it will either be John Keys fault…or Israels.

    In terms of Ms Clark going for the position I’m neither here nor there, simply because I have zero respect for both the office irrespective of who holds it, and the organisation and its various appendages, but it’s probably good politics from Key….the left will simply not mention or recognise Keys endorsement unless it all fails, but it must be a bitter pill to swallow for them all the same.

    • twittertit

      I can see it already. In the same vein as “John Key’s support of the alternate flag caused it to lose”, the new headline will be “John Key’s support of Helen Clark caused her to lose”.

      Everything is John Key’s fault according to the left.

  • Christie

    Actually, I think it’s great – good on Helen – she will do as good a job as anyone else, and kudos to her for going for it. John Key’s support of her bid just shows his own magnanimity, and his desire for New Zealanders to do well. But I’ve read a few of the comments on Stuff already, and let’s just say…. well, there are a lot of embittered people out there.

  • Charley jones

    What a surprise, NOT! We could all see this coming from a million miles away. It would be great to see a happily, genuine, married to a woman (monogamous ) man in this position. Not going to happen is it! Who cares what colour his skin is. It will be your usual fakes and presidential wannabes who will line up for this post. It is a waste of money organisation that is being used as a tool to destroy decent civilisation. HC fits in with this unworthy lot so good luck to her and to all us peasants who will have to suffer under whichever disaster is “elected ” to this position. It would be great to have a miracle and see someone like the Rabbi who was so rudely ignored elected. But that is not going to happen either is it?

  • Orca

    Just think of the fun everybody can have, such as: “Hey Helen, I see that you are now in charge of the organisation that created the separate states of Israel and Palestine”, (snicker).

    • Isherman

      More to the point, she could highlight the indisputable fact that it was the Arabs, and the Arabs alone who rejected the two state solution proposed by the UN way back in 1947 when the Israeli’s had accepted it unconditionally, a proposal that in fact would have given the Arabs more territory than they seek now.
      Yeah right.

  • veridian

    Key isn’t stupid. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. He probably knows there’s little chance of Clark getting the job so if he goes along with the deception it’s a win for him. If she does get the job then again a win for him as she will owe him for the support. Shrewd operator.

  • cows4me

    “At a mature point you put politics to one side”, pigs arse. Why does the world need a Fabian Marxist as the head of the UN? It is about her politics JK and her politics suck. It’s all really a big show and the name of the game is butt licking, what a con.

  • duve

    I hope Helen Clark doesn’t get the job. Nothing to do with the fact she is a former Labour Prime Minister. I just think that it would not be good for any New Zealander to head the failed and hypocritical organisation that is the United Nations.

  • BR

    Helen Clark has always felt right at home in an organisation populated by despots,crooks and a bloated bureaucracy and driven by AGW propaganda and political correctness.


  • Cadwallader

    I suppose that should she be successful, the jobs of Chauvel, Hughes and Carter will be secure and Heather Simpson will still be her friend and mentor? She may even be able to find positions for Cunnliffe, Shearer and Little Angry. They say NZ should concentrate on being a nation which exports a wide range of products so here are a few more who are ready for shipment.

    • Ah yes. Once one of the worlds biggest pigs gets control of one of its biggest troughs there will be no stopping the jobs for boys and gratuitous handouts.

      • Cadwallader

        You’re right. Chauvel, Hughes and Carter were an interesting trio weren’t they? I think the first two went straight into the UN in New York but I seem to recall Mr Carter being sent off to the Middle East? Clearly Labour felt it better to haul them out of the Wellington scene for diverse reasons?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Oh dear. Another makeover coming and the foundations have degenerated considerably since the last one. It will be another first for the UN leadership but the big question will remain the first what?

  • Keyser Soze

    Whilst I despise her politics I have a begrudging admiration for her leadership and I like her chances at being the biggest nose in the trough of all troughs. Unlike most on the left in NZ at least she can count and she will have run cray supercomputers over her bid numbers.

  • The thought of the card carrying commie being in control of the biggest organization of socialists and despots the world has ever seen sends me into gales of laughter whilst at the same time cringing at the stupidity of it all.

    The best outcome would be for the gaping great money hole the UN has become would be if it pulled itself over its own head and disappeared into itself.

  • Elmwood

    Sorry, a complete tosser, in my opinion. Shouldn’t be running a sausage sizzle let alone a failed organisation called the UN

  • johnandali

    There are about 55 Muslim countries with UN membership. Add to them the countries that are in hock to the the 55, and you have a very significant voting power in the UN. Helen Clark is going to do nothing to offend the Muslims. McCully is the same. He regularly supports and promotes UN resolutions condemning Israel. It’s all about votes. If you need Muslim votes, you keep quiet about human rights etc – and you would never, ever greet a rabbi in front of important muslims. The whole sham that is going on with our people in the UN is simply to gain muslim approval for us to be in the Security Council and hopefully to have Helen Clark voted in as Security-General.