Corbyn’s stunt backfires

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn pulled the same stunt that Andrew Little pulled and released his tax returns.

Then the stunt backfired.

Jeremy Corbyn is facing questions after failing to include thousands of pounds of income from his state pension on his tax return.

Mr Corbyn, who turned 65 in May 2014, received a state pension of around £6,000 a year but did not include details of the income on the hand-written return he published on Monday.

He also failed to declare on the form income from a pension from his time in local Government, although Labour insisted it had been taxed at source.

Labour yesterday said that all tax due on his pensions had been paid and insisted that details of his income from his retirement funds had been included on a separate sheet.

However accountants described the omission as “sloppy” and said that even if he has paid all tax his failure to declare the income amounted to a technical offence.

It comes after Mr Corbyn appeared to delay publishing his return earlier this week and was then forced to admit he was fined £100 for filing the document late.

The revelation is embarrassing for Mr Corbyn as it comes after he demanded greater transparency from the Prime Minister and the Chancellor.

Danny Cox, of financial services firm Hargreaves Lansdown: “You are duty bound to declare all of your tax affairs on your tax return. It is certainly pretty sloppy not to have declared money on your tax return.”

Dopey is as dopey does.

But the left are into this big time. But they have ignored all their previous clamouring for privacy and questions about spying and meta-data etc, but now they are all about transparency and openness.

Well which is it? Transparency or Privacy?

One thing that has been bugging me about Andrew Little’s stunt is that he has been earning over $100,000 per annum of the last 7 years, presumably longer, but he has been in parliament for more than 5 years now and earned over $800,000 in that time. However his pecuniary interests declaration shows no investments whatsoever.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 8.15.52 PM

Furthermore his declaration still shows a mortgage to ANZ Bank. The only real investment he has is a Kiwisaver account and a super scheme with AXA.

None of that accounts for where his massive salary has gone to. I can tell you that if I earned more than $800k for the past 5 years I’d have something to show for it.

Considering he bought his house for $521,000 in 2005 you’d think he’d have paid it off in that time with that much coin coming in. He’s owned the house for 11 years, earning more than $100k p.a. in all that time, at a minimum more than $1 million in salary, and he still has a mortgage?

What on earth does Andrew Little spend his money on?

This is the problem with grandstanding and releasing private information…it often leads to more questions than one might want.


-The Telegraph



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  • Legallysane

    Some real investigative journalism in order here me thinks.

  • Eiselmann

    Maybe he has a bank account in America that he’s forgotten about?…he wouldn’t be the first Labour leader to forget about such a stash of money..maybe its held in trust?….as Corin Dann would say theres nothing to show Angry Andrew has such an account but its not a good look.

    • OneTrack

      Does Nicky Hagar need to start searching the Panama papers for Andrew Little, like he has alreafy done five times for John Key. He might get a hit this time.

  • Kendall

    Yes it is interesting. He is either no good with money and just spends (still other people’s money I suppose), therefore shouldn’t be near our country’s finances, or he remains an angry little lie monster.
    Choices- truth or lie, transparency or privacy.

  • Muffin

    Hookers and blow?

  • Ginny

    And … Is it a double income family, does his wife have paid employment?

    • KGB

      Ex nurse Leigh gave up full-time work when she had her son and now works part-time in a school office.
      So there is added income, but it would not be significant.
      Interestingly, I have never googled her before but now Little has tabled his personal information, and demands the same of JK, I believe he opened a door.

  • Sally

    It is not up to us to say what he should do with his money but he started this and asking for transparency so he is now opened the door and invited us in.
    I say it it is sitting in a bank account gaining minimal interest and has very little knowledge on financial management. He doesn’t even see the benefit of paying off his mortgage. Or he forgetful and not declared everything or deliberating hiding something.
    Does NZ need a PM like that?

    • Wheninrome

      He hasnt declared a bank account with a substantial sum in it.

  • Quinton Hogg

    Bank of America shares that have been overlooked perhaps.

