Don’t miss Question Time on Tuesday – all hell will break loose

The government is in for a fight when parliament sits on Tuesday.

Foreign trusts, the prime minister’s integrity, departmental incompetence and a suspect land deal – it’s all there and Labour and the Greens are locked and loaded.

It all ties back to the Panama Papers, the millions of documents leaked from Mossack Fonseca, the law firm that specialises in setting up foreign trusts.

It was those documents that led Labour’s David Cunliffe to discover the identity of the buyers of Onetai Station in Taranaki.

They were Argentinian brothers Rafael and Federico Grozovsky, operating through a company called Ceol and Muir.

They were Mossack Fonseca clients, which didn’t mean they’d been involved in anything illegal but inevitably raised suspicions.

The Overseas Investment Office, which investigates applications to buy big slices of farmland (1320ha in this case) gave the Grozovsky brothers the green light in 2013.

They bought the station in 2014, and made no secret of it. Local beef farmers were taken on as advisors, they aimed to increase production.

So far so good. Prime Minister John Key says the Mossack Fonseca connection was irrelevant.

There’s no claim or evidence they used a foreign trust to pay for the station and the deal was handled this end by law firm Kensington Swan.

All hot air?  Or is there more?  

Cunliffe investigated further, and discovered that before the application was approved they had been convicted in their own country for owning a tannery that leaked chemicals into a river.

The details are in court papers from 2011 and 2012.

“They’ve been found criminally responsible for offences of environmental pollution,” says Cunliffe.

“How could they have possibly passed a good character test when environmental considerations are built in as part of that test?”

The OIO says they provided a statutory declaration that the individuals in control of the farm were of good character. It accepted the declaration.

Cunliffe says half an hour with Google gave him the details of their convictions, and he’s wondering why the OIO apparently didn’t do that.

He’ll want to know at question time.

Yeah, but that doesn’t have any substance.  Or does it?

Green Party co-leader James Shaw is the mover and shaker on the other attack front.

He’s the one who blew the whistle on the email Ken Whitney, Key’s personal lawyer, sent to the then revenue minister Todd McClay in December 2014.

Whitney is executive director of Antipodes, a company that specialises in setting up foreign trusts.

He was worried about a report he’d seen in the New Zealand Herald that IRD was thinking about changing the rules around foreign trusts.

He talked to Key about it, who told him to contact McClay, which he did.

“I have spoken to the prime minister about this and he advised me the government has no current plans to change the status of the foreign trust regime applying in New Zealand,” Whitney told McClay.

Whitney and five of his colleagues in the foreign trust industry subsequently met Mr McClay to discuss their concerns.

IRD had been thinking about reviewing the rules around foreign trusts because they can be used as tax havens and it was concerned about New Zealand’s reputation.

Nothing happened and, according to the Herald, five months later McClay wrote to the trust industry telling it: “Owing to wider government priorities, we will not be considering regulatory reform of your industry at this stage”.

Shaw says he has a question for Key, and he’s sure to ask it on Tuesday: “I want the prime minister to tell New Zealand whether he gave Mr Whitney an assurance that the foreign trust industry would not be reformed, and if so why he hasn’t been upfront about the assurances he gave.”

Shaw’s just joining a bandwagon.  And that will be the end of it.  Or is it?

Labour’s Grant Robertson will also be gunning for Key.

“His lawyer and trust advisor got privileged access to a minister on behalf of an industry that officials had identified as a cause of concern,” says Robertson.

“After their lobbying, the minister directed officials to drop their proposed review – this kind of insider influence will offend the ethics of middle New Zealanders.”

Surely that will be the extent of it?

Cunliffe, Shaw and Robertson are streetwise politicians, and never forget Winston Peters.

He’ll be mixing it as well on Tuesday, here’s his take on the situation: “Mr Key has never had any intention of shutting down this murky state of affairs in which the mega wealthy and crims use our loose rules on foreign trusts to evade tax or detection from their own countries.”

All this is still in the realm of “it doesn’t look good”, it “stinks to high heaven” and “it’s legal, but it is immoral”.   And, of course, it’s all John Key’s fault.

