Community minded cops lighten the mood in Turangi

The cops in Turangi are really good with their community involvement sharing their weed with the community.

Grocery shoppers in Turangi on Friday could have been forgiven for thinking they were extras in a Cheech and Chong movie production.

Billowing clouds of marijuana-scented smoke were wafting across from the town’s police station, over the road and into the car park outside the New World supermarket.

Police bosses have apologised to the townsfolk for the accidental inundation of dope-laden vapours, which were emanating from a furnace at the police station where a recently-acquired haul of the illegal harvest was being incinerated.

However their fuming faux pas won’t be forgotten for a while, thanks to video footage shot by a bemused passer-by.

New Plymouth man Adam Green posted a video on Instagram and Facebook of the cannabis clouds drifting past him.   

“Man, does it smell like the old ganja over there,” he remarked. “Here comes a good cloud wafting past now. I might just stand here for a moment.”

News that the police had made a hash of the disposal operation quickly spread through social media.

Green’s post was quickly picked up by the Turangi Facebook page, with many chipping in with their own quips and observations.

“Couldn’t believe it when I walked right by the police station and into the heavy smoke with my three-year-old son,” Maria Borum commented. “Maybe that’s why he slept so well last night.”

Rangi Perewi said: “Someone should of rang the fire brigade and ambulance so all the services get a taste of Turangi hospitality.”

And Raewyn Eru suggested: “They could of advertised – Get stoned free in the car park.”

What top blokes. I imagine though they are feeling like a bunch of dopes, and everyone has found out after someone grassed on Facebook.

Just legalise it already.


– Fairfax


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  • Pluto

    Meanwhile, back at the joint, Herb and Mary- Jane weeded the grass from the pot.

  • Orca

    It reminds me of a time when I was working down the west coast. One week there was a constant stream of helicopters coming and going from the bush, dangling tarpaulins full of weed underneath. It was a police operation, using army iroquois helicopters. I thought to myself at the time, what a great way to sneak up on dope growers, using a machine that can be heard coming about half an hour away.

    I spoke to a guy whose stash in the bush had been raided, and said “I suppose you must be pretty miffed then?”. He said: “nah, not really, it’s all in seed, so the chopper-wash just planted it for us over the whole forest now, it would have taken us years to do that”.

  • kayaker

    Property prices in Turangi about to reach a new high.

  • Grizz30

    Can anyone remember a Billy T James Turangi Vice sketch where the cops had a marajuana burn off?

  • Spiker

    Watched them spray this little patch across the lake from our bach. Definitely not fit for smoking. A whole lot less labour intensive than cutting & dragging back to the station to burn.