Crazy Colin rides again


Colin Craig really doesn’t like having the truth told about him. He has decided to sue me for publishing an excerpt of his poemThe Two of Me” that he sent to Rachel MacGregor.

Colin Craig has tabled legal papers seeking more than $13,000 from blogger Cameron Slater for publishing the former politician’s romantic poetry on his blog.

Craig, who identifies himself as a secret songwriter, poet and fiction author, says he wants to set the record straight after suffering humiliation when his poem The Two Of Me was published on the Whaleoil site last year.

In a statement of claim provided by Slater, the former Conservative Party leader states only two copies existed of the poem. One Craig kept stored in his “personal literary archive”, the other was owned by his former press secretary, Rachel MacGregor.

Jordan Williams, the executive director of the Taxpayers Union, is named as a second defendant.

“Mr Craig has elected to forego publishing his creative writing for consumption by the public in order to, amongst other reasons, preserve his privacy,” the document states.

Yes, Colin Craig is a man who doesn’t want anyone to know just precisely what he gets up to. So he uses his wealth to bully and silence people. This is just another forlorn claim, one that won’t stand up in court, but I still have to waste time defending it, and that is his real angle. Soak up time, money and effort in defending against his vexatious claims.

The legal claim, lodged with the North Shore District Court last week, went on to say Craig did not intend the poem to be seen by the public.

Then why did he give it away?

Slater’s company, Social Media Consultants Ltd, had “flagrantly infringed Mr Craig’s copyright in the poem to garner notoriety and/or derive revenue”.

Slater said the legal action was “just farcical”.

“That is only what I can fathom. He clearly doesn’t understand copyright law, he clearly doesn’t understand how media works, he clearly doesn’t understand what fair use is.

“I would hope that if he is using a lawyer that he’s gonna get his money back.

“I imagine this will get dismissed at the first hearing as being without merit. It’s a joke. And it’s pretty sad, really.”

Very sad and very mad.

Craig, who is representing himself, said he had taken the action to set the record straight.

“I do think that people need to know who’s acted in what way and what said was true and what said was false. And so when my wife and I publicly published a book last year, we did say we would be taking legal proceedings so it would be clear who had done what and what was true and what was false.”

In a separate action, Craig is suing Slater for defamation.

Excuse me while I just don’t die laughing at Colin Craig talking about what was true and what was false. This is the man who sent a “book” to every household in New Zealand that compeltely fabricated every quote attributed to me, and also had a contrived interview with a mysterious MrX who turned out to be Colin Craig himself, as well as him being the interviewer. It seems “The Two of Me” might well have highlighted some schizophrenic tendencies especially in light of Colin Craig being himself, Mr X and the Interviewer…all at the same time.

Colin Craig described himself in the papers as “formerly an aspiring politician”. He should stick to that because by the time everything about him is revealed in an open court he won’t be standing for anything, not even the minutes taker at the local literary club.

Meanwhile I shall fight on.


– Fairfax


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  • Pluto

    Both of them were right about something, they are “fiction authors”.
    How can one Colin say that he never intended to have it be seen by the public, then the other Colin say publishing it deprived himself of revenue ?
    Time for both of them to get their stories straight.

  • Boondecker

    Just another episode of “Keeping Up With The Craig’s”. Seemingly never-ending episodes that always provide an inane form of entertainment.

  • spanishbride

    Let’s not forget that originally he claimed that we were lying and that in fact he had not written the poem. Now he claims he DID write it and that it is worth $13,000. The guy is seriously deluded. How can he on the one hand say he didn’t write it and then say he did and that his poetry is so amazing that it is worth $13,000. I almost hope he wins just so we can then sue Nicky Hager for basing almost his entire book on Cameron’s words. If a verse of a poem is worth $13,000 then a whole book will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.The difference of course is that Cameron’s words were stolen by a criminal while this poem was found discarded in a rubbish bin where quite frankly it belongs.

    • SlightlyStrange

      re: your PS.
      One who actually does not care about his wifes feelings, or does not recognise them. Perhaps one who has been raised in one of those deeply fundamentally Christian (whereby women are to be seen and not heard) groups?

  • andrewo

    He seems not to realize that his best option is to let sleeping dogs lie and hope the voters will forget how he made a fool of himself.

    I doubt he’s a fool so I can only imagine he’s got a streak of narcissism: It’s all about him.

  • Nige.

    He should realize that much of his demographic are Whaleoil readers. Now lost….

    I ask:

    Are there any readers here who would still support him?

