Dalziel “mentally exhausted” as mayor, but realises she wants more of it

Lianne Dalziel is “mentally exhausted” but she is up more punishment.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel says she will “not walk away from the city”.

Dalziel confirmed on Monday afternoon that she would seek a second term as Christchurch’s mayor in October’s local body election.

She had been overwhelmed by positive feedback from the public in recent weeks, which helped make her decision, she said.

“The challenge of bringing about the change that we have managed to achieve in the last two-and-a-half years hasn’t come without its cost, but I am prepared to continue to serve the city for another three years if that’s what the city chooses.”

Dalziel’s announcement, which was not planned, followed speculation about whether she would seek a second term as the city’s mayor.

Not planned? Is she selling bridges as well?

In an interview a fortnight ago, Dalziel was asked if the role had been mentally exhausting. She responded: “That’s possibly an understatement.”

On Monday, Dalziel sought to clarify the statement, saying she had the flu at the time.

“Overall I’m feeling really optimistic for the future of our city but I know that there are some people who at the moment are feeling really left behind and they are more than exhausted, they’re at the end of their tether, and they’re the people I want to get across the line so that they can enjoy this wonderful future that our city is going to have.”

Dalziel had planned to announce her campaign for re-election in a written statement, but had been telling people of her plans after they “expressed deep concern” that she might not run again.

Oh, so it was planned…but not planned…I’m confused.


– Fairfax


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  • biscuit barrel

    She wasnt any great shakes as a labour minister and has continued the same in Christchurch. Its a case of the glass ceiling being lowered each time for Dalziel and still being out of reach

    • David

      She’s been useless and I’m proud to say I did not vote for her nor will I this time. I have to hand it to Dalziel though, she played the media with her boo-hoo story and it worked, She was always going to stand again (what can else can she do?) but the cry-baby act garnered her much sympathy and votes.

  • Rick H

    She is “typical Labour” through and through.
    Say one thing to one group, and the opposite to another.

  • Bruce Rayner

    Aucklanders should encourage Goof to stand in Christchurch, get him far far away from their city. then Christchurch will have the choice of 2 useless x politicians, and Auckland will have the choice of one less.

  • Left Right Out

    Brilliant…. 3 more years of her sincerely apoligising to us each week for doing nothing. She hasn’t been the worst mayor, but she is a long way from being a good mayor.

    Each week she is on Chris Lynch apologising for something new, but nothing changes…. good times

  • Keanne Lawrence

    “Mentally exhausted?” It wouldn’t take much for Dalziel since the primary capacity is lacking from the start. Along with honesty, integrity not to mention aptitude. That only excels in lies and Labour double talk. It is easy to see why the rebuild of Christchurch is moving at a snail pace.