  • Second time around

    An interesting comparison is Metiria Turei who has a couple of residences plus shares in Convita, probably bought for a song when they were a hippy obscurity, but from today elevated to the top 50 on the NZ Stock Exchange. Also, she asks better questions in Parliament than Andrew does and does not attack private individuals as Andrew is prone. Altogether a more logical choice to lead a Green-Labour coalition.

    • murrayirwin

      Her hectoring, sanctimonious delivery would rule her out in a heart-beat.

      • Second time around

        Certainly not to everyone’s taste, not even mine. She is an effective challenge to anyone answering her because there are no points to be gained by a minister losing patience, and she has the financial smarts Andy so obviously lacks.

        • OneTrack

          I don’t take much notice of her as I think she has nothing to add, except the regular cry of “racism” when she starts losing an argument, which is common.

    • rexabus

      Jeez, things would have to be bad to let Metiria take the helm but then again they are bad

    • Woody

      It is Comvita, not Convita and it has never been a hippie obscurity despite the original driving force in the company having hippie tendencies in his early life. Also, shares did not become available for anyone outside of the founders and associates until the company was already an international trader of some substance.

    • FornaK

      And she does turn up to public events drunk, so she’d be a good fit with Winston.

  • I’m torn.

    On the one hand I honestly don’t care what he does with the money he earns, and he has no need to explain it to us beyond the part he’s made public.

    But if the “missing money” is somewhere else, hidden, then it suddenly becomes relevant to the politics again.

    What to do? Pry to have it explained to discover he likes to bet it all away on Online-Poker* or discover he’s been lying about hiding things?

    *I made that up as a literary device.

    • InnerCityDweller

      Does Mr Little have “a perception problem”? JK apparently has, so….

      • Yes. Spot on. It’s raised more questions than it answered.

    • Abjv

      Other than the hypocracy if it turns out there is an undeclared Trust in the mix, I’m more concerned about the possibility of undisclosed debts e.g. to the people who got him where he is now. It didn’t need the tax return to highlight this, the register of interests was sufficient in itself. I can’t wait for a Hagar book “dirty funding” if my concern turns out to be the issue. Of course, he could be just paying for six kids from Zambia to attend Princeton.

    • Greg M

      Yes. Andy is not stupid, it will be somewhere.
      I wonder if he purchased a whack of power company shares when they were floated? That would be hilarious.

    • Nermal

      Andy should have remembered “People in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones”

  • Abjv

    Assuming both the tax return and register of interests are correct, then the money can only have gone to somewhere no longer under his control. It could have been donated to charity, or to a Trust where he is at best discretionary beneficiary or not a beneficiary at all. It could have been used to pay a periodic obligation e.g. liable parent contribution to dependent children not living with him. He might still be a member of a prior organisation, having to tithe a large subscription and obliged to keep doing so because of prior services that organisation provided to him. It could have been spent on hookers. Many other possibilities. There is a reason why politicians in the past have not gone fully down this route of demanding full disclosure from the other side; it can cause a lot of collateral damage on your own side.

    Unless of course that was the intention.. If you point s fingervstvsomeone, the other three are pointing back at you. .Andy may want to reflect on the quality of the advice he is being given, and contemplate whether his and his advisor’s interests are fully aligned.

    • Bud

      That’s to much money for hookers or drugs, could be gambling though…

      • [MOD] Just be careful with the accusations. I did the same, but I admitted I made it up. Let’s not start vicious rumours. All we know is that we don’t know.

        (Also, you’re going to get pinged for too many one liners if you keep going the way you are – you’re on my radar already)

  • Isherman

    I think somebody should check to see if there is a secret offshore trust somewhere with Buddy the Cats name on listed on it.

    • Pity SonovaMin is still phoning it in. That would have been a cool Cartoon :)

  • Kevin

    When the Left is doing the attacking it’s all about transparency. When it’s the Right doing the attacking it becomes all about privacy.

    I think I’m starting to understand how the Left thinks.

    • Kiwiracer

      It’s the same with the journalists, the ones who go on about privacy are the ones who bark loudest when they get there hands on a leak/hack

    • Dumrse

      Judging by the ill informed comments that come from the Labour Party I would suggest there is no “..thinking..” being done at all.

