Comment of the Day

George nails it again:

We are witnessing the leader of the opposition becoming increasingly irrational through his own insecurity and desperation to destabilise the National Government. His comments that the death threats directed at Paula Bennett were the consequence of marginalising NZers, and therefore explained the mood for such behaviour. This is unacceptable.

Labour’s deliberate policy to marginalise Asians has fueled the underbelly of the missing million. At least eight Asian students, in four separate incidents were attacked, robbed and assaulted in Auckland this week. However by applying the same rational directed at Paula Bennet’s death threats, Andrew Little can only see this as a consequence of all those pesky Asians bying our homes therefore, again, explains the mood for such behaviour.

The truth is Andrew, you are fueling the fire of NZ’s low life and are responsible for the increasing insecurities of all NZers. For that you have to take liability. Back off before it is too late.

There is a lot of merit in what George says. If Andrew Little and the Labour party feel no remorse in attacking Asian Kiwis then that sets the tone for any sort of interaction. As the message filters down that it is OK to “hit” Asians simply for having an Asian sounding name then the more feral supporters of the Labour party will take that to mean physically hit them as well.

Andrew Little, Phil Twyford and the Labour party have set the tone for how Asians are treated. They must accept responsibility for that in the same way they are claiming it is the the government’s fault for the increasing politically motivated violence that is occurring.

Desperation is a stinky cologne, but when you’ve got nothing else then you resort to bizarre behaviour. We are witnessing that from Labour.

Another commenter adds:

Agree with you completely. Little Angry doesn’t simply explain away the feral behaviour of the makers of the death threats, he projects an understanding towards those who made them. Doesn’t this make him the parliamentary representative of these ferals? Are they his true constituency both in morality terms and numbers? Is his self-esteem so lacking that he feels comfortable in offering degrees of understanding to these ferals? The antagonism expressed by Labour towards the Asians who are said to be dominating our housing market is counter to the inclusive society which we are told is emblematic of NZ. Labour aren’t simply down on their luck, they are fading into obsolescence…largely of their own making.

Labour MPs admit to me privately that they can’t and won’t win in 2017, and Andrew Little can be the one who takes the blame. That is until they sink so low in the polls then the Mike Moore plan comes into play to find a leader who will lose less than what Andrew Little is looking like.




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  • willtin

    At the rate their ‘leader’ is heading the party into oblivion, I am picking Labour will get less than 20% of the vote next year.

  • papagaya

    Changing demographics are against Labour. The rising Asian population values self reliance and personal responsibility. Therefore they will never vote Labour.

  • Day Day

    I still think Little is the best man for the job. To categorically lose the election for Labour.

  • Phenandra

    Only one problem with the Mike Moore plan – they have no-one who has a trace of the intelligence and judgement of Mike Moore.

    If they insist on having someone bright, but without much judgement, they could fall back on David Cunliffe, or even entice Geoffrey Palmer out of retirement.

    • Tom

      Sadly I think you are correct and we will see Cunliffe resurrected from the back benches. The interesting question will then be who will leave the Labour party?

    • ex-JAFA

      You forget that the Labour leader has to be a unionista because unions pick the leader. The only person they had lined up to replace Little Angry Andy was Helen Kelly, but she has more pressing issues than politics.

      • Barnacles2

        Well I think we’re missing the elephant in the room, if the unions have the final say, then surely the union stalwart from the Waikato must be the obvious choice. Ladies and gentlemen the I give you Sue Moroney as the next Labout leader.

  • zotaccore

    Angry Little will only ever be a union thug – it’s what he knows best and what he has brought into the parliament. Did anyone really expect any different kind of behavior from him? The Unions bullied the Labour Party and they are suffering for it. They have no cause about which to complain.

  • XCIA

    “Desperation is a stinky cologne” About twelve years ago, I was introduced to a fellow who “escaped” from Fiji. Wahid was a shrewd businessman, who over time opened several businesses in NZ and built up a substantial rental portfolio. He was a Muslim, but he professed for business purposes only and I sort of believed him because he drank, smoked, frequented gentlemen’s clubs and partook of large bacon and egg breakfasts at the Langham. This I know, because I spotted him when I had a breakfast meeting there. Anyway, he came into the office once and I had to ask him what the god awful smell was. He said it was a special cologne that Muslims wore that he picked up on a group pilgrimage to Mecca. I still have this vial of foul smelling stuff in my desk drawer and I would be happy to courier it to anyone who thinks it may benefit them. Wahid has been resident in Australia for a couple of years now.

    • Michelle

      Billy goat urine?
      That has one hell of a pong to it

      • XCIA

        No, but I suspect it is to mask the odor of camel urine which some fervent pilgrims drink and wash their faces in……you are more than welcome to it!

        • Michelle

          Ah no thanks l will pass on that
          Have had a billy goat walk past me and didn’t touch me but l stunk like one all day no matter what l did to get rid of it

          • XCIA

            Same as this “cologne”, it just permeates everywhere.

          • Michelle

            Ah yes male camel urine when they are in breeding mode (can’t think of right word)
            No doubt it turns the female camels on

  • Positan

    Labour’s elemental problem is that it no longer has even the faintest idea of for what it stands. It can “re-package” itself as many times as it likes in the hours it has left, but essentially, most of its MPs are completely out of touch with the actuality of the real needs and wants of the electorate. Labour is plughole material. It has no one even remotely resembling a likely contender and nothing can now stop its date with oblivion.

  • Graeme

    Perhaps mccarten has a lot to do with this.