Couldn’t he just find a strong wind to piss into

Murray McCully is going all Neville Chamberlain again making a play to try and create peace in the Middle East.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully has given notice to the United Nations Security Council that New Zealand will begin work again on a resolution on the Middle East peace process.

Two years ago negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians were suspended.

In a hard-hitting speech in New York this morning, Mr McCully said that since then, violence had escalated, Israeli settlements had continued and trust between the two parties had been further eroded.

“And the council has been largely a spectator.”  

He said it was becoming increasingly apparent that the two-state solution involving Israel and a Palestinian state could be moving beyond reach.

“If matters continue as they have for the last two years without action from this council and others, the two-state solution will be dead,” he said.

Other initiatives were taking place outside the council in the Quartet [UN, United States, Russia and the European Union], amongst the Arab League and through a proposed French conference on peace.

There was some debate as to whether a Security Council resolution focused on preserving the two-state solution, stopping violence and rhetoric and stopping settlements would be better before or after the French conference.

New Zealand had drafted a resolution last year but was persuaded there would be insufficient support at the time.

“However the situation has deteriorated further and the threat to the two-state solution has become greater,” Mr McCully said.

Doesn’t McCully know that the Palestinian Authority has categorically rejected a two state solution?

The UN is largely a spectator because they have marginalised themselves with their kangaroo courts, pandering to Palestinian whining and supporting terrorists.

Israel can have no confidence in the UN in solving anything. When you think about when has the UN ever solved anything, especially in the Middle East.

Look at the worlds’s longest lasting welfare agency, UNRWA, that has poured literally billions into Palestinians and got absolutely nothing to show for it, except some hospitals and schools that hide weapons dumps and Hamas misappropriating that aid to build offensive tunnels and buy rockets from Iran.

The only time there will be peace in the Middle East is when Arabs accept that Israel has a right to exist, and they stop funding, aiding and abetting terror organisations like Hezbollah, Hamas and ISIS.


– NZ Herald


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  • Dog Breath

    So the answer is to sit back and watch them killing each other until only one is left standing and occupy all land from the other with the other disappearing off the face of the earth. Sounds a bit like genocide to me.
    What I see is one country occupying land of the other and building on it with the other firing rockets and setting off bombs as a mears to fight back.
    One side is he’ll bent of eliminating the other the other just wants to Iive peacefully.
    Nether side trusts the other with good cause based upon history. If anyone can solve this conflict they would be miracle workers.
    However It’s better to have tried and failed than to not try at all. If Mcullay can be that miracle person then good luck to him.

  • JohnO

    The answer is to let reality dawn on the Palestinians by stopping giving them social welfare and make them earn a living instead of bludging off the rest of the world and making trouble. The United Nations should stop financing these hate mongers and let them support themselves.

  • XCIA

    I think we can all tell Murray for nothing that his legacy will not be negotiating any form of peace in the Middle East.

    • biscuit barrel

      Didnt you notice his ‘news’ sucked all the air out of Keys trip to China ?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Tilting at windmills at least will be moderation but most will agree with your brash headline. T^his continuous conflict will not be ended with any UN resolution which while many are slow coming never seem to have any effect. It has transgressed to a very bloated toothless organisation showing geriatric tendencies. Woolly thinking, memory failure and incontinence displayed by it’s inconsistencies.
    Being exposed to more news coverage from world news sources it a constant amusement to see the “experts” drawn on to comment on news items from this conflict. They all seem to be determined to tell us what they think we should know while putting the true facts aside.
    Typical Media party MO as they hand pick guests to suit the narrative with validity going out the window with their first utterances.

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    I don’t think it matters what Murray McCully says now. It will be what Donald Trump will do next year.

  • taxpayer

    Lets face it, the conflict has been going on so long if it were to stop those involved would simply not know what to do with themselves when they got out of bed in the morning.
    I am quite sure certain factions enjoy it, the blood, the bombs, the mass gatherings at street funerals, teaching their kids to hate from a young age and carry on as your father did.
    Much more heart thumping than just getting up and going to work.
    It seems so alien to us here in peaceful NZ, but I guess if that’s all they have known it becomes run of the mill for them.
    I hope they find a way to live in peace, but from what I have seen over the years I doubt it very much.

  • Ruahine

    It is just a ploy to get a few votes for Helen Clark. Might get some of those votes from the African countries if Saudi Arabia says so.

  • Ron

    Israel needs to buy the land of the Palestinians. Correct history. They need a Waitangi Tribunal. They can have ours.

  • There is only one path to peace in the middle east and it is found at the tip of an ICBM or in the hold of a B-52

  • Nermal

    Like Golda Meir said: “There will be no peace in the Middle East until the Palestinians’ love for their children becomes greater than their hatred for the Jews.”