Disgusting anti-semitism on display from Kia Ora Gaza hate group

Kia Ora Gaza is promoting a speaking event from the NZ Palestine Solidarity Network on Facebook.


Once again Roger Fowler’s group is inciting hatred against Jews.  

One commenter Sophia Pahulu comments in reply to someone pointing out Israelis are victims too:


There is even more discussion and then she adds this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.34.44 PM

And just in case anyone missed it in the comment thread she added it again so it shows when the comments are truncated.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.48.26 PM

Sophia Pahulu is a bit of a conspiracy theorist because she made this comment after the attacks in Paris, where she blames the attack on “banksters”, Rupert Murdoch, media and suggests the attacks were a false flag operation.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.38.27 PM

According to her own profile Sophia Pahulu works at the Langham Hotel, which I will not be recommending to anyone to stay there, not while they have this disgusting anti-semite working for them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 6.35.38 PM

I tried calling the Langham and they confirmed someone by that name works for them and put me through to an extension.

Kia Ora Gaza claims to be a humanitarian organisation but it is obvious they are an anti-semitic hate speech organisation inciting hatred of Jews. The comments have been there for three days now so one must assume that they agree with them.

I put these questions to Roger Fowler last night:

Why has this comment not been deleted?

Does Kia Ora Gaza support such comments?

What steps on moderation does Kia Ora Gaza take when such arguably illegal comments are made?

Would Kia Ora Gaza like to apologise to anyone offended by these comments.

His response was simply:

Not seen this. Will remove asap. Thanks

So no apology, no explanation, nothing, just removal of the comment. At least he did that.

I did report the comments to Facebook, but this was their reply.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.55.37 AM

So threats of killing jews and quotes of Adolf Hitler are just fine by Facebook. Looks like they are heading the same way as Twitter and becoming terrorism friendly as well as a hostile and dangerous place for Jews. Facebook thinks disgusting anti-semitism doesn’t violate their community standards.




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  • spanishbride

    At the very least Roger Fowler should have blocked Sophia Pahulu from posting on their page. The fact that he hasn’t tells me that anti-semitism is quite acceptable to Kia Ora Gaza. It just reinforces my belief that groups like these are anti-semitic hiding under a facade of being anti-Israel.

  • Chris Bell

    Wow – her comments have discredited anything this group were trying to achieve – they are pure evil and I am disgusted to see she lives in Auckland!!! Boycott the Langham and spread the word!

    • spanishbride

      I don’t think we should act like socialists who are big on boycotts. I think this article is sufficient.

      • Chris Bell

        Well until they get rid of her then – what employer would permit such hate speech from someone who proudly advertises who she works for

  • Boondecker

    This sort of person relies on people not responding harshly to their comments on social media. They also rely on their comments only being read by passive others, so what they post remains in their own small bubble.

    Well, guess again, Sophia. Screen grabs are easily made and believe it or not the Internet reaches anyone and everyone. Also, something you likely didn’t think about at the time, your employer most likely knows your thoughts by now and (with the game they’re in) is right now looking at ways to end your time with them. Time to start refreshing that CV of yours and getting off social media, huh?

    • Disinfectant

      I hope by “refreshing” you don’t mean “omitting” from her C.V..
      With views like she holds, will only make for a re-run for her next employer.

  • Plantagenet

    She just reflects what the majority of ‘Kia Ora Gaza’ actually think IMO. She’s just silly enough, or perhaps honest enough, to admit it.

  • oldmanNZ

    People should know better to link their workplace and their sick views on FB.

    if you see her “likes” of FB, she into female plastic bodies, and all that.

    scroll a bit further down…muslims NZ…..a bit futher…..oh my goodness…..not cut and pastable for this site,

    • oldmanNZ

      i reported those sites to FB, wait and see what happens…probably nothing

    • Eddie

      And Newshub and Al-Jazeera. The news few trust and now another reason to distrust more.

  • Effluent

    I agree that the comments are objectionable, and think it is reasonable to infer that her posting of Adolf Hitler’s comment without any explanatory notes suggests that she agrees with the comment, and all that it implies.

    However, with respect, has not this blog criticised others who have called for boycotts of commercial entities for their links to the WO blog, and should you not be consistent in separating the actions of this bigoted individual from the rights of her employer to go about his business? Rightly so, in my opinion.

    As and when Ms Pahulu is found guilty of a criminal offence, the Langham Hotel may have grounds for dismissing her, but I think it is dangerous to call for a boycott of any organisation which employs those whose political views you find objectionable.
    In the meantime, the publication of such material shows the viewers to their web site just what their real agenda is, and the type of fanatic who supports this cause.

    • biscuit barrel

      You are right. free speech even applies to her having repugnant opinions.
      We can also remember the jews in germany at first only faced being fired from their jobs and their businesses marked with slurs. Then it became much worse.

    • Nesher

      I strongly believe that the administration of the hotel should be aware that they employ a racist. Also, it would be really helpful if customers of the hotel are warned about this. A comment on Trip Adviser would probably be a better idea than a boycott.

      • rexabus

        Yes, seeing the vitriol of her comments, if I were her employers I would be concerned about her being able to deal impartially with any Israeli or Jewish visitors staying at the hotel.

        • biscuit barrel

          As SB points out in the very good post today its illegal to discriminate on the basis of political opinion…amoung many others. And this is also included in employment legislation.

          if she cant do her job, thats another matter , but their is no proof of that

          • spanishbride

            Disagreeing with what Israel does is political opinion. Supporting the genocide of the Jews by Hitler is not.
            Edit: recently we condemned a man who massacred a village of Muslim men and boys. We are against the ideology of Islam but we do not support genocide or massacres. The only time we have supported death was in the context of a war such as the war against terrorism. Obviously we believe we should kill terrorists as they are clearly our enemy.

