Cops put surveillance in police stations so they can record proof of getting bashed

Cops are always accused of bashing ratbags, and back in the day that sort of thing was acceptable, but no longer.

So the Police are having to protect themselves with CCTV monitoring the inside of Police stations. They are however describing it as a public safety initiative.

Police have announced plans to make the front counters of more than 300 stations safer for staff and visitors.

They say they are also looking at making changes to 105 stations identified as most at risk, mainly in smaller towns or suburbs.

Assistant commissioner of police districts Allan Boreham said that included potentially issuing staff with safety alarms, adding more security cameras, and limiting public access to times when constabulary or sworn staff were on site.   

“We don’t want to make our premises less welcoming to members of our communities but we must do all we can to ensure our staff and members of the public are safe,” he said.

The plans followed a review of station security measures in September, which was prompted when a man fired shots inside the Palmerston North police station in August last year. and after threats were made against staff in other districts.

While physical attacks on staff at stations were rare, they did happen, Mr Boreham said.

Just last week, a police contractor was assaulted by a person in the reception area of a station in Counties Manukau.

“That’s quite a rare, but a very serious, incident. More commonly what we have is a range of people that might come in and act in a threatening way, threaten staff, or act in a disorderly way, so it’s important that the stations are designed for that as well.

“And there’s enough of those incidents that gave us some concern last year that we did this review and looked at what improvements we could make.”

Cops are assaulted as par for the course in their jobs, it is unacceptable, and that is another reason for the cameras in Police stations.

They do a horrible job, dealing with often horrible people and horrible situations. They need all the protection we can give them.


– RadioNZ


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  • john Doe

    Our police deal with the scum of society. My old school opinion is what goes on in the Police Station should stay in the police station.

  • Red_NZ

    All they have to say is that they’re doing this to meet the new H&S guidelines. That a member of staff has noted that current staff security concerns are a breach of their rights to as the ad says “come home safely from work” or however it’s phrased… based on that they’d have to close their workplace down though as it’s too unsafe to operate, in the litigious society we’re being forced to move towards

  • Just me

    Why would you tell anyone the cameras are there… surely a false claim against police could get another conviction for the scumbags?

  • Orca

    Perhaps what happened in Turangi yesterday was actually a trial run of a new Police “cannibis shotgun” designed to calm down unruly crims in such situations. Yet another non-lethal weapon for the arsenal.

  • andrewo

    So police are upgrading their premises to the same level as the average South Auckland dairy?
    Good to know they’re up with the latest technology ;-)

  • Diehard

    Front counters are often staffed by non-sworn employees not cops. They have no self defence training and no appointments to defend themselves. It is reasonable to assume that from time to time angry drunk ferals visit the stations and do represent a very real danger to these staff. Again the new health and safety regs are making themselves felt. The police association have been on about this for a long time. Good to finally see action.