One thing is for sure:  news is going to get dreadfully repetitive and boring while this plays out.  The Media Party are all over it and in lock step with the opposition on this.   It has all the hallmarks of another Oravida style attack, where nothing actually went wrong except the opposition and media will keep the “bad look” alive for as long as possible.

All this is as dry as sandpaper, and it unlikely to change general support for the Government.  If anything, it will solidify National’s support as every time the opposition go negative, voters rush back to Key.

Question Time on Tuesday will be required viewing for political tragics, but in the real world it won’t matter.


– Peter Wilson, NZN, via Yahoo!


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  • Keeping Stock

    Darn, I have to go to a funeral on Tuesday afternoon. And no, it’s not for Andrew Little’s leadership…

    • Curly1952

      You can watch it on line when you get home then you can pick only the questions you want to followso you don’t need to listen to all the dead beats asking their inane questions

      • Keeping Stock

        MySky will do the trick.

  • Second time around

    Thirty seconds of Google gives:

    The Grozovsky family immigrated to Argentina from Belarus in the early 20th century (probably after another pogrom in the home country). The tannery is a big operation and spills do happen- they don’t happen if you sit in an office seat all day searching Google.

  • XCIA

    I have a duty of care to my televisions, so they will not be receiving that particular channel.

  • contractor

    Yeo, pop corn and front seat Tuesday.
    Many of the left don’t know what a Trust is so to them it just sounds sinister which is why the left in parliament also with scant understanding are making a song and dance about them.

  • Herbert Charles

    Who would put up with the constant attack of the loonies?, if i were Key id jack it all in and leave em to it.

    • Warren

      Total agree HC, I don’t know why JK bothers. Take the wife and family to Hawaii and sit back and watch NZ go to hell under the socialist morons. It really scares me to think what this country would be like Governed by the morons from Labour and the Greens. Just today Twyford trying to dictate to banks on who they can lend too. Scary stuff.

  • HunuaRanger

    The left continue to show how weak and ineffective they are by being nothing more than disruptive mudslingers, hoping that if they throw enough something will have to stick.
    If they actually did the job they are being paid for and formed a constructive opposition then they could ask questions which mattered, help resolve problems being faced and help with the passage of important bills. This would show that they are a united in the nation’s interests and would show the people that they are essentially a government in waiting.
    Unfortunately, while a strong opposition only compliments the democratic process, this sham group of left wing loons are doing nothing but prove the reason why they don’t have control of the treasury benches, they are dead set useless.

  • Genevieve

    The Opposition have been so long-winded in their explanation of this latest round of mud-slinging, that most rational people will simply tune out and ignore it.
    At this rate Labour should consider a political slogan such as ‘One More Heave’ for 2017, as used by Jeremy Thorpe’s Liberals in 1974 to no avail. It’s catchy, describes their constant attempts to get some dirt on Key, and most importantly describes the physical reaction that most New Zealanders experience in response to Labour’s antics.

  • RockinBob625

    “Blow harder everyone, I thought I saw a hint of smoke. If we can just get everyone to blowhard altogether we might just find a fire.” – Someone on the Left.

  • Nebman

    Here’s a tip for free for the ever diminishing Left – just stop. It’s really embarrassing. The collective centre that are the people you need to vote for you, are well over your attacks on John Key.

    Whoever it is that is breathing in your ear that “Just one more hit will see him fall”, is telling you what you want to hear, not what you need.

    Start slugging away at some of the weaker Nats – you know, the ones that just scraped in at the last election, the ones that actually are vulnerable.

    Oh the hell with it – keep it up. At least you’re entertaining!

  • David

    The Marxist Corin Dann at TVNZ will foam at the mouth with excitement and indignation, Fairfax’s Tracey Martin, Vernon Small, loudmouth Duncan Garner and Communist Chris Trotter will produce hateful, bile – we’ve got the rich prick Key this time… and most of us won’t care. We know it is just another media beat up and we’ll change the channel, or put on a CD, or read a book and laugh at their stupidity. When will they ever learn?