          • biscuit barrel

            I think i was too generous to her, a genocide endorser has gone way way too far.
            In Europe she would be looking at jail sentence for her repugnant views.

          • Nesher

            Which work a racist can do? As a nation, do we want to have racist teachers, racist doctors, racist police officers…? The hate speech and incitement against any ethnical group are unlawful in New Zealand. Which work a criminal offender can do? Probably any, while he/she is behind the bars.

      • Effluent

        It’s a tricky one, in my opinion.

        I believe that very strong grounds must exist before application of boycotts, sanctions, and other measures which have a measurable impact on the viability of a business or employer, and much of the comment on this blog site is regarded as suitable grounds for calling for such measures to be applied to any organisation with commercial links (i.e advertising) to WO.

        However, I can see the difference between the expression of a political opinion and incitement, and I think that the should be drawn.when a published comment incites violence or discrimination.

        I cannot think of any organisation that I have worked for that did not employ a few people with extreme political views, at both ends of the spectrum, but in the days before social media made it easy for these people to voice their views anonymously, or in the comfort of a pressure group’s web site, they were generally regarded as harmless. The difference now is that these websites do attract like minded extremists, who move from holding extremist views to putting them into action, as we have seen in Europe, with the islamist extremists.

        I realise this post does not reach a definitive conclusion; personally, I abhor her views, but I am also very concerned about the criminalisation of “right wing” political views which I see taking place in Europe and the USA, and do not want to see the process advance any further. In this case.

        As for the Langham, I feel sorry for them, in that they are now at the focus of a problem not of their own making, with no easy solution.

    • I haven’t called for a boycott, I’ve said I choose personally to not use the Langham.

    • Sailor Sam

      That is fine, no boycott but no Langham stays for me either.
      Plenty of other hotels in the city.

  • Nesher

    Where is Dame Susan Devoy on KIA ORA GAZA? Why this organization is still legal in NZ in spite of their support of terrorists and incitement against the Jews?

    • Eddie

      Dame Fatimah Susan is a FIANZ spokesperson so will never speak out against this sort of antisemitism. You can be sure that if the site was against Muslims she’d be all over it, though!

    • Raibert

      I think you need to make a complaint to the Race Relations Commission, then when they fail to act you have reason to be unhappy. It appears Dame Susan and her enablers are unable to act on their own initiative unless the offenders are WASPs or similar.

  • hookerphil

    I guess when her payers are going out to those who parished – it might mean that she is going to use her own money??

  • Eddie

    An experiment proved Facebook’s double standards earlier this year. Kia Ora Gaza makes good use of the blind eye they turn to antisemitism and so do their Hitler-loving followers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3KfQoFHEDs

    • Kevin

      Facebook will remove specific comments but you have to report the specific comment. They are very reluctant to remove whole pages even if the page belongs to an anti-semitic ISIS sympathiser.

      I reported a comment and the Facebook page the comment appeared on. I got the “doesn’t violate” for the page but the comment was found to be in violation and was removed.

      • biscuit barrel

        Sounds like its an automated process. They wouldnt have the staff to deal with each complaint personally. maybe eventually a group with a low ‘credit score’ would be booted off. ?

  • waldopepper

    i assume i can turn up and shout and scream through a bull horn up close to them so they cant hear each other speak, like minto does ? and i assume i can spit on them like sue bradfords crowd do ? and block their entry to wherever they are going ?

  • XCIA

    You would have to ask why the Auckland City Council would let such a divisive group of obviously racially motivated cretins use a public asset to preach their hatred.

    • biscuit barrel

      Auckland Council has nothing to do with facebook, and this Palestinian group has deleted her comments.
      She may have a lot of explaining to do about what is the worst sort of hate speech.

      • XCIA

        Well, just hang on a minute here, ACC has a duty to us, its ratepayers and I for one will question the decision to allow groups such as this use our facilities for its tawdry purpose.

        • biscuit barrel

          Shes not listed as a speaker or member, just a hanger on via facebook.

    • Nesher

      Could you please clarify which Auckland facilities this group is using in addition to using NZ taxpayers’ money? Sadly it is registered as a charitable organization. It means it is partially funded by NZ Government through tax exempts and tax refunds to their NZ contributors.

      • XCIA

        For a charitable trust or incorporate society to receive any sort of tax relief, first it has to file a set of annual accounts. I take it you have seen these accounts to infer that they are being partially funded by the NZ taxpayer?

  • Superman

    Say the same thing but substitute Muslims for Jews and the whole world will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

  • Diehard

    One of the reasons I have never and will never be on facebook.

  • Maria

    It is interesting how much support these speakers receive. On the other hand any perceived criticism of Islam is dealt to with the cry of Islamophobia. This happened a few year ago when Mosques and Miracles speakers moved through the country. The place was in an uproar and no end of rubbish was put out about how anti-Muslim they were. Church spokespeople were falling over themselves to distance the Churches from this tour. I went, I think the only Catholic that probably did. It was great. They were very kind about Muslims. They critiqued Islam but they had good experience…one was an Iranian convert from Islam, another had been a missionary in Indonesia with his wife for years, and another had also lived in Aceh amongst the people for years. It was nothing like it was portrayed. It was wonderful hearing first hand experience.

    Another time I asked a question to someone, a New Zealander, living in Bethlehem quite influential in education. This person said they didn’t have the time (they were travelling somewhere) to answer but in the meantime sent me a link to DAVID DUKE.!!