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One of our commenters has worked out how we can solve the problem of the Media party and left-wing whingers with regards to the SIS and GCSB being able to spy without consequences.

You’ve hit the nail on the head Kiwiracer. All that is now required is for all GCSB/SIS/Police staff to complete Journalism 101, then all their investigations can be counted as “in the public interest” and can be carried out without any further scrutiny in their role as “journalists”. The privileged ones apparently can use this free pass without any responsibility or accountability. The possibilities are limitless.

Nicky Hager breached my privacy, he and his pals in the media pawed through my messages, emails, bank statements, FB messages, DM tweets…all of it. They sniggered they laughed and they published a good portion of it.

They justified it all by saying it was a matter of public interest. They claimed they conducted “investigative” reporting despite all the actual effort being done by a criminal.  

These are the same people who also endlessly write about how our rights must be protected…yet they thought not for one second about my rights. They campaign against the SIS, the GCSB, the Police and demand transparency.

They openly work with criminals, solicit their information, and then cry a river of tears when the Police ask for details from a bank which no one has seen except the Police. Nicky Hager is even trying to sue the Police for breaching his privacy.

When I went to the Privacy Commission about him, they rejected the complaint. They couldn’t even be bothered looking at it, so excuse me if I don’t think that the agency that is there to protect citizens when targeted by criminals is much good at all.

Nicky Hager and his Media party pals tried to destroy my life, and are still trying to do it. They make claims of public interest, openness, transparency but if you try and look into their sordid lives they all of a sudden cry foul, talk about chilling effects, and scream about journalistic rights.

It make me sick…and angry.


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  • Boss Hogg

    Success is the best revenge. Channel that anger for even greater success. People like Hager never change and never get very far. Similar to Minto, in my opinion, never progress, learn or change.

    • Phenandra

      Good advice, Boss.

      In any case, revenge is best eaten cold, as they say. The opportunity will present itself if you wait long enough, and if you’ve left the anger behind you will be a lot more effective.

  • Kiwiracer

    It’s the thing I can’t get my head around, the information was stolen and used without authorisation. . . . .probably one of the biggest breaches of privacy in NZ. . . . .as an aside, I saw Hager for the first time in person a couple of months ago, taller than I expected. . . .funnily enough it was in the McDonalds by Auckland airport, not the sort of multinational Corp I thought he would support with his custom. . .

    • Boss Hogg

      Hager, so I have heard, has completed post doctoral studies in Hypocrisy…..

  • Justme

    I find it interesting that the left always talk about revolutions and fighting in the streets.

    I suspect the real revolution will come from the right. From people who are sick and tired of their taxes being used to pay for a Judiciary and media that supports criminals, rather than prosecuting them as they should.

  • Dave

    So, how about I set up a hack on Hager and the offices of A Newspaper, i will donate all the data to a Journalist i think can do justice to all the material, and he can publish whatever he chooses to do with it, but most likely to selectively publish the worst bits, and then to make them look as bad as possible. I wonder of course, what one could find if I could also arrange a hack on the financials of a fat German, and would any of that lead to a breaking story on the identity of other hackers. (happy to send the originals to the USA) Oh the likely scandal, the shame of the political hack writer, perhaps the trust fund kid might have to go underground, and every time he shrieks its unfair, i would suggest a mirror.

    Of course, my actions, and that of my Favorite Journalist are all protected as, its in the Public Interest, so no one could be prosecuted.

    All purely hypothetical of course, i struggle to recall passwords from a month back, and my hacking skills are non existent………. bugger.