  • David Moore

    “What on earth does Andrew Little spend his money on?”

    The revolution doesn’t pay for itself comrade.

    • Isherman

      I think we can rule out the money being spent on competent political advisers for the revolution…no evidence of that at all.

    • Nige.

      Now….who was that labour politician with the secret donor? I think there are some ‘dots to be joined’ here.

  • Sally

    I know. As a good husband he hands his weekly pay packet over to his wife for house keeping.

    • Intrigued

      Perhaps the extra money has all gone into a trust controlled by his wife?

      • Orca

        An offshore trust in Panama perhaps?

    • FornaK

      So his pay has been spent on shoes then?

  • Nige says to me

    “Forget Facebook. All a reporter needs to look at is the latest Whaleoil thread (Corbyn backfires) to see some excellent EXCELLENT questions to ask labour on the nation.”

    • OneTrack

      But they won’t ask those questions, will they.

  • Tiger

    Why oh why did the left in the UK and in NZ pick a fight when ultimately the accountants have to be brought in. Surely they realise that most accountants derive an income (and they know it) from business, small and large and those get ahead people – all right leaning. Have the left devolved into thicko’s?

  • Keeping Stock

    The sign behind him couldn’t be more accurate!

  • LNC

    I think the most logical conclusion is that he spends the money. Need to remember that until 2008/2009 interest rates were nearly 10% and during that time the top tax rate was 39% and presumably he had a 10% tithe (or equivalent) to his union meaning during those early years about $70k was gone in tax and union fees and interest on $521k would have been about $50k (not to mention principal repayments). Also although he has a mortgage we have no idea how much is owing under it.

    • jonno1

      It could be zero dollars. For example, I maintain a mortgage on my family home in case I need a quick mill or so at short notice, but most of the time there’s nothing owing.

  • pirate vs ninja

    Good chardonnay is pretty expensive these days….

  • Mav E Rick

    To be fair, I couldn’t give a big rats backside about the personal financial affairs of any politician as long as they were not involved in illegal or corrupt practices. I think most right leaning people would probably agree with me.
    However it is the people of the left side of politics (remember Cullens “Rich Pricks” taunt to JK in the house) that seem to have this nasty streak in them to discredit anyone that has been anywhere remotely successful, financially. They have this inane belief that if you are a successful business owner that somehow or rather, you dont deserve it and all the money made should either be distributed to everyone else via a tax system or you have made it dishonestly. The left going rabid mad shouting and screaming for JK to front up with his personal income details is no surprise. Just another reason why these people should never be allowed to get into power.

  • Orca

    Can you imagine if Mr Little was in a centre-right party, what the headlines today would be, perhaps: “Andrew Little fervently denies any wrongdoing in the Missing Money allegations”. All written by breathless journalists interviewing themselves.

  • Brad

    I’ve heard that NZ Labour MPs are currently contributing 10-20% of their salary to the party coffers due to near bankruptcy, that might help explain Little’s finances!

    • I believe that’s a standard requirement of being a Green Party MP.

  • Rick H

    John Key:
    Voted in by the people of Helensville to represent them in Parliament – for the past 14 years.
    Leader of the National Party for the last 10 years
    Prime Minister of New Zealand for the last 8 years
    Voted in for each of these roles by the people of New Zealand.

    Andrew Little:
    Ex-Union “thug?”
    Never ever had an electorate.
    Never ever been voted into anything by the people of New Zealand
    Elected as Labour Party Leader, basically by the Trade Union.
    Basically, just an average Joe-Blow.
    Nothing to see in anything he “tables”.

    As for a man elected by the people for over 10 years –

    Well, a bit of privacy and respect should be par for the course.

    • Doug

      What on earth is average about him? I would describe him as a sub par Joe Blow

  • JeffDaRef

    Does a photo exist of Little carrying a “We Are The 99%” sign…?
    Easy to see why all these Labour MPs have 30yr careers – best wicket they’ve ever been on.

  • Big fella

    Andrew certainly has not been able to demonstrate fiscal nouse in his personal life. And he wants us to trust him to take us forward. You have to be kidding me. Forward to where? Better to bypass this dud.