Comment of the Day (and a new idea for the Labour Party)

Whaleoil stalwart Sally opined:

The Party of Envy and Bitter are running out of potential donors to fund their electoral campaign.

So far they have upset foreigners, business people, bankers, accountants, Indian and Asian chefs, lawyers, wealthy people, and 72% of the voting population who are called dumb and stupid by their followers for not supporting them.

Will have to stick to their $2 beggar letters because who among the sane would want to donate to angry Andy and his going down the tube political party.

Labour certainly have turned into Nigel No Mates, and getting money out of their own supporters may need a more aggressive touch, like this one from the Republican Party in the US:






I see this as the only way for the Labour Party to get sufficient funds. Instead of begging for $2 at a time, they should simply send overdue notices to their supporters. Tell them that unless they pay up, there will be interest and penalties added so it’s better to address their arrears in support straight away.


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  • Pluto

    The Labour brains trust will spend $1.60 each way on a large sized letter, plus the envelope, so each donation will net them a loss of around $1.50 ?
    Silly me, it’s “Parliamentary Business” of course.
    At least they’ve got Angry Andy to write the strongly worded letter.

  • johcar

    Isn’t that called “pro forma invoicing”???

    • Justme

      With Labour, it would be more like a “subcontractor claim”, where the request for $25 would be written back to $2.50, as most of the work claimed, for had never been done.

  • Jono

    Maybe these parties should not have adopted red as their colour. It seems symptomatic of poor financial management.

    • Superman

      And communism perhaps??

  • Carl

    Maybe Labour could ask Arthur Taylor for a donation. He’s a crim and we know Labour support them. Taylor says that he earns money behind bars and can’t spend it on much.


      Hey, if I had to choose between donating to the Labour party or buying an extra packet of noodles, I would know what to do…..

  • Orca

    Angry Andy can re-purpose that in his own inimitable way: “Notice of Delinquency: We at the Labour Party have noticed that you are a delinquent. It is your Lucky Day, because we like delinquents! Join us today, for the limited time offer of $25.00. As a delinquent at the Labour Party, you will be among many many friends, no, not friends with benefits, more like friends on benefits”.

  • In Vino Veritas

    But they don’t have any supporters. That’s the point. The only mailing lists they have are those that didn’t know that they were being mined by Labour. Good luck with sending this sort of thing to those people!!!

  • Hard1

    That’s strange. I’ve heard that plenty of Labour volunteers are busy working the cruise ship passengers and passersby for ‘donations with rudeness”.

  • Big_Al

    Mmmm! Two ways i could approach this. 1) “Hey, if i pay you in cash, can you do me a better deal? you know, No Tax, nudge, nudge, wink, wink”
    2) Well, “before i invest this very large amount of $25 in your company, i will need you to open up your books to ensure that you are a viable business and that you have been meeting your required Tax obligations”
    NO?? I did’nt think so. Sorry Labour, no money from me then.

  • Hard1

    Yesterday Little said ““I think it’s a question of us knuckling down, understanding the need for a clarity of message, and sticking to the things that are important to New Zealanders.”
    So up to now, Little, you have been doing something entirely different ? Is it really a question when the most obvious failure is staring you in the mirror.
    Kiwi’s hate Unions, thuggery and being told what to do, so Little comes up with the Trifecta. Union backed personal attacks and being told your taxes will be raised if you vote Labour.
    The quote ““I think it’s a question of us knuckling down, understanding the need for a clarity of message, and sticking to the things that are important to New Zealanders.” should read
    ” I think it’s a question of us getting the referee to stop the contest before the contestant loses his sight in his other eye, knuckles dragging on the ground, understanding the need for a message that clarifies meaningful honest improvements, not just clarity of defamatory comments, and sticking to the things that never have worked and never will because Unions are, whatever. and the people who work for them line their own nests and wear boring clothes pretending to be poor during working hours, especially during the mandatory shouting and spitting practice. And we apologize in advance for the next 52 weeks of boring, inane and derogatory statements that we have no choice to make, as we only have one script. Sincerely, Your Comrade and FRIEND, Andy”

  • Toby

    Maybe the labour party could just send out a letter to all members with a form to have their entire salary / wages paid into the parties bank account and then the party would pay every member the same amount. They could come up with a fancy new name like “Member Income Equalisation” and labour could skim off a tidy sum to fund its campaigns.
    Except nobody would sign up would they.
    Income equalisation only applies to those dirty rich people.

  • Rick H

    Isn’t it the Green-Labour-Party who wants us rich pricks to publicly fund their campaign?

    Why ever would we want to do that?
    It’s akin to “finally buying your dream car / boat / home”, and paying somebody to ruin it for you.

    Just dumb.