    • ex-JAFA

      My neighbour is a church-going man who was fervently behind the light blue in 2014, despite my best efforts to get him to see things my way. Since all of this Crazy/Creative Colin stuff happened, he’s decided he now backs yellow.

    • Andy111A

      No longer, I would support Act now but they are supporting more mozzie imports

  • papagaya

    I would have neither known nor cared about the poem had he not taken this legal action. Now I know about the poem, but can’t say I care much .. for him or the poem!

  • oldmanNZ

    in the letter, the first sentance “I have decided to Share…”

    so it clearly says he is sharing this poem?

  • Dave’s not here man.

    I wonder if there is a spike in traffic today. He’s never heard of the Streissand effect obviously.

  • You’ve got to give him some credit for having a hide like a rhino. Most people would have been utterly humiliated the first time this was all through the papers. But Mr X seems to think he’s next in for a literary award

  • Keeping Stock

    If ever proof were needed that Craig has completely and utterly lost the plot, Craig has provided it. How can he possibly sue you for publishing something he denied writing?

    • spanishbride

      More to the point he is not suing any of the other media outlets who talked about it and showed it. One even did a review of it as if it actually was a literary work instead of just a sad expression of a married man’s feelings for another woman. The fact that he has only targeted us shows that he is a vexatious litigant and that this is a vindictive attempt to ” get” us.

  • Meantime, how about setting up a “give a little” pledge page on this site to pay for the legal costs of defending the claim.

  • rexabus

    That he just won’t let things go and own his actions over this sordid business demonstrates pretty clearly there’s at least a few sheep missing from the flock up in Colin’s top paddock. One positive from it I guess is at least as he pursues this sort of nonsense it further reinforces to the public of nz that the man is totally unfit to be anywhere near public office

  • CoNZervative

    As a fellow litigant alongside you Mr Whale; I can only widen my eyes and wonder at all this; and I totally empathize with you re the attrition strategy of Mr CASTLE who said in his silly “book” “(re a legal strategy of attrition) “Stringer will be well-and-truly screwed!” Kind of revealing way back there in July 2015

    Bytheway there is another POEM published here this morning

    On my side; I feel most left out seeing as you and Mr TAXPAYER have been rejoined; that is like a two legged Dirty Politics Brigade stool but I’m sure it won’t be you who’ll be falling over; Let’s hope no-one gets a broken stool leg up the bum

  • Huia

    There seems to be so many Colin Craigs, makes me wonder which ones are suing you?

  • jps1970

    Too busy laughing to comment

  • Hard1

    Unless Rachel MacGregor signed a confidentiality agreement on the poem’s distribution, attributing copyright to Craig, and the poem sent includes the copyright clause, it is her property and she can stick it all over town on Phantom Billboards if she wants, legally.
    Craig is representing himself. It is possible Craig could be declared a vexatious litigant.
    Anyway, what next?. Craig sues himself?. It is getting a bit like Monty Python.

    • CoNZervative

      “vexatious litigant” that term has come up a bit recently Hmmmmm

  • Brian Smaller

    Haven’t heard anything from Colin Craig for a while. Must be time for his bi-monthly self-inflicted ritual public humiliation. Does this guy really not see that all he is doing is making himself, and his long suffering wife, look even more foolish?

  • Nermal

    I guess he will be able to point to all the money he has made from selling his other poems to prove loss of earnings.

  • taxpayer

    You would think Colin would just shut up and hope people forget his awful poetry.
    I mean it’s SO bad it could have been written by an 8 year old, all that’s missing is the opening line “rose are red, violets are blue, there is only one of me it’s true”
    13K, I bet he could’t get 13 cents for this stuff.
    The mind of Colin Craig is a strange and mysterious thing.
    Should be good for a lot more laughs.

  • Damon Mudgway

    As I have said before, I am concerned Mr Craig is not getting the help he so clearly needs from mental health agencies. At the very least he should seek the professional services of a shrink. I feel for his long suffering wife, she is either very patient, or very controlled.

    While a strain and burden for those he initiates proceedings against, his so called ‘cases’ are, and have always been, a nonsense. He is a sad, odd man in need of help.

  • Sunshine

    What is Colin’s problem? All I’ve ever seen is that he has been acknowledged authorship each and every time his poem has been “published”. It’s not like anyone is trying to steal his work as their own.
    Plus did he actually copyright his poem he gave away to Rachel?

  • Toby

    The funny thing is that I had forgotten about this.
    Now Colin is dredging it back up again for us all to remember what an idiot he is.
    Thanks Colin, I almost forgot.