Dunedin’s tagging problem hits ANZAC Poppy Appeal

Credit: Gerard O'Brien via ODT

Credit: Gerard O’Brien via ODT

The vandals who defaced five Dunedin Poppy Appeal posters have been slammed by the Returned and Services Association.
RSA Otago Southland district president Jenepher Glover said the taggers reponsible for the George St graffiti showed a lack of respect.

Defacing the large posters in such a prominent location was “extremely hurtful to veterans and their families”, Ms Glover said.

She believed the culprits must have been ignorant of the significance of the Poppy Appeal and that it raised money for soldiers who fought for their freedom.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t have done it otherwise.”

I don’t know what is worse:  not being ignorant of the significance of Anzac Day and defacing the appeal posters, or growing up in New Zealand and being ignorant of the significance of Anzac Day.  

Some of the other tags on the posters could be done by a different tagger, but company staff could not decipher the handle, Ms Sharma said.

There had been an “influx” of graffiti in recent times and Twiks was among the most prolific.

Staff checked sites daily and removed graffiti.

The Poppy Appeal posters were replaced yesterday.

Phantom Billstickers is working with the council and Keep Dunedin Beautiful to stamp out graffiti.

Images of the graffiti were being collected and linked to different taggers.

It is actually a bit of a backward problem for Dunedin.  Tagging is so… last century.

This particular scrote, when caught, needs to feel the full force of society’s disapproval.


– Vaughan Elder, ODT


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  • XCIA

    Let us hope that when these mongrels are caught, they appear before a judge that thinks outside the square and gives them 12 months of cleaning all the RSA toilets and the public toilets.

    • kereru

      I read somewhere that the penalty for drink driving in Thailand is to spend time in the mortuary while their victims undergo autopsies. Sounds a fitting sentence to me.

    • Mick Ie

      … “12 months of cleaning all the RSA toilets and the public toilets” with a toothbrush.
      The longer and harder they have to work gives them more time to think about the choices they make.

  • johnandali

    So what is the full force of society’s disapproval? Would the Police tell us how many taggers they have caught in the past year? Would the courts tell us how many taggers have been given any punishment at all, and what the punishments were? I would guess that the answers to the questions are : Not many have been caught. No real punishments. And if those answers are anywhere near correct, then how can tagging bear the full force of society’s disapproval? When I served in the military, if any offences became commonplace, an edict would be issued that in respect of such offences, the maximum sentences would be doubled. We call that a “disincentive”. It’s a pity our civilian counterparts don’t have the brains or the ability to do the same in respect to offences committed within NZ.

    • XCIA

      Yes, they were deemed prevalent. I never met anyone who was in a hurry to get back to HM Corrective Establishment, Ardmore.

    • KatB

      And it’s because we go so lightly with these sort of offences that these taggers can move onto bigger and better criminal stuff. Also because we go so lightly with these offences, people who have been repeatedly tagged get a bit over it, then they take matters into their own hands, then they go completely over the top and stab somebody and then there’s an outcry for the poor tagger. If the poor tagger had been dealt with appropriately in the first place the poor guy would never had the urge to stab the tagger, thus ruining several people’s lives.

    • Soleman

      We had a tagger caught in Napier some time ago. He was a “cleanskin” in that he had never been caught before. Hanging Judge Ardern game him 7 days in the slammer. Funnily enough, many of our visitors comment on the lack of tagging in Napier.

  • Isherman

    Any NZ youngster of the age to carry out this who doesn’t recognise what a poppy or ANZAC day is, is “pretty damned hopeless.”
    Any that do, and deface it anyway, are,… “pretty damned hopeless.”
    These types will go on to be the “pretty damned hopeless” ones more often than not.
    Now, some handwringing outraged lefty can tell me how I’m wrong, and that its despicable to call them what they are….”pretty damned hopeless”.

    I say spray paint their faces and let them wear that tag for a couple of weeks, see if they think that’s funny.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Surely most realise the IQ and mentality of a tagger is so low they only see their tag and all and every flat surface is good for them. However if this is a target for a mind dead activist they need to be tracked down and dealt with.

  • Union Jack

    Utterly shameful and despicable.
    You wonder how low people can stoop sometimes.

  • WBC

    Just scum using the freedoms born of the sacrifices that our vets made and still make, (both of their time, there comfort and sometimes their lives) to run around like feral animals. The scary thing is that thanks to their parents and there community they are now so disassociated from intelligent productive society that they wouldn’t even have a clue that what they were doing is wrong. This is simply territory marking by roving packs.

  • Old Gunner

    I’m sure the idiot(s) who did it had no idea what, and who’s memory and heritage they were trampling on with this. It’s a sad thing that someone can grow up in our nation and be so utterly ignorant of what Anzac day means.

  • BigDogTalking

    I think you will find Ms Glover’s day job is Police Detective or some such. Perhaps not that bright to have annoyed her

  • RockinBob625

    “I’m sure they wouldn’t have done it otherwise.”

    Tagging is nothing but disrespect for others. They would have done it no matter what idea they had about the RSA.