Comment of the Day

Jacinda Ardern

George is at it again

Jacinda Ardern has found 27,000 of the missing million. ?About 27,000 voters made the effort to vote last election but their ballot papers were disallowed because, for instance, they were not on the electoral roll”. She criticises the government for not taking up the recommendation of The Justice and Electoral Select Committee which suggested that enrolment could take place at the polling booth on the day of the election. She continues: “Refusing to make these changes disenfranchises people. That’s hardly a reputation the Government will want”.

Well this piece of dribble makes as much sense as suggesting that the Government, by having provided three free meals a day for every child in NZ, is creating poverty by not providing supper. Millions of dollars are spent over every medium in every language promoting the responsibility of enrolling. If the subject can’t responed to this, then how can their vote be informed? One would suspect that they may vote Labour, a party which emulates their IQ.

Get this Jacinda. It is quite likely, through the consequence of attrition, you may have the misfortune of leading your mob. Your many leaders have, and will continue to vanish into the compost heep of irrelevance because they continued to believe that their irrational statements will persuade rational voters. You too, it appears, have inherited this flaw.

Give Jacinda some credit here; at least she’s not attacking Key, destroying tourism, trade or business in general!

What I do like is the inference that those invalid votes were predominantly for the left. After all, what’s the point of even raising the issue?